Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.04

*sigh* Well, the culling and “refining” process drags on… Have you any idea just how boring it is, re-setting each and every character so that they all have the same key locks and macros? I spent most of this morning working on Deepwood – first, I “exported” the latest settings I’d created for Satai (my main character on Hailol) Then I went back to Deepwood and “imported” that setting to the first character on the character select screen. Then it was a long and boring process of going through each character, importing everything from that first one, and then adjusting all the Action Bars accordingly. By the time you’ve done two of them, you feel as though you’ve been working on them for ever! Your eyes start wanting to close, you lose concentration and focus… it’s a right drag, I can tell you! Anyway, Deepwood is now all done (thank all the powers that be!) and I’ve started on Faeblight – the shard with the second highest number of characters. Now, there are two Dwarven Mages there, that I’ve very reluctantly kept, because they both have full Troves of enhancement potions. I can’t make up my mind whether to get rid of, or keep, these two Mages. They’re both very low-level characters, and in actual fact, I’ll probably never play either of them – it’s just that the thought of throwing away all those lovely enhancement potions is agonising! :/ My favourite eldest daughter was over today, and she put it very succinctly… “Look, Mum,” she said “if you’re not going to be playing those two Mages, then to all intents and purposes, those potions don’t really exist, do they! I mean, no-one else can use them, can they?!” and she’s perfectly right… if I don’t play them, the potions are useless and might as well not be there… it’s just that…. to… just… throw… them away! No, not even “throw them away”! to…to… just delete them?Arrrggghhh! What as waste!! *sob* Still, it would whittle Faeblight down from eleven characters to nine… which would be a big blessing… Yes, I could spend the Credits and change their Race, but it wouldn’t be the same… *sigh* Oh well, I shall delete the potions… I mean characters…. tomorrow… *sniffle*

So, as I mentioned, my favourite eldest daughter was over today – I explained to her why I couldn’t get rid of Miaprima – the one with the extra good Dimension that I’d built for her? She looked skeptical (she does that sooo well!) so I showed it to her. She was no longer skeptical 🙂 Said she was going to re-open her Rift account so that she could log on and vote for it, and create as many characters as she could, so that she could get them to vote for it too! Well, she won’t, of course, but it’s nice to know that she thought so highly of my Dimension. I showed her around a few other Dimensions that I’d thought were good (not mine – other people’s) – and as fate would have it they didn’t look as good as they had in the past – in “upgrading” and changing things too much, the ones we did look at had been spoilt – their creators should have left well enough alone! It’s really a shame… Last time I looked at them, about seven or eight months ago, they were good enough for “perfectionist” me to vote for, so I did (vote for them) but I’m afraid that even if I could have voted for them a second time (which you can’t) I wouldn’t have wasted my vote. So after that, I went on my Stair Walk, and then we watched three episodes of “Person of Interest” – oh! It’s really getting scary and exciting! The “gang wars” sub-plot is escalating, and henchmen are getting bumped off left, right, and centre – “Samaritan”, the “bad” machine, is hunting for our “good” machine, which may have just revealed its secret location to Samaritan in order to save two of our favourite characters – Finch, the “good” machine’s creator, and Root, its “voice”…. and we suspect that there’s only one more episode this Season! 😦 We also watched another episode of “Agents of Shield” – another really excellent series! 🙂 Himself is now dropping Lee off in Glen Waverley, and I’ve had my evening Stair Walk, so I can concentrate on getting this finished before Julian gets back and starts getting dinner ready. I’ve got chicken soup tonight – I usually have the semi-dried basil flakes on it, but himself bought some (semi-dried) ginger flakes, and they’re just sooo delicious sprinkled on the chicken soup – I had them last time (it’s a three night cycle – Tomato, Vegetable, Chicken – rinse, and repeat) and I’ve been hanging out for the chicken soup to come around again ever since! (I love ginger!) Oh, he’s back… and making some coffee… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Another trepidatious surprise awaited me on the scales! I didn’t bounce back up again this morning, after all! I bounced a bit further down! Three points, to 92.4kg! How much do any of you want to bet me that I will bounce back up again tomorrow morning, probably to something like 92.9kg, or even 93.3kg, because I’ve gone down so much, and so quickly! *gulp* I do not want to get on those scales tomorrow morning, I really do not! :/

Well, I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – but I think it’s probably a fair bet to say that I’ll be getting stuck into Faeblight, and getting all of that lot sorted out and ready to go… ready to go – where?! I have no idea, but if they do have to go anywhere, they’ll be ready for it! 😉 and if I get too bored with that, I’ll fiddle around with some more graphics. I had an idea last night on how to make a background tile with a pattern-less “panel” down the middle, so that text would be extra clear and easy to read – the header at the top would make the screen look like a plain, pattern-less panel, sitting bang-smack in the middle of a patterned page. Mind you, it might take a fair bit of fiddling (oh, alright then, a lot of fiddling, OK?!) to get the plain panel in the centre – but I should be able to do it (I are clever, I are! 😉 ) But whatever happens, you can be quite sure of one thing! There’ll be lots of news and gossip waiting for you here tomorrow night! So call in again tomorrow – find out which way my weight bounced! Up? or down? Or will it sit in the middle of the see-saw and tease me, as it so loves to do! 🙂 Will I finish “tidying up” Faeblight tomorrow? And, will I have the stamina and fortitude to start “tidying up” another shard as well? Will I really delete those two Dwarven Mages, and their full Troves of enhancing potions? *sob* Or will I ditch all that Rift stuff in order to work on my idea for a “Plain Panel Down The Middle” background tile? Tonight, even I don’t know the answer to those questions – but all of you will – this time tomorrow night! So until then, bee good, don’t stay up too late watching television, but above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂