About me…

About me?  Hmm… I am a 60-something Melburnian woman, married, with two growed up daughters. I live in Doncaster, and spend most of my time in front of a computer screen, either gaming (the MMORPG* RIFT), fiddling around with graphics (I’m a “pixel pusher” from w-a-y back!) very occasionally doing the odd spot of filing for “The Family Business”, and/or reading.  I used to spend most of my time designing/creating graphics for web sites, wallpapers and calendars for desktops, as well as making pretty email stationery for Incredimail (which I no longer use) and Outlook (which I no longer use either), or enjoying a bit of comic relief net surfing.  I also used to do a fair bit of transcribing old family recipes from my old and tatty loose-leaf Recipe folder, which I seem to have ummm…. “misplaced”**, so I can’t do that any more until it turns up again.  The rest of my “awake” time is generally spent reading – mostly historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction, together with a smattering of ancient history, Christian, Pagan, and the more esoteric religions, from pre-historic times, to around about the end of the Stuart reign in England.

My husband and I were owned by two cats – a great sook of a Russian Blue neuter boy called Arty, who had high blood pressure and had to be given a quarter of a Norvasc tablet (normally used to control human blood pressure) every morning – sadly, he’s no longer with us. However we still have our highly neurotic and hysterical, prima donna of a Norwegian Forest Cat (also neutered) called Flipper (not our choice of a name!).  She’s prone to sudden fits of the vapours, and she’ll run away in terror at the sight normal cat “treats”, like a of saucer of cream.  She’s getting a little senile in her old age (she’s 20 years old now) and has decided that (a) she loves “Daddy” (my husband Julian) and constantly yowls loudly for “Daddy pats” and “Daddy attention”, and (b) that she dislikes “Mummy” (me) a lot, and won’t willingly come near me.

Julian and I are both very anti-social geeks, with a circle of friends you could count on the fingers of one hand, and still have about three fingers and a thumb left over. We prefer our own company most of the time, though we enjoy seeing my two daughters, and the rest of our family, and we quite like having the occasional visitor. In a way it’s a bit sad that we’re such reclusive people, because when one of us dies, the one left will be a very lonely person indeed…

There’s probably lots more I could say, but if I have one fault, it’s that once I start writing, I can’t stop. Having said that, I shall stop here and leave you to wonder about all the rest 😉

*MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(s)

**It was found yesterday – see blog post “Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.17” 🙂

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