Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.01

Seeing that our cleaning lady was not coming over this morning, I took the opportunity to really work hard on the new and improved Addian – he’s now level 16 – higher than his counterpart was when he got “transferred” 🙂 and I’ve created a “Screenshots” Album on Flickr, so you can get a look at the n&i (new & improved) Addain there. I might, eventually, create a “Rogues Gallery” of all my main characters, and even some of my better and more spectacular Dimension places… houses… jungle retreats… whatever… (which I must really get back to – I’m starting to get the “itch” again! 🙂 )  I expect that we’ll be out for a lot of tomorrow, but the rest of my time will be – nay, must be! culling the “holding shards” – a painful, but absolutely necessary job – if I need to move anyone, it’ll have to be to the PVP* shard, Seastone, which I’d really rather not do :/ – knowing my luck, as soon as I materialised, I’d find myself set upon by a gang of bloodthirsty PVP players!

You will probably have noticed by now that I’ve altered the background and header again. I hope you don’t mind, but I absolutely love playing around with colours and textures – it’s great fun, and gives me something constructive to do when I get bored with Rift 😉 Well, it’s not really constructive, is it. My mother used to think that doing anything that wasn’t improving your mind, or bringing in money, as being both unconstructive, and almost immorallyunproductive”! I’m pretty sure that her idea of a “fun time” was balancing the books! :/ Anyway, expect the unexpected in the blog decoration department for a while – who knows? I might even come up with something half decent, if I keep at it for long enough 😉 I do need more fonts though… I’m looking – seemingly in vain – for a handwriting, or script, font that does “W’s” as two round brackets, sitting on their curved bits. I don’t like “W’s” with pointy bottoms. I have found a few reasonably OK fonts with rounded “W” bottoms, but like everything else I decide I want or need, they’re always at the far end of the “*gasp* *choke* You want HOW much for that??!!” scale! It was the same with the glasses frames I chose yesterday – I didn’t even look at the price tag (I’ve learnt not to, or I’d end up never buying anything!), I just went for the ones I liked, and that looked reasonable on me… and while they ended up not being the most expensive frames in the shop, they weren’t that far off it! *sigh* Why have I got such expensive tastes? :/

Well, today was the big day – I went off to the Hairdresser, Oscar Oscar, over at Doncaster. We had a slightly early lunch, and I just had time, said Julian, to do my Stair Walk before we left. He said to come back to the fifth floor, and then just catch the left down to the car park where he’d be waiting – I wouldn’t need the keys to get inside again, just bring the door propping book and my fingerless glove down to the car park with me.  “OK, I’ll be quick”, says me. I’d gone a floor and a half before I remembered that I didn’t have any shoes, and I knew that Julian wouldn’t remember them, so I hopefully yelled out (half way between the fourth and fifth floors!) “I don’t have my shoes!”, then, realizing that he wouldn’t have been able to hear me, I turned around and (literally!) almost ran back up the stairs! Well, he’d heard me yell, but couldn’t understand what I was saying, so just as I got to the top, he opened the door. The shoes were then organised for delivery in the car park. So, I turned around, again, and re-commenced my Stair Walk. In the end, we managed to arrive a few minutes early! Just as well, too, because some sorting out of the appointment was needed. I very nearly didn’t get my hair done today – Julian’s phone number hadn’t been entered in their data base correctly – it was one digit out, so we never received the confirming SMS, and because we never replied, they thought I wasn’t coming. The girl who was supposed to be doing my hair, Brooke (or similar) was busy with another client, so I was placed into the tender care of Peter – the same one we’d spoken to last week, and who had entered Julian’s phone number incorrectly. Well, he was nice enough – we chatted quite happily whilst he snipped away at my hair. It’s funny, but everyonewherever I go, from Optometrists, to My Size salesladies, to… yes, even hairdressers – fall all over themselves, cooing and exclaiming over my hair colour! Peter did, and even Brooke, their best colourist, who came over to say hello – said what a fantastic colour it was! She’s going to do a bit more with it next Friday – around the uncoloured parts – in other words, give me a bit more of the paler, strawberry blond colour around the back and sides, “to tie it all together”, whatever that means. I think. When we got home, as much as I detest having my photo taken (because I always look terrible in photos – though I’ll admit that the photo shoot the other day did make me look rather good) I got Julian to take some photos of the hair cut – front, back, and both sides. I think it looks pretty good – however it remains to be seen just how long it’s going to look good for! But for the moment, anyway, I like it. Peter told me: “Now, when you get home, I want you to get your comb…. and put it away in a drawer for a couple of weeks, and get used to using your fingers on your hair!” If you want to know what it looks like now, here is the Flickr Album! (but please don’t laugh!)

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good. Not good at all. I went up a point, to 93.4kg, despite all the standing and walking around that I did yesterday! And this, I’m afraid, does not bode well for the next 10 days! I started on those wretched pills this morning, so I expect that things can only get worse from here on in. I am not a happy little Vegemite today! And if I do happen, by some strange miracle, to go down tomorrow, it’ll probably be because more than half my hair’s missing! 🙂 *sigh*

So that was my day… it’s almost time for my next Stair Walk, too… And I expect that tomorrow will be just as busy as today, so there’ll be lots more to catch you up on tomorrow night! Like… Q: will my hair still look the same tomorrow? A: probably not. In fact, I could even go so far as to say “Surely you jest! Of course it won’t! It’ll be all slept on and flat!” – but we can always hope for the best! 😉 And… Q: What will my weight do? A: probably stay the same… or go up… or down, because of the missing hair weight… Q: Did we go shopping? A: Yes. I need more underwear, and another warm jumper. And who knows? I might even get around to painting my nails tomorrow, too! So, to find out if the above answers are correct or not, well, you’re in the right place – just not at the right time! You’ll need to be here again tomorrow night, to find out, won’t you! 😉 So don’t miss out – drop by again then and be regaled with tall tales and true – of my hair, my weight, and our legendary shopping quest! But until then, please bee good, remember your manners, and above all…. please stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*PVP – Player Versus Player – not content with killing computer generated mobs, some players seem to find a great deal of enjoyment in bashing each other up, as well! I don’t really see the attraction, myself…