Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.03

I’m starting awfully late this evening – I probably won’t get even half way through writing before I have to dash off for my evening Stair Walk and dinner… Never mind – ’twas all in a good cause! 🙂 I wanted to see how the blog would look on a non-textured, but sort-of “softly busy” (if it’s possible to have something soft, and busy, at the same time!) background. If it doesn’t work out, no harm done, I’ll just… do something else, and see how that works instead!

Well, we played “Mob Chasey” in Dusken today, and once again, we went up two levels! Amazing! Up two whole levels, for two consecutive weeks! That’s practically unheard of, once you get to about level 30 or so, even when you’re soloing with an experience enhancing potion! Dunno how we did it, but we did – actually, Julian had to take one of those potions to catch up to me – I level faster because I spend more real-time $$ on store-bought Credits than he does – this accrues “loyalty” points, and extra loyalty points earn you extra “perks” – like leveling faster, and (unfortunately) riding faster. Why is riding faster “unfortunate”? Because I have to keep stopping and waiting for him, that’s why! It’s also a nuisance because you tend to ride over cliffs, and the edges of tall buildings a lot, because you get to the edge before you have time to stop… and …over you go! Luckily they’ve done away with “falling damage”! 🙂 I took a couple of screenies of us today – they’re not really all that crash hot – it’s terribly “gloomy” in Dusken – I had to add quite a lot of brightness to the image before I saved it – but for what it’s worth… Sylversong (me) and Saudades (Julian) 🙂 Julian’s the one wearing the hat 🙂 *sigh* I thought as much – sorry, back later….

+—————–+ *Stair Walk Break*  *Dinner Break*  *Television Break* +—————–+

Back again… Last night and this morning, before we started in Dusken, I started my “culling” of the other shards.  I wasn’t able to get rid of as many extraneous characters as I would have liked – some, I couldn’t possibly get rid of, like Miaprima, on Greybriar. She “owns” one of the best Dimensions I’ve ever built. It’s a smallish “bowl” shaped area, with a small pond, or pool in the bottom of it. You can really only go up in terraces, like rice paddies up a hill, so because it’s a semi desert oasis setting, I built upwards and turned it into a “jungle-esque” type place by putting in lots and lots of trees and bushes and vines. The house itself is one of the best I’ve built, with a very detailed hall, kitchen, lounge, dining, and living room downstairs, and 3 bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom, complete with toilet (and toilet paper on a toilet roll holder) upstairs. Down near the central pool there are sort-of “Roman Ruins”, with columns, and rocky steps surrounding the pool. There’s also a meeting room or chapel (the entire Dimension is supposed to be a retreat for the devout) and an outside alter. I could have dismantled it all and sent the items on to whoever I put in charge of Dimension building on Greybriar, but I put an awful lot of time, effort, and care into it – I just couldn’t bear to demolish it – far better to keep Miaprima, even though she’s a level 40 Rogue/Hunter that I’ll never play with again (I just don’t play Rogue/Hunters anymore – I prefer playing with Mages) If I ever get a round tuit, I might post some screenies of my better Dimensions – some of which are very elaborate and took hours and hours and weeks to build… you might get a surprise at how detailed and intricate some of the Dimensions are, and mine are by no means the best on the shards! So, bearing in mind that I started out with 12 characters on each shard, I have whittled them down to Greybriar: 9, Wolfsbane: 10, Faeblight: 11, and Deep wood: 8. Where possible, I got rid of characters I’d probably never play again, or who weren’t Mages. Mostly I kept the ones who had full, or nearly full, Troves of enhancement potions, and I made a list of deleted names that I would still like to use, if I can get them again. I’m still trying to decide if I should pull Laethys into the sorting bin as well – nearly all of my Laethys characters are high level (level 50 and higher), and it would probably be a good move to move (Ha! a pun!) them to other shards where they would make damn fine “farmers”, if nothing else. But I haven’t decided yet. Hailol, of course, is still too “young” to cull 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was a Big Surprise! Maybe I should go shopping for clothes more often – I’ve noticed that when I’ve been out shopping the way I was yesterday, I always seem to go down a bit… Only this time, it was a lot! Down 4 points, to 92.7kg! Oh boy, is that bounce-back, when it comes, going to smart! :/ Oh well, hopefully I’ll only bounce back to 92.8kg, or 92.9kg (but once again – I’m not going to hold my breath!) But I can hope… 🙂

Apparently my favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow, which will be good. I’ve been exceptionally lucky with my two girls – they’ve always been good girls – sleeping right through the night the week after they came home from hospital, when they were babies – never any teething problems… as they got older, I had less teenage angst and upsets with them than any parent has a right to expect. While not consistently the top of their class at school, they held their own with the best of them, and often outclassed most of them. They’re polite, kind, generous, and sincere, though they have, at times, been known to be outspoken about some issues (I guess they take after their mother in that regard 😉 ) As I said, I’m very lucky, and very proud, and I love them to pieces 🙂

So that’s about all my news for this evening – I do hope the new background I put in works properly, and isn’t too “busy” (but if it is, it’s easy to fix) If you call around again tomorrow night, you’ll find out what Lee and I watched, and what else I got up to before she arrived. I think I’ll “review” the characters on Laethys (says she very seriously, looking over the tops of her glasses at the screen, à la strict schoolmarm) before deciding what to do with all those characters. I don’t want to delete any of them, but they’re being wasted where they are… and you know, “waste not, want not”, an’ all that 🙂 Whatever happens, there’ll be heaps of news and other goodies for you here tomorrow night, so don’t be shy, and don’t miss out! However, until then, bee good, rug up warm when you go outside, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂