Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.06

Five past four in the afternoon, and I’ve just finished (re)setting up Wolfsbane. I started before breakfast, worked until lunch time, and had a bit of a break while I did my Stair Walk and ate my bar. Julian was out – we’d had a phone call from my favourite eldest daughter – she’s done something to her leg and she didn’t think she was fit enough to catch the bus home from uni – could Julian go and pick her up, please? She’ll make an appointment to see the doctor, and I suppose we’ll be providing the taxi service for that, too. Goodness knows what’s she’s done to her leg – but I suspect it’s her weight more than anything else. She is being a good girl, sticking to her weight loss program and losing kilos steadily on her version of my Optifast diet, but quite frankly, I think she might have reached the tipping point for joint damage some time ago – I guess we can only hope it’s not permanent joint damage… :/  More news on her leg as it comes to hand…  Anyway, I ate my lunch and got straight back to work on Wolfsbane – that was the shard with the four level 50 girls, and another six of them under level 40… What a job! Only one shard – Greybriar – left to go…. I’ve decided that after I’ve done that one, I’m going to have to set up a Guild on each shard, mainly because we desperately need the extra storage room that a Guild Bank Vault will give us. And that’s going to be fun! fun! fun! too – these days it seems to have become “customary” to offer bribes to get people to sign your Guild form (in other words, if you don’t offer the bribe, you don’t get the signatures, and from memory, you need nine of them!) Another inducement is to tell them that they don’t have to stay in the Guild – it’s just until you get it set up. Sometimes they take the gold and skip before the Guild is created, and sometimes they don’t want to leave this nice, cosy little Guild that you paid them to join, in which case, you have to kick them out. Personally, to avoid any unpleasantness, I always wait until they’re off-line before I kick them out 😉 So, I guess that’s more work to look forward to. Back when our “Gaming Religion” was World of Warcraft, Julian and I both had two accounts – two accounts? 🙂 double the number of characters you could have! Paradise, for an altoholic like me 😉 and in those days, Julian wasn’t all that much better 🙂 We were talking about that this morning, actually, and after a long-ish sort of pause, Julian said, a trifle hesitantly, “You can have a second account (on Rift) if you want to…” Well! My little heart started to go pitter-patter, pitter-patter – Oh joy! A chance to have more characters? What bliss! 🙂 However, I demurred – saying that I thought I had enough on my plate at the moment… (but just wait until I’ve cleared the backlog, tee hee hee! 😉 ) So, to sum up, I have one last shard to (re)set up, and four Guilds to create (what a shame that Guilds can’t be multi-sharded!) before I can get back to any serious questing – that is, if I don’t go on a wild rampage creating another fifty or sixty characters on a second account! Just kidding… 🙂 (at the moment! 😉 ) So I’ve not had a chance to do any graphic-type work at all today – I didn’t want to have a bit of a fiddle at lunch time – I knew I’d only get involved with it and not want to get back to Wolfsbane… but at least it’s done, now… 🙂

By the way, did any of you read the somewhat startling and extraordinary news that Texans (that’s the one in the USA where all the oil is/was) actually believed that their own Government was about to…. *gasp*! *shock!* *horror!* invade them?! and take them over?! I kid you not! Julian told me this morning, and I could hardly believe my ears! Why would the American Government want to invade Texas, one of their own states, anyway?! But here it is, in The Age (*sigh* I knew that that once respected and much admired newspaper was turning into a Tabloid! I just knew it!) Honestly, was it even worth publishing? Or maybe it was an attempt to make Australians (and maybe the rest of the world?) realise just how totally and incredibly crazy [loony, stupid, away with the fairies] a lot of Americans are! And they’re supposed to be one of the great leaders of the modern world? One of the world’s “policemen”? May heaven help us all if that’s the case, because apparently quite a few Americans can’t seem to be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, on a good day, with a fair wind behind them!

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I was dreading getting on the scales. I shivered my way into the Den (where the scales are) and dithered, putting things away. I really didn’t want to get on the scales… I just knew it would be horrible…. I hopped on… the scales wavered around between 92.4kg and 92.5kg…. then settled down on… 92.3kg! Amazement! One point less than yesterday! Just think – if I wasn’t taking those ruddy pills, I might even be into the 91kg zone by now! However, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth – I’m thankful for small mercies (some of the time, anyway! 😉 ) Hopefully my Big Bounce Back has lost my address…

I have another Oscar Oscar appointment tomorrow afternoon – they want me to go in a bit earlier, so that they’ll “have more time” (more time? I wonder what for? I don’t have all that much hair, anyway!) However, I believe I’m having some colour done, and I know that takes for evah, so that’s prolly why. Well, you lucky readers, you! 🙂 You’re getting a somewhat shorter blog than usual, because I’ve been too busy, nose down, tail up, to do anything interesting enough to want to tell you about (apart from those amazingly idiotic Americans, that is! My mind is still boggling!) So what about all you lot out there? Anyone been doing anything novel? Exciting? Interesting? Read any good books lately? Ah yes, talking of books, I don’t know if any of you know that my maternal Grandfather used to write short stories for magazines, a long time ago. We have some of his old manuscripts here somewhere, and when we manage to find the “safe place” we put them in, I’m thinking of starting up another blog, or perhaps I should say “anti-blog”, because I intend to transcribe his stories into this “anti-blog” so that other people can enjoy them too. Some of them are hilariously funny, and some of them are a teeny bit off-putting (from what I can remember of them, anyway) but he could certainly spin a good “yarn”, and I think it’s high time that they saw the light of day again! 🙂 I’ll let you know when we find them… hmmmm…. I’m just looking at the word count on the bottom of the screen – maybe this blog won’t be quite as short as I thought it would be, after all! Sorry about that one, chiefs! 😉 Anyway, that really is about it from me to all of you out there tonight in Readerland – but do drop back in tomorrow night – find out in my Big Bounce Back has managed to find out where I live after all, and paid me a visit, or if I’ve managed to give it the slip again! And learn what happened when I finally finished Greybriar – will I have created my Guilds? Have I even got enough gold for the bribes? Will I have created a second Rift account for myself? Lots of questions – lots of answers, and lots of news! If it turns out alright, I might even put up some photos of my hair colour… so as you can see, there’ll be lots stories and hot goss! So, from now until tomorrow night, remember to bee good, don’t forget to eat your greens, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂