Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.05

Do you know, it’s about 3 minutes to six – I’ve just come back from my evening Stair Walk, which I was going to take a break for at about half past five… but I hadn’t quite finished the re-setting up of Faeblight, and I wanted to get that done first! It’s taken me all day, even after I’d deleted those two Dwarven Mages! Nine characters… all had to have their Dimensions checked (to make sure there were no super-duper-cool ones there that I might have deleted by mistake – as I have done once before!) their settings changed, their banks re-sorted, their spells re-set out, and finally, they had to be dressed appropriately! (I had to re-do their “wardrobes” – all their old stuff had been returned to them, so it all had to be done again) What a job! I hope I never have to go through all my shards deleting extraneous characters again for a long, long, time! And I still have Greybriar and Wolfsbane to do, not to mention having a look at Laethys to see if there’s anyone from there that I can move across to the “needier” shards… however I did have a short break of about three-quarters of an hour where I experimented with some graphic stuff – no, not the plain central panel one I was talking about last night, I was actually working on a new idea I had for my Bookmarks Wallpaper… I’m not sure how it’ll work out yet – I think the side graphics are just a tad too big for it at the moment – I think I’ll be able to shrink them a bit, but it might not be enough (the graphics are branches of fluffy blossoms, and if I make them too small, they’ll look too fiddly) in which case it’ll be back to square one and I’ll have to start all over again. Tomorrow though I think will be mostly taken up with clawing my way through Wolfsbane and Greybriar – though I’ll probably only be able to manage to get through one of them – they’re both nine characters strong, and looking at their lists, I see that Wolfsbane has four level 50’s, which means extra work pour moi (level 50 and above are being given an extra Action Bar because they have more junk that has to be easily and quickly accessible) Greybriar only has two level 40’s… I think I’ll work on Wolfsbane and get it over and done with, and out of the way! I hope we’re not supposed to be going anywhere tomorrow…

Oh, I saw two things on Bored Panda yesterday that might be of interest to some of you – but the first one comes with a warning! Do not look at these photos if you’re not into clowns, and Stephen King horror stories, OK?!! 🙂 They’re really horrid! Remember! You have been warned! The second one though, is amazing, and fantastic, and absolutely beautiful! I want them all! Especially the Owl ones…she is one very talented lady! 🙂

I’m so tired after all that work on Faeblight today – I’m quite sure I’ll dream of ruddy Action Bars and macros all night! I hope I don’t though… It’s not so much that it’s hard work, because it’s not hard at all – it’s just tedious and boringly repetitious work. Hard work is good for you (in moderation, of course! Everything and anything, in moderation, right?! 😉 ) Boring and repetitious work tends to make you go to sleep… well, it makes me go to sleep, anyway! I have promised myself that I will not get myself into a position where I have to do another major cull like this, for at least twenty years – well, at the very least, six months, anyway! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was both annoyingly frustrating, and humblingly pleasing. I stayed the same, at 92.4kg Frustrating, because I really hate being left in “the middle of the see-saw”, and humblingly pleasing, because I didn’t sky-rocket back up again, after my two satisfyingly large drops (that’ll happen tomorrow – you mark my words! Because I will go up again (but hopefully not by too much!)) *sigh* Dinner’s ready… back soon…

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

And, here I am again. Well, we did have a visitor for a while this afternoon – an Real Estate Agent. We’re not moving – not yet, anyway, but we did want to get some idea of how much this place was worth – the answer to which was not as much as I thought it would be! Oh well. However, this place is getting a trifle old, there are new apartments going up all over Doncaster Hill, and there’s always the worry that our local Council – bless their stony little hearts – might be “persuaded” by self-interest to alter their by-laws concerning building heights (that is, what’s the likelihood of some developer buying up the apartments below and opposite us, and building a massive high-rise there, blocking our city views?) Not much chance of that, said our friendly little Estate Agent, reminding us that the apartments opposite are all owned separately, and it’s not very likely that all the owners would sell, en mass, making the prospect of a huge high-rise being built there less than a mere twinkle in a developer’s eye. However, we do have a decision to make. Do we stay here, or do we move on? On the one hand, whatever we do here, we’re beholden to the Body Corporate. For example, we can’t put in double glazing, without their permission. Nor can we build in that window wall, inside and out, without the approval of the Body Corporate – even if Julian is the B.C. secretary! Stuff like that. If we do stay here, we want to make a lot of renovations, which will require a lot of re-wiring, and the moving (or should I say re-moving!) of ceilings. It’s not easy to renovate here – we did it once before, in 2007, so we know what’s involved. On the other hand, we have a fabulous view, we’re a short walk across the road from a really nice shopping centre, we have three car  parking spaces, a lift, reasonably good security, and (at the moment) we can’t be “built out”, even if they re-built the Pub next door. If we move, we want to move into a house, not another apartment (which would be a case of “from the frying pan into the fire” situation) so we either have to find something that’s at least on a par with this place, standards and space-wise, but preferably a lot better – or we have to build (which we have considered) Our main problem has been…. “but where?” I have no real problem with location, and I don’t think Julian does either (if he does, he’s never mentioned it!) – of course, there are areas I would prefer not to move to – but I’ve never thought (or been known to say) “Oh, I’d love to live…[please insert name of favourite suburb here]” – actually, that’s a lie – I’d love to have a fabulous “Addams Family” type mansion, right at the top of Oliver’s Hill – only problem is, it’s in Frankston (so there you go – that’s one of the suburbs I’d prefer not to move to!) Decisions, decisions… whatever the outcome, whatever we decide, you’ll all be amongst the first to know 🙂

And that’s really about all my news for tonight – I’ve been so busy, head down, tail up, slaving away and wearing my fingers to the bone over a hot shard – to do anything else exciting! But tomorrow’s another day – and now that I’ve got my routine down pat for ploughing through the characters, I’m sure to get Wolfsbane finished in, oh… about eight or nine hours? 😉 But news there’ll be aplenty, so drop by and catch up on all the latest at chez nous! So until then, once more may I remind you all to bee good, don’t let the bed bugs bite tonight, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂