Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.30

So I’m starting to write a bit earlier tonight – wanna bet that I still won’t get this finished before my pre-dinner Stair Walk? 🙂 Oh well… it gets done in the end… Today was a “bitty” sort of day – I got some Rifting in after breakfast, but we had to leave around 11 o’clock for the first of our two Optometrist’s appointments – and we didn’t get home until after 1 o’clock. Acuity, the Optometrist we go to, is sort-of around the corner (so to speak) so it’s very handy. It’s on the ground floor of the Manningham Medical Centre – right across the road from Macedon Plaza, where himself often goes shopping because it’s easier to park there than it is across the road! (mind you, when he goes shopping over the road without me, he usually walks across!) Anyway, we both needed new glasses – my eyes have changed a fair bit (no wonder I can’t see the screen properly with these glasses! It’s a wonder I can see it at all! – welll… they’re not quite that bad, but they’re still bad enough that I need new glasses!) I need new “walk around” glasses too, so that’s two new pairs for me – and two new frames! I’ll get the lenses in my current glasses changed over when I get the new pairs. Himself needs three new pairs of glasses! (three!?! Spoilt brat! 😉 ) mainly because his “all the time” glasses are totally broken, as I mentioned last night – but they only fell apart three times while we were at the Optometrist – a minor miracle! 😉 He also needs a pair of driving glasses, and a pair of reading glasses (I take my glasses off to read!) His should be ready next week. Mine are special! (*preens self*) They’ll take up to three weeks, because they’re a more complex prescription or something – or so I’m told. After we’d finished there, we came home for a late-ish lunch. I belted up in the lift first so that I could shed my shoes (awful [*censored*] contraptions that they are!) I quickly grabbed the door propping open book, and my hand protecting fingerless glove, then I made a bee line for the fire escape, and my before lunch Stair Walk. I actually did quite a lot of walking today – Stair Walk before breakfast, Stair Walk before lunch (albeit a little later than usual) – but we didn’t take my wheelchair to the Optometrist – I walked there from the car park outside, and stood around for most of the morning, leaning on counters whenever my back got too sore, and walking around looking at frames – I think my back will probably know all about it tomorrow, but I managed quite well, I thought! I know I would have managed a lot better if I hadn’t had my [*heavily censored*] shoes on! As Julian has happily been telling anyone who’ll listen (like our cleaning lady, who just rang up to say that she won’t be coming tomorrow, after all) I haven’t been able to stand around and walk around like that for about five to six years… All this Stair Walking must be making me a bit fitter! 🙂

So, we got home, had lunch, and I got stuck into Addain – a brand new Addain! I didn’t delete the old one (but I might have to!) again, I moved him to a “holding shard”… I realised this morning that I’d created him from the wrong “race” – I made him a High Elf, when I should have made him a Mathosian (read: “human”) To confirm this, I went and created a new character on one of the other shards, and sure enough, he was the wrong race! Please don’t ask me why this is important – I’m not sure I even know myself – but he just “looked” wrong, OK? I could have changed his race, for a (Credit) price, but when you do that you can’t choose your own “preset” (basic appearance and characteristics) I did try, but it wasn’t good enough – I had to start from scratch. So I shipped him off, and created a new him. He looks much more betterer now! 🙂 I’ve already got him up to level 11, which isn’t bad going for an afternoon, and seeing as our cleaning lady won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll get a chance to get him up to where his predecessor was pretty quickly – so I’ll have only lost about half a day in re-doing him. And of course… I have my first appointment at my new Hairdresser’s tomorrow afternoon (about which I am more than somewhat nervous!) but I can’t wriggle out of it – (a) it’s too late now, and (b) my hair desperately needs a clip around the ears… my hair’s beginning to stick out like Dagwood’s, only over my ears, not on the top of my head! :/ A full report will be issued in tomorrow night’s blog… depending on how it went. So everyone, please wish me luck at 1.45pm tomorrow – I have a feeling I’m going to need it *gulp*

Weigh-in this morning. Was not bad! Quite good, in fact! I was down to 93.3kg this morning, down two points on yesterday’s 93.5kg. I wonder if all the walking and standing around I did today will make a difference tomorrow morning? I hope so – I start on those horrible pills in the morning 😦 Wouldn’t it be good if I could get well and truly under the 93kg mark, before the effect of the pills starts to kick in and I start retaining fluid like it’s going out of style! It probably won’t make much of a difference (all the standing and walking around) but a girl can hope, can’t she?! 🙂

Referring back to my shuffling off of the original Addain, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go around culling a lot of extraneous characters from all my other, so-called “holding shards”. I saw with horror that I now have 12 characters on every shard! I have nowhere to move anyone anymore! What’s worse, I can’t even create an experimental character, or make a name “place holder”! This is not good! The thing is, all those characters are on those “holding” shards for a very good reason! I don’t want to delete any of them! But as I said, I’m going to have to bite the bullet. I’ll probably end up getting rid of anyone who doesn’t have a Trove, or at least a partial Trove, of “enhancement” potions. I’ll keep those that do have “enhancement” potions, and those whose names I can’t bear to lose… But that’s a job for another day – I’ve “parked” the new and improved Addain in the middle of the main road running though Freemarch. Not exactly an ideal location, but he’ll survive 🙂 Once again, I’m running him through as many “Carnage” quests as I can, to level him up as quickly as possible – and Freemarch is where the best Carnage quests, the best mining, the best skinning, and the best foraging is to be found! 🙂 I’m still mulling over the possibility of what colours to use in the (also new and improved) blog backgrounds and headers – I have an automatic leaning towards blues and purples, as they’re my favourite colours, however I did rather like the (rather a bit too bright) orange/yellow one I made the other night – maybe if I tone it down a bit… or a lot… I’ll have to see how it translates into a canvas/sandstone texture first though. And now, as it’s almost time for my evening Stair Walk, plus the fact that this is starting to get a little bit too long (as usual! 😉 ) I’ll take my leave of you all. Drop in again tomorrow night and hear all about my visit to the new Hairdresser – will I have any hair left? Will I have decided to have it all shaved off, and wear a wig? (Don’t worry – it has crossed my mind! Many times! Perhaps I should try a Burqa? (well, at least it would keep my stupid right ear warm!)) Well, find out tomorrow night! 🙂 Plus! What will my weight have decided to do, after all my standing and walking around today? Go down, hopefully! But… you never know, do you! 😉 So for the answer to all those niggling little questions about me that keep popping into your head at the oddest of times, this nightly blog is definitely the place to come! See you all here again tomorrow night – but until then, remember to bee good, slow down and take the time to smell the roses, but above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

P.S. I did get this finished, before my pre-dinner Stair Walk! 😀 [*blows raspberry at screen*]

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.29

Murder most foul!

Two innocent men were shot dead last night – but there will be no justice for them, and no punishment for their murderers! What happened to Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan was premeditated murder. Ten years ago those two young men made a stupid mistake – they attempted to smuggle drugs in Indonesia. The Australian Federal Police turned those two boys in to the Indonesian Police and that sealed their fate. I hope those Australians can sleep at night – Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan’s blood is on their hands, just as much as it is on the hands of that “joke” of a human being, Joko Widodo! I hope the firing squad can sleep at night – shooting those two men to death, after they’d spent ten long years in prison, after they’d expressed remorse, been totally rehabilitated, and completely turned their lives around! Make no mistake – it wasn’t “the death penalty” which Indonesia espouses, it wasn’t “punishment” for a crime committed a very long time ago, and it wasn’t as a “deterrent” to other would-be drug smugglers – if it was, then they should have been put to death at the time – 10 years ago, not now! No! It was “murder most foul”! Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan did not deserve to die, and they will not be forgotten! May their souls find the peace and mercy in death that they deserved, but were denied in life! There isn’t anything that anyone can do now – recalling the Australian Ambassador is, I think, the correct first political step to take. I do understand that politically and diplomatically there isn’t very much more that Australia can do – however, for my own tiny insignificant drop in the world-sized bucket, I will never visit their country, I will never knowingly buy anything manufactured or grown in Indonesia – and if I ever travel overseas again, and I will not land there for a stopover or to catch a connecting flight. I don’t think I want to be anywhere near such a savage, backwards and corrupt place. Peace!

Here I am, late again! :/ but at least I have a reason, not an excuse, this time! My favourite eldest daughter was over this afternoon and we spent an enjoyable afternoon watching four episodes of “Person of Interest” – where ‘the war of the machines’ is hotting up! 🙂

Last night I was just soooo frustrated with the lack of information provided about the “actual” dimensions of the header, so I did something that I haven’t done (haven’t had to do!) for nearly fifteen years. I counted each of the 200 pixels I was “told” that I had – one. pixel. at. a. time. One tiny dot on the screen at a time. And counting each one. It’s excruciatingly tiresome and tedious, but necessary, sometimes – and this was one of those “sometimes” – I simply had to know how much space I had to work with – I was sick and tired of guessing, and getting it wrong! So using the header dimensions given by Word Press, I created a “ruler”along the height of the header, with numbered markings every 10 pixels. From 1 to ten downwards from the top, and from 1 to 10 coming up from the bottom, and an awful lot of blank space in between. I uploaded the ruler as a “new header” because I wanted to see where the markings were cut off. My mistake – both top and bottom numbers were cut off well before they even appeared on the screen – only the un-numbered 10 pixel markers were visible. I increased the numbers to 20, top and bottom, and tried again. This time the numbers did appear on the screen, just before the “17” marker, top and bottom, so at last I had the actual, proper, dimensions of the header! 2000 pixels x 177 pixels – an extremely narrow “ribbon” of header to try and work with! To give you some idea, the text I’m currently using in the header comes to within 1.5mm of the topmost edge, and 1.5mm of the bottom edge of the header.

This morning, as you can see, I worked on my “canvas background” idea – it seems to be doing the trick – are you able to detect any “seams” between the header and the body?! 🙂 I know, it’s terribly “bland” at the moment, but I’m experimenting with patterns and colours. I’ve created a gray, “frosted glass” one that doesn’t show seams, and that being the case, I should be able to use any colour, or combination of colours. However I have to be careful with the colours I use so that text will still be legible on it – though I’m led to believe that if the background colour gets too dark, the text will change to white (or whatever colour I choose, once I work out how to do that! 😉 ) More news as it comes to hand! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Much more promising – I think that maybe my body is getting scared that the day of the dreaded Fluid Retaining Pill is rushing towards it like an “Anti-Tsunami”, and thinking that it had better shed a bit of weight while it still can! I was down to 93.5kg today – two points down on yesterday’s 93.7kg. Hopefully it’ll be down again tomorrow! (but I wouldn’t count on it!)

———————————-=+  *Dinner Break*  +=———————————-

So, I didn’t get any Rifting in at all today – well, I mean I sorted out my Minions and stuff, but no proper questing, or anything… and I didn’t get my nails painted, either – Lee was over and we were too busy watching “Person of Interest” (a really great show – highly recommended! 🙂 ) I don’t think I’ll get much Rifting in, or my nails done tomorrow, either – because himself has made appointments for both of us to see the Optometrist around midday – his glasses are broken, anyway, and it’s getting to the stage where trying to see the screen properly means that I have to sit about a foot away from it :/ So that was my day today, and also what my day will probably be like tomorrow – chopped up into little pieces, with not much time to do anything terribly worthwhile. Lee’s weight loss program is going well, but I worry that she’s not eating enough variety – she had an Optifast bar for breakfast this morning, because she was in a hurry to get to uni, and she had another Optifast bar for lunch today – goodness knows what she had for dinner – hopefully not another bar! I know she doesn’t much like the soups (I do, especially with a little bit of semi-dried chili added to the tomato and the vegetable soups, and some semi-dried basil to the chicken one!) and I’m pretty sure she’s not getting enough fibre – there I go – typical mother, worrying that her favourite eldest child is not getting the right nourishment! She’s a grown woman, Winter, leave her be! 🙂 (“Yeah, but she takes after you, Winter, and you know what a scatterbrain you are!” replies my conscience… 😉 ) Ah well – and that’s where I think I shall call it a night – but tune in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest! Will Julian and I need new glasses? More importantly, will he get his broken glasses fixed properly, instead of just stuck together with a paper clip and some blu tack? (Ah good! my cup of tea has just arrived – it’s a new one, called “Monk’s Pear”, and it smells and tastes wonderful!) Will I actually get any Rifting in, or will I spend most of my time concocting weird and wonderful, patterned and textured backgrounds for this blog? What will my weight do? Will it go up, or down… or stay boringly the same? These questions, and more, will be answered right here, this time tomorrow night – so don’t miss out! Until then, though, please remember to bee good, don’t drink from the Chalice with the Palace*, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*The Chalice with the Palace is the one that has the poison – the Vessel with the Pestle has the brew that is true!” [but they keep getting them mixed up!] – from an hilarious old Danny Kaye movie called “The Court Jester” – if you ever get the chance, do watch it! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.28

Tuesday… well, as bad luck would have it, my favourite eldest daughter didn’t come over today, after all 😦 she wasn’t feeling all that crash hot (well, she has changed her diet rather drastically!) and decided that maybe she’ll come over tomorrow, after her class finishes (at noon) So I thought “right! I’ll start working on my background ideas for the blog, and do a little Rifting with Addain, and… and…” – well, you know how your mind sometimes runs away with you… 🙂 Anyway, would you like the good news first, or the bad? Very well then, the good news… I did work out how to use my own backgrounds, and they look really nice! It’s very easy, really…  The bad news part of that is that the header on this particular Theme is soooo narrow (from top to bottom – or, from bottom to top – whichever!) that it’s extremely difficult to fit anything legible into the space you’re given… (as you’ll see from the current header, it seems somewhat… cramped?) but wait! I know you want more (bad news)! 😉 I created a nice gray, marbled, seamless pattern, which I used as the background of the header image, as well as the background of the blog theme. I use them all the time. I used them in the stationary I used to make, and the web sets that I gave away for fee. No seams, any-which-where! Except here. I tried the background and header together on about 20 different Themes here to see if they behaved differently, depending on which themes you used them on. Well, they did, and they didn’t. Some Themes coped better with the combination than others, but in the end, none of them really worked to my “standard” (even a small hint of visibility between the background and the header is totally unacceptable to my mind – I dunno – maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist or something – *shrug* but that’s the way I work) I know what the problem is – it’s what I was grizzling about last night, with different Themes changing the aspect ratio of graphics to a larger or lesser extent. Unfortunately, other than buying out Word Press and hiring a programmer who knows what s/he’s doing, I just don’t know how to fix it. So I seem to be at an impasse… Oh well, never mind, I don’t have to use a marble background – I can use a canvas one (and I dare! I double dare! any junction line to show its ugly little face in one of those! (so there! *pokes tongue out at Themes in general, and this one in particular!*) 😉 ) So the personal background and header will just have to wait a bit, I think… But I will do it 🙂 The canvas “trick” should sort things out… 😉

The rest of my time today I frittered away in Telara, waiting, not terribly patiently, for the caravan carrying Reed Bellows to arrive. He’s the guy you have to kill to claim the title “Merchant of Death”, which is a “must have” for all my characters. I hung around, and hung around, and magically transported myself from shard to shard to see if he’d arrived on one of them, instead. He hadn’t. So I went Artifact prospecting, and found quite a few, while I was waiting for Mr. Bellows. He eventually turned up close to lunchtime, so I killed him, claimed my title, and transported home to Sanctum. I wonder why there isn’t an equivalent Achievement and Title over in Silverwood? You could easily be excused for thinking that the Defiants get all the fun things to do… :/ I got Addain up to level 14, just by “exploring”new areas, and by killing lots of things while I was waiting – I also managed to level up my three “skills” (Butchering, Foraging, and Mining) so now I can move into other areas where the rocks are harder, and the plants and animals are harder to pick or skin 😉 I might  do a bit more Rifting tomorrow morning before my favourite eldest daughter arrives – it’d be nice if I could get Addain up to level 20 tomorrow… (but I’m not holding my breath!)

This morning, on my before breakfast Stair Walk, I remembered (hallelujah! she actually remembered to do something that she said she’d do, for a change!) to go and explore the strange steps from the Ground floor, and where they went. It’s quite spooky down there, you know – it’s like clean dungeons (well, cleaner than you’d expect a dark, dank, dungeon to be, anyway) Mind you, it’s neither dark, nor dank – but you feel as though it could easily become so, and even the softest whispers send back sibilant echoes… *shudder* Anyway, I boldly went down the three steps to the next little landing. then there were another two steps down, and I could see a door further down on my left, which himself informs me is the door into the car park. To the right of the little landing that leads to the door into the car park, there’s also another, longish flight of stairs which I believe lead to the lobby that opens on to the street that runs behind our apartment block. Mystery solved? I guess so… but I’m still not too sure why people in the car park don’t bump their heads on the ceiling of the floor above… it just looks… too low…

Weigh-in this morning. Things were a teeny- weeny little bit more encouraging – I went down a whole, whopping big…  one point. I was so excited, I almost jumped up and down on the scales! No, not really, but – wow! A whole one point! After three days of being the same, it was almost like a miracle! of sorts…. *sigh* – and I start those ruddy, wretched fluid retention pills on Friday… 😦 Then I only have May and June, plus about a fortnight – 75 days – to get below 86kg! About 10 weeks… and at approximately a kilo a week, I should be able to get there, but not if I spend too much time muddling around on the same [*censored*] weight! Grrr! 93.7kg this morning – one point down on yesterday’s (and the day before, and the day before that again!) 93.8kg

So, that was my day… a bit of good, a bit of bad, and a teeny-tiny ray of hope in the weight department. I’m not really sure what’s happening tomorrow – more of the same, I suppose, if my favourite eldest daughter doesn’t come over – though I did half promise myself that I’d do my nails on Wednesday (tomorrow) I’m thinking that as my nails got so terribly dry – almost to the point of splitting lengthwise – that perhaps I should go and ask them at Inglot if a base coat under the nail polish would help preserve the nails and keep them from getting so dry… I dunno… depends on whether we go out tomorrow or not. I’d also like to try a little bit of independence for a change – going across the road by myself. Someone would have to open the door for me to get out – and open it again to let me get back in (the doors weren’t designed with the disabled in mind!) and I’m quite jittery at the thought of getting across the road in a wheelchair – but other people do it and survive the running of the gauntlet – I expect I should be able to do likewise *brave little smile* Anyway, whatever happens, or doesn’t happen tomorrow, rest assured that there’ll be lots more news, grizzles, long, convoluted, and involved explanations of some of the more arcane aspects of graphics and Rifting, plus other interesting bits of trivia waiting here to amuse you all tomorrow night. 🙂 However, the time has come for me to once more bid you a fond adieu – and to remind you all to bee good, don’t walk on the grass, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.27

Seen on Bored Panda today: Some of these shots appear to be somewhat over-Photoshopped, but they’re very pretty, nonetheless 🙂

Well, here I am, late again (still/as usual/always – please delete those that do not apply!) All I did was go and wash my hair (well, I started late! (see above!*blush*)) and here it is, five o’clock, and I’m just back from the bathroom! Arrggh! I was so late finishing my blog last night that I got into trouble (well, I was “fixing things” 🙂 ) and I had absolutely no idea that it was as late as it was. I’ve got a timer here, and a clock, but do I ever use the timer, or look at the clock? Of course not! Why on earth would I want to do that!? 😉 Oh well, I may have to just leave this in the middle and finish later…

I managed to find a good solution to my “Asima” problem! I got rid of her! No, I didn’t delete her, I farmed her off to another “holding” shard, and created a new character in her place! 🙂 Meet Addain! I thought I’d try a Guardian male for a change – so far he seems to be working out OK – but time will tell 🙂 I’ve got him up to level 12, and looking at our success yesterday, in which we went up two whole levels, I’ve decided to throw Addain at as many “Carnage” (“kill ‘x’ number of [named creatures] for money and extra experience”) quests as I can, and I must say, it seems to be working! 🙂 He’s already level 12, and he hasn’t even done any questing yet! He’s died once though – he was trying to get at an Artifact that was surrounded by feral pigs, four levels higher than he was – well, he got the Artifact, but he got mobbed by three of these feral pigs, and alas – his pet died, and so did he. Still, it’s no disgrace to be killed by three creatures four levels higher than yourself! 🙂 Anyway, I spent most of this morning creating him and setting him up – and I think he’ll be a “keeper” – however my favourite eldest daughter will be over tomorrow, so I won’t get much of a chance to work with him – but it’ll be back to work for the two of us again on Wednesday! I plan on taking him right to level 40, without the “rest break” at level 20 (much the same as I did with Chryzanthemum)

As you’ll have noticed, I changed the colours on the blog last night – but I’m still not terribly happy with the overall “look”. I think I’ll try to create the header first, and then colour the theme around the header – there’s even a command in the colour selection area to do so – “Match header colour” – and it does do its best, but… it sometimes misses the mark by a long way! So I’ll just scribble down the colours that I used in the header, input them manually, and cross my fingers that it turns out the way I hope it will. I noticed something else about customizing the blog the other day, too! I always thought that you were stuck with the patterned backgrounds that Word Press provides – there’s a lot of them, and some are even quite nice – except for the fact that you can’t read any text written on them! Not much use writing a blog if no-one can see the text, is there! And I always wished that I could provide my own background pattern – a nice marble, or something lightly textured, but against which text would still be legible. I think I spotted a way to do that last night, but I was in a hurry, and just made a mental note to go back and investigate it – which of course I forgot to do today, didn’t I, and I can’t go and check now, because I’ll lose what I’ve written so far (I get a polite message saying “Are you sure you want to leave the page you’re on? If you do, all work will be lost..” – or words to that effect, anyway) so I shall finish first, look second, and maybe have a surprise for you tomorrow night (or… maybe not – depending! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. Terrible! Shocking! Horrible! Sob-worthy! 😦 For the third day in a row… I stayed the same. 93.8kg Yes, I know that at least it didn’t go up, but it might as well have! I’ve only got stuck at the same weight for three days once before, on January 16th! And on the fourth day, I went down four points (which was totally amazing, however I have no illusions whatsoever that I’ll manage to pull the same stunt off again this time!!)

                       ….Stair Walk Break….Dinner Break….Television Break….

I’m back! 🙂 Yes, the Great Weight Disappointment this morning. I’m not looking forward to getting on the scales tomorrow morning, I can tell you! :/ Anyway, I’ve started doing four flights of stairs now – four down to the ground floor, and four back up again to the fifth floor. I don’t know what the deal is with the Parking level, which is below the ground floor, because it looks like there’s only about four steps down, as far as I can see – maybe there’s more around the corner? I might have a look tomorrow morning… And if this extra floor up and down isn’t enough? I’ll walk up the stairs to the sixth, and last floor, turn around, and walk down to the ground floor, and then back up to the fifth! Whatever it takes!

We watched the last episode of Game of Thrones, season 4 tonight… it was very sad – The Hound was involved in a vicious sword fight with Brienne of Tarth, and left terribly injured – probably dying. Arya certainly thinks he is – she steals his remaining money and goes off and leaves him, even though he begged her to put him out of his misery. However I read recently that apparently there’s some speculation as to whether The Hound actually does die  – perhaps he’ll survive? I hope he survives – I like him – unfortunately though, I don’t think he will… But you know, even in the book it’s never made quite clear if he really does die.  It’d be a real plot twist if he’s found by a sympathetic peasant and nursed back to health, to reappear in both the books and the series at a later date! 🙂 In the book, someone (I can’t remember who – I read the book quite some time ago now) says that they found his famous Hound’s head helmet and an unidentifiable decomposing body, so of course everyone assumes he’s dead. Usually, the HBO show has stuck pretty closely to the books, but this last episode – especially the part about Arya and The Hound – was completely different from the book! Talk about “artistic licence”! *shakes head* I wish season 5 was over so that the DVD set would be released! Goodness knows what we’ll watch tomorrow night – I’d like to start watching “Elementary” (Sherlock Holmes set in America, with a female Dr. Watson! Can you believe it?! 🙂 ) – my favourite eldest daughter says it’s an excellent series, and we have the first two seasons that she lent us… anyway, I’ll let you know… 🙂 Hmmm… now… any other news? Oh, I’ve decided that my nails are long enough to start painting again now, so I’ll probably do that on Wednesday. I’ll try and work on a new header that I can match the blog background to – or maybe, if I was right, a “personalised” background as well, either later tonight, or tomorrow morning, before my favourite eldest daughter arrives. I hear (very proudly!) that she’s lost 3 kilos already on her own Optifast diet! 🙂 Julian follows her on Facebook and passed the good news along to me 🙂  And now once again, it’s time for me to bid you all to bee good, remember what your mother always told you, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.26

As you can see, the blog has undergone a very slight colour change 😉 Whilst I did like the yellow – so different from anything else I’ve ever used, (a) it could only display “smilies” as two dots and a curved bracket (only up the right way, not on its side), and (b) it was a trifle harsh on the eyes 😉 I had the devil of a job with this new header though – I didn’t want it to be exactly the same as the body of the blog, but I didn’t want a clear demarcation line between the two, either. I thought of using a gradient, and that worked well… except for one teeny thing. As usual, the header size, as given by Word Press, is again totally incorrect. The width is fine… the height is wrong! I have no idea how high (deep?) the header actually is – normally, I’m really good at judging distances – I can judge images to within one pixel – so why couldn’t I with this? Because what you and I see on the screen here in the blog is not the same size as the header images I make. For whatever reason, Word Press alters the aspect of the image – you can see it if you look closely at the text edges on the header – there’s an ever so slight blurring effect; it’s no longer crisp and knife-edge sharp, as it is in the original image. This tells me that the aspect ratio has been changed – made smaller, actually. Yes, I could fiddle around all day for a couple of days, and still not get the header size right – it’s a bit like sawing a random bit of a table leg off, to try to get it to stop wobbling – in the end you end up with a useless table, that still wobbles! Well, the gradient idea was a good one – it just didn’t work properly. In the end, I used a gradient that went from darker colour on the top, to transparent on the bottom, allowing the blog background colour to show through. Well, it seems to work from my side of the screen, anyway – but as Julian and I have found, time and time again, sometimes different browsers display the exact same colour, differently. Go figure! 🙂 However – I hope it meets with everyone’s approval 🙂

Another good day in Dusken was had by all – even though I died three times! Julian didn’t die at all – he took a leaf out of my “Cowards Book of Excuses”, and ran away a lot :/ I was the bunny left holding the bag… What happened was that we foolishly allowed ourselves to be talked into doing a Rift quest*, by a cowardly little quest giver in Tempest Bay (why these lazy little quest givers can’t go off and do their own dirty work, is what I want to know!) We had to buy (with out own gold!) a special Rift “lure” – this means that when you find a Rift forming, you can poke this lure into it and turn the Rift into the sort of Rift you want or need it to be. In this case, a “Hunt” Rift. I had the bright idea of opening it up in Freemarch, a “baby” area, so that the Rift would be low-level and easy to close. Unfortunately, it had to be in either Dusken or Brevane. We went back to the Dusken “training” area, found a “tear”, and opened our Rift. The first part wasn’t so hard – we had to establish a “conduit” or something – that was the easy part. Then we had to defend it for an unspecified length of time. Wave after wave of nasty mobs were rushing towards us and the conduit. I raced in and got as close to the conduit as possible – I have two AOE spells which are very effective at dealing with hostile mobs (AOE stands for Area Of Effect, and they affect an entire area, not just a single target, with devastating results) So I’m standing in close, more or less spamming these two spells, himself is standing outside the area, blasting away at individuals. This worked really well until one very nasty individual also decided to stand outside my sphere of devastation, and zap me! It didn’t take him long to wipe me out. But I got better! 🙂 I came back and continued my defense of this stupid conduit. By this time, the Big Bad Boss that we had to kill had arrived, and we had him almost dead! Almost! He was “slivered”! But then I died again, didn’t I! Exactly the same was as I met my doom the first time, too! (you’d have thought that someone would have noticed the pickle I was in and zapped the zapper, wouldn’t you! 😉 ) The thing is, when you die, the surviving mob you were fighting returns to full health.  Not a good look. That Boss was so very nearly dead! (*shakes head in dejection*) We were beginning to think that we wouldn’t be able to get this Boss down with only the two of us… But we tried again. And once again, we got him slivered. Once again that wretched, evil, no-good mob zapping me stood there, outside my circle, and zapped me. It was a race to see who’d die first – me, or the Big Bad Boss! I’m happy to say that I didn’t die that time, the Big Bad Boss did! The rest of our adventures in Dusken were pretty routine, after that – we mowed ’em all down, no problemo – and we went up. not one, but two levels! 🙂 Mainly because I insisted on doing every possible Carnage quest available. They don’t take long, really, and it’s certainly worth the extra experience points you get from them. When we finished up for the day, I went straight off and did my evening Stair Walk so that I could concentrate on this…

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good! I didn’t go up, but I almost wish I had… I stayed the [heavily censored] same! 😦 I am not a happy little vegemite today! I hope I do better tomorrow – the day of the dreaded fluid retaining pill is creeping steadily closer… :/

And so that was our day that was – I thought that my favourite eldest daughter would be coming over tomorrow, but she’s not – she’s coming on Tuesday – so I think I’ll wash my hair and start work on Asima tomorrow – see how far up the ladder to level 40 I can get her (she has a Trove of experience boosting pots, too! 😉 ) I came across (yet another) name that I liked for a Rift character today, too – I’ve already created a character – just to see if I could get the name (which I did) “Hepzabeth” – a combination of Hepzibah, and Elizabeth – I think it’s nice – and it sounds unusual 🙂 I don’t know what I’ll do with this new girl yet – probably nothing, but at least I’ve put a “place holder” on the name 🙂 And that’s about all from me for tonight – see? I told you last night that there’d be heaps for you again tonight, and I was right, wasn’t I?! 😉 And I can promise you that there’ll be lots of goodies for you here tomorrow night, too – so call back and see if my weight has started behaving or not, and if I’ve really started working with Asima, or if once again I’ve abandoned her for yet another Defiant character – maybe one of the boys, this time… who knows? (I just can’t seem to get a handle on Asima – even if she is me – maybe I should “re-roll her…) Anyway, you’ll find out tomorrow night 🙂 Now all that’s left for me to do is to tell you all to bee good, don’t let the bed bugs bite, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Regarding Rift Quests: *makes note to self: remember to decline any and all quests that even hint of Rifts, or Dungeon!*

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.25

Happy ANZAC Day, everyone! 🙂 I’m not sure that that’s an appropriate expression to use or not – in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not – but it’s a holiday we’re not supposed to forget, so would “Happy Don’t Forget It Day” be more appropriate? Again, the answer has to be “No!” And what exactly is it that we’re supposed to remember? The fact that thousands of our young men and women went off to fight and die in Europe and the Middle East? Not for “us“, as we’re constantly being told, but for good old Mother England, and because each of the Crowned Heads of Europe decided that they were right, and everyone else was wrong! If you don’t believe me, the first paragraph here puts it in a nutshell. And so, peoples, remember our Australian fallen, and what they sacrificed for Mother England – but remember, too, the fallen from all the other countries participating in the nightmare that was Europe and the Middle East between 1914 and 1918 – they also fought and died in that ghastly and largely unnecessary war… because they were asked, or told to. I’m asking you all to remember all those who went… all those who remained behind… all those who returned, and all those who did not return. And those who returned, broken. Sometimes war is a necessary evil – that one wasn’t.

And now for a little light relief 🙂 As seen on Bored Panda today:

30+ Crazy Photographers Who Will Do ANYTHING For The Perfect Shot

The mind fairly boggles!


Rainbow Pastel Hair Is A New Trend Among Women

Oh, how I wish that I was [mumble] years younger! And how I wish that I’d never cut my hair! I would give both my right arm, and my left arm, to be able to wear my hair like that! :/ Old Age just isn’t fair! *sob*

Anyway, moving right along – we had a fairly quiet-ish morning – I Rifted quite intensely, until I finally – and without the benefit of any experience enhancing potions (which I can’t afford the Credits for at the moment) managed to get Chryzanthemum  to level 40! I feel as though it’s taken me an absolute age to get her there, and I have to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t taking her to level 40 from level 30, I was taking her from level 20 (I usually go up in increments of 10, you see, only this time, I got greedy! 😉 ) So it’ll probably be back to Asima on Tuesday – tomorrow, of course, is our “Team Telara”, or should I say “Team Dusken” day, when Julian and I run around like hairy goats smiting anything with a Red (i.e. hostile) name plate (and sometimes anything with a Yellow (i.e. neutral) name plate, too!) A lot of the so-called “Carnage” quest mobs have the neutral “Yellow” name tags over their heads – they won’t attack you on sight, like the mobs with the hostile “Red” name tags will. And they’re called “Carnage” quests because if you kill one of them (for whatever reason), you’re then supposed to go and kill a specific number of them – for which you’re given a nice lot of experience points, and, next to questing, it’s the quickest way to earn experience points and go up levels. So we’ll be belting around Dusken for most of tomorrow – we did have an hour’s bash this afternoon, too – but you really can’t accomplish much in an hour 😉 We left both our girls with “to be continued” nameplates around their necks 😉

I picked up a new Windowblind this morning. What’s a Windowblind? A Windowblind is a pretty “skin” which makes your ordinary and totally boring old Windows screen look nicer. Julian hates them – he says that they break all the programs and stuff – I disagree, and besides, I’d rather have a pretty looking screen that I can make equally pretty wallpapers for, and if anything breaks, I just go “Joooolian! This program won’t work any more! *pout*” and he fixes it! Sometimes… Of course, sometimes the breakage is caused by Windowblinds, in which case it’s usually just a matter of choosing a different Windowblind that’s known not to have that effect on whatever program it was. If you’re interested in having a look at Windowblinds, you can find out about them here…. and if you want to know how they’ll make your screen look, click on the thumbnails here to see a preview 🙂  If you’re interested in getting a different look for your boring old Windows screen, you’re going to have to get and install the WindowBlinds utility, which I think comes with several free skins that you can play with – and you can always download more skins from WinCustomize – nearly all of them are free – a few, every now and then, are not (free) and will cost you about $5AUD

Sorry, I got side-tracked! As I was saying, I downloaded a new Windowblind this morning – but it’s blue – a slightly lighter shade than a “Junior Navy” blue – it’s a beautiful blue, actually – one of my favourite shades of blue – and it looks really nice, and works well too… but… it didn’t quite go with the cyan-ish/green-ish marbling of my new Desktop Bookmarks wallpaper. Hmmm. It just looked wrong… so I did this. What do you think? Better? 🙂 You can see the lovely blue of the Windowblind on the Task Bar – I think it’s one of the nicer blues they’ve had in Windowblinds for a while – they’re usually too Cyan-ish, and/or too “harsh”. Anyway, I like it, and that’s the main thing! 🙂 It’s still a little greenish on the top, but that’s not the skin – that’s the Chrome (my browser) theme, which I’ll change later this evening.

Weigh-in this morning. All I can say is: *sigh*! Why!? Why me?! It stayed the same… 93.8kg… again! It’s not fair! It’s a conspiracy! It’s all an evil plot to keep me fat! Sometimes I think I’d rather go up, than stay the same! “Up” implies that you’re going to come down! Staying the same implies that you’ve come to an end. That’s it. You’re not going any further, you’re going to stay there for ever and ever! (or go up!) I am not pleased! :/

So, here it is again – almost evening “Walkies” time… I ran into some of our neighbours when I was coming back from my lunch time Stair Walk – almost literally! 🙂 I was barreling around the corner of the lift well, just as the lift doors opened and they stepped out! Almost right into the path of an incoming Winter barrel! 🙂 *sigh* So what could I do? I had to stand there and make dutiful and charming small talk – my back was killing me (I’m not too bad if I keep moving, but standing still for more than about two minutes is excruciatingly painful!) in the end I was (unobtrusively) leaning my back against the wall and wishing that I could go and sit down, when I was saved by the opening of a door! 🙂 Our door! Julian was wondering what was taking me so long – had I fallen down the stairs, or something? So we said our goodbyes, we came back inside and I had a nice cup of tea to celebrate with! 😉 Next week I think I’m going to have to stretch my Stair Walk from three floors, to four floors – I’m just not having to work hard enough only doing the three floors… I get more puffed coming back from the fire escape than I do climbing up and down the stairs! I also noticed that I can now get my thumb, and two of my other fingers (one at a time!) to completely encircle my wrist! Many years ago now, there was a time when I could get my thumb and all of my other fingers (one at a time!) to completely encircle my wrist! 🙂 I’m gettin’ there! 🙂 And there you have it – once again, there’s not much more news that I can fill you all in on this evening – but rest assured, there’ll be lots more to astound, astonish, and amaze you with tomorrow night! Don’t miss out! Drop by again this time tomorrow night to find out all the latest – how we went in Dusken, what my weight did, or didn’t do, and whether I managed to really knock down innocent neighbours exiting the lift! But until then, bee good, remember to always exit the lift carefully, and… above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.24

I think we accomplished quite a lot today (for a change! 😉 ) Mornings, of course, are always a bit of a “set routine”… get up, shiver a lot, weigh-in, dress, Stair Walk, come back, check ye olde email, have a cup of tea whilst deciding if there’s anything interesting on TV that evening, and set up to record anything worthwhile, breakfast… pretty much “same old, same old”, until that point. However, we did manage to get out this morning – but we didn’t go rug shopping! I decided that it would probably be better to look online first, and then if we saw anything that looked suitable, we could go and eyeball the rug to see if it lived up to its online potential or not. Much more easier than driving around from pillar to post, and having to walk out disappointed, or with a tired and frustrated “Oh, that’ll do! Hopefully it’ll look alright on the night!”, as is so often the case when you only have a more-or-less vague idea of what it is you’re looking for (a case of the old “I don’t know exactly what I want, but I’ll know it as soon as I see it!” syndrome) Nor did we go underwear shopping for me – I’d rather do that next week, and maybe cart my eldest favourite daughter along with me, as I know she’ll need a few items too (it’s very strange, you know – she always seems to need a few items when she comes clothes shopping with me… very odd…*shakes head in perplexity*) 🙂 Somehow or other, though, we found ourselves in David Jones, looking at dressing gowns (of all things! 😉 ) – of which I do not possess one – so we rectified that small problem by buying me a lovely warm and fluffy dark blue one – maybe I won’t shiver so much now, when I get out of bed in the mornings! 😉 We also called in at Mecca Maxima, a new shop that has recently opened up its doors over the road there, and which I’ve been breaking my neck to get to ever since. I needn’t have – it was just another, slightly more up-market (and more up-price!) makeup outlet like Priceline. Very disappointing 😦 We also went to Mecca Cosmetica – yet another makeup outlet, only this one is a lot more classy (and once again, with prices that show it!) I did get a “souvenir” from each of the “Mecca’s” – a nice cherry red lipstick from the Maxima, and a rather nice eyebrow pencil from Cosmetica. I normally don’t do anything with my eyebrows, which are virtually non-existent (well, they’re very thin (probably from over-plucking during the ’60’s) and terribly pale – you have to look hard to see them, but as they’re usually hidden behind my glasses frames, I’ve never worried about them!) But when we were at the photo shoot, the makeup girl “gave” me eyebrows, with a hard-ish sort of light brown pencil. They didn’t look too bad, either, so I determined that I must immediately learn how to give myself eyebrows! Which (said in a sing-song voice) is why – I bought – the eye-brow pencil! They had a really nice one in David Jones, at their Channel kiosk/stall – it was a proper “pencil” pencil, and was probably a bit better than the one I ended up getting… They were both $48!  (I probably could have done better buying a box of crayons and using the brown one!) Oh, we also looked at Napoleon Perdis – where the staff were not only uninterested in helping us, but they were totally unhelpful when we did manage to catch their attention – so my reaction to that very uninterested and unhelpful place? “Nah! Give it a miss!” Last on my list of “Wot I Want To Do Over At Shoppingtown” was… go and talk to the people at Oscar Oscar, about my hair *gulp* I spoke to a middle-aged, gray-haired guy at the front desk (I didn’t catch his name – it’s really terribly difficult trying to hear people when they’re way taller than you are, and they’re talking to you from about two feet above your head – because you’re busy sitting in a wheelchair! We need taller wheelchairs!) Anyway, I told him that they’d been highly recommended to me as having the best colourists in the Centre, blah, blah, blah… and who was their best colourist and stylist? Apparently someone called “Brooke” – so I have four weekly appointments booked in with her, starting next Friday. I’ll see how I go over there, and if I think she’s any good… I hate having to go in and talk to people I don’t know like that, where I have to appear relaxed, and confident and poised, and all that sort of thing – when inside I’m absolutely quaking in terror! :/

So then we came home and had lunch – and a well-earned cup of coffee, and then I persuaded Julian to set me up a Flickr account where I can bung photos and stuff so that you can all see what I’m talking about instead of me floundering around trying to describe whatever-it-is (who knows! This might end up being a “graphic blog” – I could do my blog in cartoon format, with additional photos and pictures to add a bit more detail! 😉 ) Then, of course, I had to get him to show me how to take photos with my poor neglected and very seldom used phone, which he’s done (and I have made myself a pretty little cheat-sheet of step-by-step instructions which is clipped to my stand-up clipboard! 🙂 ) So here you go – a photo, taken by Julian, with my phone, of Flipper having a snack in the Den here (hopefully that worked!) And here is the Bookmarks Wallpaper thingy I’ve been working on… I took that photo… 🙂 (Crikey! I hope they worked!! If they did, I’ll probably post bits and pieces of… whatever… whenever… 🙂 )

Weigh-in this morning. Well, it wasn’t too painful 🙂 I went down two points to 93.8kg – but don’t worry, it’ll be up again tomorrow morning! That’s the way it nearly always works – I go down a few points, and get all happy about it, then the very next day it damn-well goes up again, just to upset me! *sigh* I know that I am getting there, and I’ve lost 40.9kg… but I still have another 23.8kg to go! :/ It’s like wading through a swimming pool full of molasses…

Yikes! It’s getting late! I still have to do my evening Stair Walk! So, as I started out saying, I think we accomplished quite a lot today – I even managed to get myself a new Kindle cover, in Fuchsia pink! (or a very light magenta – whichever, it’s pretty, and that’s the main thing!) It’s a very clever little cover, too! Simply opening the cover turns the Kindle on, and turns it off again when you close the cover! 🙂 I’ve got my Flickr thingy working (I hope!) and I’ve got a nice, warm dressing gown so that I don’t have to shiver so much in the mornings 🙂 I’ve gritted my teeth and made four hair appointments… and scratched the Napoleon Perdis and Mecca Maxima itches (which turned out to be but mozzie bites, after all! 😉 ) So there you go – there’s really not much more to tell you about today – though I’m sure there’ll be lots more news for you all tomorrow night, so tune in again, and don’t miss out on all the fun and exciting things that we’ve been up to! But until then, bee good 😉 don’t keep opening and closing the new Kindle cover, just so that you can watch it turn itself on and off again, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.23

Ah, yes… another interesting day. Another day which started out with me fully intending to out and “do things”, like…  look for a lounge room rug… call in and talk to the people at Oscar Oscar about getting my hair done… poking my nose in at Napoleon Perdis to see if they had anything new and exciting in the way of makeup… chuffing off to Autograph to get myself a couple of new pieces of underwear, as what I currently have is slightly on the “large” side… and, getting myself a new Kindle case. But as you’ll have guessed by now, I did none of those things, for which I am, very deservedly, thoroughly disgusted with myself. I got out of bed this morning, fully intending on going out today. I had my weigh-in, I got myself all ready to go out. I went for my before-breakfast Stair Walk, came back inside, had breakfast, and sat down to sort out my Minions… and all of a sudden, I didn’t want to go out and do any of the things I’d planned to do, after all! (Minions can do that to you, you know! Nasty things, Minions – very distracting!) So I thought confidently to myself: “we’ll go out after lunch!”. Then I played a bit of Rift with Chryzanthemum, and finished off Iron Pine Peaks – only to end up with no more quests, and the only breadcrumb I had was to do that long and terribly tedious one about a Dwarven Artifact that had been found near Meridian. So I (reluctantly!) started that one (and as you’ll probably have gathered, it’s not one of my favourite quest chains!) where at least I’m finally out of the [mumble] snow flakes! I worked on that for a bit, then decided that I wanted to do a bit more work on my Desktop wallpaper project – I’d been neglecting it far too much lately – so I went and had another look at what I’d done so far… quite pretty, actually… there wasn’t all much more to do before I could use it. I decided to test it as it was, to see if there were any placement issues – occasionally the graphical elements are either too high for the screen, or too low, or need to be shifted, just a bit, to the left or the right. Anyway, I turned what I’d done so far into .jpg format and tried it out as a normal desktop wallpaper. Hey! It wasn’t bad at all! I scrunched up my eyes and squinted at the screen… the right hand swirly graphic did need to be moved a bit more to the right (squinting at the screen helps you see this!) ….mmmm… half an inch? About that, anyway. I tried moving it 20 pixels. Not far enough… 30 pixels turned out to be just a bit too much, so I ended up compromising, and moving it 25 pixels. It looked good. I finally got it looking good enough to replace the Desktop wallpaper that I’d thought was too stiff and formal – I opened up the HTML file, and… swapped file names (after making sure that my new file was in the correct folder!) (these computer glasses of mine are hopeless! I can’t read the [*censored*] screen!) And… guess what happened?! Nothing! Oh, the old file vanished alright, and I was left with the background colour of the old wallpaper, which was a sort of dark, brownish-gray. The text was there too, but no image! All I’d done was change a simple file name – it should have worked! Julian and I both wracked our collective brains trying to figure out what had gone wrong, to no avail. The final deployment of my new Desktop wallpaper, which should have taken about fifteen minutes from beginning to end, including the final tweaking to get the images and text “just so“, ended up taking a couple of hours! In the end, it turned out that it was something to do with the file name. We changed the file name, and all of a sudden, hey presto, and all that, it worked perfectly…. but by then it was far too late to go out. I must ask Julian if there’s somewhere, or some-how, I can put up pictures of things to show you – I’m sure there must be, as other people show images and photos in (on?) their blogs, all the time! I’d love to show you what my new desktop looks like now, perhaps some of our photos wot we had taken on Tuesday, when they’re ready, and the occasional Rift screenshot now and then… 🙂

Anyway, seeing as it was far too late to go out anywhere today (what a shame! 😉 ) Julian decided to install some proper speakers for me, so that I could listen to music, and hear the dulcet tones of my girls giving their battle cries in? on? the Rift entry screen 😉 By the time he’d done that, my desk had suddenly become extremely overcrowded and messy – Things Had To Be Moved! Well, I’ve tidied things up as best I can – I’m still not sure of what the final layout surrounding me is going to be like, but… I just don’t have enough room! I need a fizzy drink! No! No-one needs fizzy drinks, it’s just malicious rumours, and evil marketing! However, what I do need is a half acre block of land sized desk, and a golf buggy to drive around it! (I wish! 🙂 )

Weigh-in this morning. Again, marginally better – all this see-sawing up, down, and the same, is starting to make me feel sea sick, and I don’t get sea sick! I went down one point, to 94.0kg – the thing is, what will it be tomorrow? Probably up two points! 😦 I just wish I could settle down to a nice, slow and steady downward slope, for a change! (I’m just looking at the time – I have about half an hour until it’s time for my afternoon “walkies” – I wonder… will I have time to finish this and get it edited, proofread, and Published inside half an hour? I wish I could type faster…)

So, hopefully, (and knowing us, quite a bit of luck!) tomorrow will be our Big Day Out shopping, seeing that we didn’t go today, and Saturday is a Public Holiday. Tonight I’ll attempt to look for some decent rug shops that aren’t the other side of the black stump, that we might be able to go and look at, and I’ll flip a coin as to whether we end up at The Glen or The Pines, for Autograph’s underwear department. Before Doncaster Shoppingtown was renovated and prettied up (ages ago I can’t even remember what year it was – 2004? Pre 2004? Dunno…) there was both a My Size and an Autograph there, but they opened elsewhere during the upheaval of the renovations, and never came back – probably because the rental on the shops was so horrendous, and because of the opening times that Centre Management insisted on (if the Centre was open, all shops had to be open too, regardless of what holiday it might have been) Shoppingtown lost a lot of excellent shops due to those two policies… Anyway, so tomorrow we’ll be off… er…. Maybe 🙂 So… there’s really not much more to tell you all at this point, so I might take my leave of you, and hope to see you all back here again tomorrow night, when I shall once again regale you with our Day’s Doin’s 🙂 However, until then, bee good, don’t eat that before dinner, you’ll spoil your appetite! and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.22

Well, they say that a change is as good as a holiday – but which holiday? Mmmm? 🙂 Anyway, consider yourselves all refreshed, and rested, and ready to get back to work (or school, or whatever it was that you needed a holiday from!) from this (probably not totally unexpected) sudden “holiday” of a change. Yes, it is a different Theme, and yes, it is one of Word Press’s “Free” ones, so… expect the unexpected, and be prepared for even more changes if it all falls apart at the seams, the way all their other “Free” Themes have done – consistently!

Last night I told you all about our adventures at the photo shoot – and I think I might have mentioned that I was a little “tired” by the end of the day? Tired, be damned! I was exhausted… zonked out… aching all over from the tumble I took (no bones broken or sprained, and very surprisingly, considering I’m on Warfarin, no bruises!) and almost weeping with tiredness, I took myself off to get ready for bed – I’d suddenly remembered I had to take all that makeup off. When the lovely makeup girl – I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name – was applying all the powder and paint, it didn’t seem as though she was applying a lot (maybe because we were busy chatting – I dunno) I do know that she managed to get it in my (freshly washed) hair, and on my earrings, when she was putting the makeup on my ears (yes folks, your ears get made up too! I suppose to keep the facial colouring even all over – who knows?) She certainly seemed to know her stuff though, because I actually looked brilliant in the photos (and it takes a lot to get me to say something like that!) But anyway, there I was, drooping with tiredness, thinking “I’ll just get rid of this makeup, and then I’ll go to bed…” So I sat there in front of the mirror, with a packet of facial wipes/makeup remover, and… used about half of the 2″ high packet of wipes, and there was still stuff left on my face, especially around my eyes! It was a real eye-opener for me! I used to be pretty big on makeup, and especially eye makeup, when I was “younger” – I’d go along to my favourite cousin’s Studio and chat to the models, picking up lots of ideas and “tricks of the trade” regarding makeup, hair, facing the camera, and presentation stuff. Anyway, face wipe after face wipe came away liberally coated with a lightish ochre “goo” – If I hadn’t been so tired, I’d have been stunned! There was so much of the stuff! (no wonder I looked good in the photos – I don’t think there could have been much “me” left under all that goo to do otherwise!) I didn’t need face wipes, I needed a trowel! In the end,I thought “bugger it!”, and staggered off to bed, not caring if I left makeup streaks on the pillowcases on not (I must have been able to get the worst of the makeup off after all, because I didn’t mess the pillowcases) But who would have thought there’s be so much makeup! I had a bit of a look through her stuff, too – I tell you what, the Napoleon Perdis shop over the road will be getting a visit from me tomorrow! 🙂 She had some of their lipsticks, and a really good light brown eyebrow pencil, which I want to see if I can get hold of too… Yes, I’m still into makeup, but as I get older, it’s getting harder and harder not to end up looking like “mutton dressed up as lamb”, if you know what I mean… :/

This morning I just Rifted… I took Chryzanthemum, who is still in Iron Pine Peak (which I have decided to make my most hated zone in Telara, demoting Stillmoor to my second most hated zone!) I hate the constant snow falling! It almost makes you dizzy, trying to find your wretched cursor in all the snow flurries! Still, I’ve progressed a long way (I’m close to the end of Iron Pine Peaks, truth be told!) I managed to get ‘Zanthe up from level 31 to level 35 this morning, all without resorting to experience enhancing potions, too! (because I can’t afford them – I’ve bought, and used, far too many Credits this month, already! 😦 ) Poor ‘Zanthe 🙂 I left her standing on the side of a mountain in the middle of a snow storm, when I went for my lunch time Stair Walk. I’ll have to go and rescue her soon… I was going to go back after lunch, but I wanted to see what I could do with this Theme… and I’m afraid I got a little carried away 😉 It’s now a quarter to five, and if I want to get this blog finished and online before my evening Stair Walk, I’m afraid little ‘Zanthe will have to stand and shiver for a bit longer! :/

Weigh-in this morning. I’m really cross, you know? After all that pounding up and down stairs, and getting up from the floor under my own steam, and everything else that happened yesterday, you’d have thought that I’d have lost weight, wouldn’t you! But no!… my body has to be different, doesn’t it! (can you hear that funny sound, like two rocks rubbing against eachother? Don’t worry, we’re not about to have an earthquake – that’s just my teeth grinding in annoyance!) My weight didn’t go down, and it didn’t go up… it stayed the ruddy same! 94.1kg… again! Grrrr! What do I have to do to get the weight moving steadily downwards?! (don’t answer that – it was a rhetorical question!) I am so not pleased! 😦

I think I’d better get ‘Zanthe off the mountain tonight – I have a feeling we won’t be home much tomorrow – hopefully we’ll be out looking at rugs, and I have to go and talk to the people over the road at Oscar Oscar about doing my hair (I hope they’re as good as I’ve been told that they are!) and I want to go and have a look in Napoleon Perdis. Julian’s Kindle died last night, after five years of faithful service, so a funeral service (of sorts) will need to be held (we could wrap it up in a nice piece of cloth, or paper, and bury it in the garden either over at Glen Waverley, or in Moorabbin/Hampton East/whatever they’re calling it this week, and Julian could say a few words? 😉 ) So he went racing over the road today to get a new Kindle (how can one live without them? 🙂 ) and he also got a snazzy new cover for it… My Kindle cover is as old as the hills, and terribly dilapidated, so I want a nice new cover for mine, too! He said he nearly got me one while he was getting his – so I’ll go and see what colours they come in… 🙂 Oh, good news for anyone reading this who happens to be a fan of Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six! The band sort of split up last year to try things on their own – but I think they must have missed eachother too much, cos they’re re-forming the band! They say they’ll have a new Studio Album out by the end of the year with both old and new numbers on it – I think “Matilda and the Screw” was one of the ones mentioned – I wonder if it’s the same “Matilda” who got carted off to prison for murdering her husband in the “Get Religion” Album? After all, her last words were “This world ain’t seen or heard the last of little old me” – I hope it is! (I liked Matilda! 🙂 ) And now, finally, I think that that’s probably about it from me for tonight – more news and tidbits tomorrow, or as they come to hand (I still have no idea where we’re going to go to look at rugs! – I guess that’s what Google’s for! 😉 ) so until then, bee good, save your wails to save the whales, and just do it! and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.21

Today, I feel like a mountain goat! Truly! I feel as though I’ve been climbing up and down stairs all day (and climbing back up from the floor, when I slipped and fell, at the photo shoot today) We were in a bit of a rush this morning (well, I was, he wasn’t!) I got up, got weighed, got dressed, and raced off for my Stair Walk. Three floors down, three floors back up – the usual. I came back, had my shower and washed my hair, and got dressed again. We had breakfast, and I replied to email from my favourite eldest daughter – “where’s my weekly meal plan?” she wanted to know. I sighed. I barely had time to unpack my Minions, and send them off again when it was time for me to squeeze in my pre-lunch Stair Walk. Off I went again. Three floors down, three floors back up again. Arriving back at the apartment, I quickly put on my (much hated) shoes. Time to go off to the *gulp* photo shoot. Of course, we got there early (so much for rushing, eh? 😉 ) so we sat in the car and ate our lunch – I’d brought an Optifast Cappuccino bar with me, but I’d forgotten to tell himself to make a sandwich that he could bring along for his lunch, so he’d grabbed an Optifast Chocolate bar on his way out the door… We arrived at Studiomax (Studio Diva section) just after 1.00pm, and were shown around and made welcome. And guess what! The studio was up two flights of stairs! Oh Joy! Extra exercise pour moi! (I groaned) I looked at Julian. “Did you ask them about disabled access?” I asked him sweetly.  He had the grace to blush… “er… no….” he replied. I pursed my lips slightly…  The nice photographer was very kind and said that they could bring everything down for me, and that the makeup artist could work on me downstairs. I shook my head. “No,” I said grimly, “I’ll walk” – and so I did. It wasn’t so much two flights of stairs, just one very long one, and one very short one, which I counted as I came down after the photo shoot. The short flight was 6 steps, the long one I counted to “quindici”, or fifteen – so 21 steps up, 21 steps back down. The fire escape stairs are (16 steps per floor down, 16 steps per floor up times three floors equals 48 steps down, 48 steps up, so I’ve actually done 69 steps down, and 69 steps back up again today, and if that don’t wear off another few lbs, I dunno what will!) So, yeah… I climbed the stairs, and was given a cup of coffee to drink, and a bar stool to sit on for my makeup session, which took about half an hour. Julian didn’t get any makeup – I guess that’s because he’s a guy 😉 The makeup girl exclaimed over my hair, and what a fantastic colour it was, and (as she was doing my hair) how well it had been cut! (you reading this Josh!? Get some business cards made up immediately and start handing them around! I’m making you famous! 😉 ) Then the nice little photographer arrived and we were ushered into the studio. Yup, and she also started gushing on about what a wonderful colour my hair was! The studio was a bit like my cousin’s used to be, only not as big. White studio paper on one wall, lots of white screens or various sizes, a couple of couches and footstool as props, and a few shaded lights. And so it started – her name was Laura, and she was a very good photographer – knew how to “direct” her subjects “Chin up a bit… look over here…. put your hand there… nose down a bit for the glare” – you know, just like a movie director! 🙂 She took dozens and dozens of shots – some just of me, some just of Julian, and quite a lot with the two of us together. Then we went and changed clothes, and I slipped and fell over. Arrgghh! The last time I ended up on the floor like that we had to call the ambos because I couldn’t get up under my own steam, and Julian didn’t know how to lift me properly. It’s funny, you know – it was only last night that I said to Julian (I’d contemplated actually sitting on the floor, you see, as it’s a very long time since I’ve done that…) “I wonder if I could get myself up off the floor now..?” and he said “I don’t know, but don’t try it!” So there I was, sitting on the floor in a very small room with a very slippery floor – luckily there was also a couch there! I guess it just goes to show how much weight I have lost – the only thing I had any trouble with was squirming myself around in order to be able to kneel in front of the couch – then I put my hands on the couch, and pushed myself up with no problems! I was quite proud of myself! 🙂 But I did hurt the side of my foot when I slipped – it seems to be alright now, though (but I’ll probably get a nasty bruise out of it) Back in the studio again, even more photos of us alone and together were taken. Eventually we finished, and we climbed down all the (*censored*) stairs again (they were steeper than the fire escape stairs, too!) Laura went off to “process” the photos for fifteen minutes, and we went into the little Theaterette to read our Kindles while we waited. When the photos were ready, Laura showed them all to us as a slide show, so that we could “weed” out the ones we didn’t like, or didn’t think were good enough. This process took quite a long time – in the end though, we ended up with eight photos – some of just me, some of just Julian, and some of both of us. I was very taken aback – the ones of me actually look rather good! … stunning, even! Julian looks very handsome, too, and some of the ones of us together are really nice! So, kudos to Laura! She’s a very good photographer! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Not as good as I would have liked – I went down one point, to 94.1kg. Hopefully I’ll have scared/surprised/jolted (cross out those which do not apply!) off some more weight with that fall this afternoon! 🙂 We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning (and because I said what I just did (stupid me!) I’ll probably go up instead of down! When am I going to learn to keep my big mouth shut, mmm?)

So it’s now nearly half past six – I’ve done my regular evening Stair Walk (I bet I sleep well tonight! 😉 ) as well as all the other stair climbing, and I’ve finished off, and emailed, Lee’s Weekly Meal Plan, complete with all the calorie and kilojoule values, a full list of Additional Food Allowances, and the url to a good place where she can work out fruit and vegetable calories/kilojoules. I don’t mind admitting that I’m just a trifle tired – I feel as though I’ve been through a washing mangle or something – we were going to go rug shopping tomorrow, but I’ve vetoed that – I just wanna stay home and relax, play a bit of Rift, do a small amount of graphic work, and generally, bludge! We’ve gone this long without a lounge room rug, another day’s not going to make any difference! Thursdays are much more betterer for rug shopping than Wednesdays, anyway! 🙂 So now that I’ve brought you all up to speed on the Great Scary Photo Shoot, there’s not really much more to tell you! My new tops both fitted (as I suspected they would), I decided not to paint my nails because I think they’re still a bit too short (and besides – when would I have had time to do that?!) so all I can say is – stay tuned again tomorrow night! Find out if my foot develops a nice, big, black and purple bruise! …and if my weight did what it was supposed to do (go down!) or not (that is, stayed the same, or went up! Ye ghods! I hope not!) – and I’m sure there’ll be heaps more to tell you by tomorrow, anyway! 🙂 So, untill then, bee good, don’t rip the photo, it’s bad luck, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂