Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.13

Thank goodness it’s not Friday! 😉 (see above date!) I’ve been very busy today – Addain has finished all of Silverwood and is now on his way to Gloamwood. I decided that the first “dark” Bookmarks Wallpaper was a trifle too severe – as you can see – so I made another one. Still dark, but a touch more “friendly”, don’tcha think? (I’m really starting to dislike that word!) This morning I received a Goodreads “Quote of the Day that I actually liked, and thought that all of you might like it too:
“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” ― Aldous Huxley

I think it rather depends on the “truth”, though, don’t you? Yes, the truth can certainly make you mad, as in angry, and quite often does (especially if it puts you in the wrong! 😉 ) But more often than not, it upsets you, and in fact, really depresses you – especially when something you thought was true turns out not to be the case at all, and in fact, you’ve been badly let down by someone you trusted. So the truth can do many things – it can set you free, for instance, or it can make you happy and relieved, or “angry” mad – and very rarely, it can make you “insane” mad (temporarily!) So is truth really a “good thing” to know? Are people better off left in blissful ignorance, if that ignorance isn’t really hurting anyone? Like certain people who believe that the Creation stories as told in the Bible should be taught in schools, as an alternative “science” to the theory of Evolution? Speaking of which, is it a good idea not to read children “fairy stories”, because they’re not true? Not real? Isn’t it better to use “fairy stories” as a tool by which very young children can be taught to discern the difference between reality and fantasy? All food for thought. We’re taking the first steps to preparing a new blog home 🙂 First we want to set one up, so that I can “play” with it a bit. I’m hoping I’ll be able to create my own themes, setting my own header dimensions, and my own text area width (I think this one is too narrow!) …and have my own choice of fonts! (yes, yes, I know they have to be “web fonts” (which usually means plain and boring! 😦 ) and I know I can’t just “embed” fonts that I like because not everyone will be able to display them (I seem to remember having this sort of problem with my very first website!)) So we’ll have to have a bit of a play around first – see what is, and what isn’t possible, on this “alternative” server.

I’m planning on returning to Facebook in the reasonably near future – once I’m totally sure that my old account has been deleted – apparently it takes two weeks to completely delete an account, and I can’t remember how long ago it was that I had to log on again to get the contact details for the guy who made my shoes, which I’d neglected to get before I logged off for what I thought would be the last time. I know they say “Once bitten, twice shy” and all that, but this time there will only be three people who’ll know I’m there. Julian, Lisa, and Kate. I’ll be using a new name, new email address, and no-one else will know I even exist (no matter what I’ve said in the past – quite frankly, I’m sick to death of people not understanding me, or even worse still, misunderstanding me! My old, recurring childhood nightmare becoming reality! Never again!) I miss being able to just look and see what Lee and Kit-Kat have said – it’s a bore having to ask Julian all the time – and half the time I forget to ask anyway, and so miss out on things I ought to know about.

Oh, I just saw these on Bored Panda! Absolutely gorgeous! I really love the first cat, though he’s either (a) not well, (b) terribly stressed out, or (c) wonderfully relaxed and happy! 🙂 Cats have a third eyelid which they can raise or lower – some cats only do it when they’re very ill (so if your cat’s been a bit off his or her food, and a bit lethargic, and they have their third eyelids raised, like the cat in the first photo, race them off to the Vet, toot sweet!) Other cats raise their third eyelid when they’re particularly stressed out about something – like having their photograph taken 😉 and still others do it when they’re warm, and happy, and relaxed, like sitting in your warm lap and being petted 🙂 It’s not related to any specific breed – it’s just something that some cats do, sometimes (typical cats! 😉 )

Tomorrow I’m off to the Hairdresser, and Julian is off to get his ankle scanned – he went to see Dr. B. this morning about it – he’s been grizzling about it for almost a month (if not longer!) now, and despite my nagging him to see the doctor about it, he’s only just got a round tuit :/ (men!) Dr. B. was quite alarmed at how swollen it was, so he’s off to have an ultrasound tomorrow morning – and if that doesn’t show up anything definitely wrong, he’ll have to have a C-T Scan as well. I’m thinking I’ll ask for a cushion or something at the Hairdresser tomorrow – and see it that’ll boost me up closer to the back of the basin – if they don’t have one, perhaps I can sit on a pile of towels (clean, dry ones, please! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. More annoyance! I went down six points, to 91.8kg. This means I’m most likely to bounce hideously back up again tomorrow, or the day after! Stupid body, bloody weight! 😦

Well, I started writing this really early today (actually, I started writing it this morning, when I entered the Goodreads Quote of the Day thing) I’ve discovered that I can write stuff, and just leave it – Word Press automatically saves your Draft every few minutes – I discovered this the first time I had to race off in the middle of writing to go to dinner. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope that we didn’t have a brown out or something, and that what I’d already written would still be there when I came back. When I came back, everything was as I’d left it, but I noticed, down in the bottom right hand corner of the page “Draft saved at [insert time here]” – f’rinstance, at the moment it’s saying “Draft saved at 4.30.48 pm.” So this morning I thought “I can start the blog now, and just leave it – and I can come back and jot things down as they occur, so I won’t forget anything that I wanted to say tonight!” Brilliant idea! One that’s left me with no more excuses about “forgetting” something! :/ So I might do that from now on – jot things down, and “pretty them up” when I start editing it later on… And apart from the Hairdresser and the Ankle Scan, I don’t think there’s much happening tomorrow – I’ll start Addain off in Gloamwood, maybe try a few more headers and backgrounds for the blog – dunno, really… But I’ll fill you all in on whether we did, or didn’t find out what’s wrong with himself’s ankle, and if he has to also have a C-T Scan or not – and whether or not I got another dose of water down my back… You’ll also find out just how badly I bounced back up again after that ridiculously large weight drop this morning – and lots of other things besides! But until then, please try very hard to bee good, do remember to drive ultra carefully in this wet weather, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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