Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.10

I’d like to with a very Happy Mother’s Day (or what’s left of it now) to all mothers out there! 🙂 I didn’t see my two favourite daughters today, but I did speak to them both this morning, which was lovely 🙂 As is rapidly becoming a new “Family Tradition” with us, we’ll be having our Mother’s Day celebration next Sunday – for an “afternoon tea”, instead of a “luncheon” – I mean, it was all very well having big family meals with all the trimmings when it was only me that was sitting there eating an Optifast bar and sipping mineral water, but there’ll be two of us sitting there eating Optifast bars and sipping mineral water now, and I know that my favourite eldest daughter is still finding it hard to “think positive thoughts and smile” while others around her are eating things that she would rather be eating too… and then apologising to her for eating those things in front of her! It’d be much more betterer if they’d just shut up, enjoyed their dinner, and talked about other things. In time she’ll get used to it, however the road is more boring than hard, and it’s just a matter of shrugging off the boredom, and doing, or thinking, of other things. However I did get a Mother’s Day Card and present this morning – from Julian 🙂 (well, I am old enough to be his mother! 😉 ) it’s a Salt Crystal Lamp with a USB plug on the end of the cord, so you can plug it into your computer, or whatever. It is made of salt (well, the outside of it is – if it were a solid ball of salt you wouldn’t be able to see the led light inside it!) and the leds cycle through pretty rainbow colours. It’s one of those “Negative ion generators” that were so popular from late 1960 to the mid ’70’s – approximate dates only, I fear – I can’t g/find much about them, other than that they’re “really wonderful!”, and are still (apparently) very popular! Anyway, it’s sitting on my desk in front of me, cycling through it’s pretty colours and looking very fetching indeed! 🙂

Before I forget again – I’ve been meaning to put this up for the last two days, but I keep on forgetting… so without further ado:

Seen on Bored Panda today (and yes, it’s still there – I just checked! 😉 )
Extraordinarily beautiful double exposure animal portraits

As you know, today was our “Sunday In Dusken”, where we run around killing the wildlife, pulling up the wildflowers – I mean “weeds” 😉  and digging up the minerals. The last two Sundays we played, we went up two levels each time – this week, we only went up one. :/ As we’re progressing through Seratos (the area we’re currently questing in) the quests are getting harder, taking longer to complete, and the “rewards” not worth as much in terms of resale value. However, most of the “gear” rewards (read: armor and weapons) that we’re given are reasonably big upgrades for us – though some (like the fancy gloves that we got as one quest “reward”) aren’t worth the cost of carting them around until we can locate a Vendor to sell them to! Luckily, that’s the exception, rather than the rule! Still, a good time was had by all (except for all the nasty critters we killed) and neither of us died, or even came close to dying, once! 🙂

Last night I went searching for “third-party” Word Press templates – and I found quite a lot! But a lot of them seem to be the same ones that Word Press already makes available to you, and none of the sites with the (and I’m not sure if they even are third-party themes or not, now!) so-called “free” Word Press templates give you any idea of how to go about using them! In fact, they all claim that they’re “free” templates/themes, but then go on to talk about you having to sign up and pay for the privilege of doing so?! I think (but I’m really not sure, so don’t take this as gospel!) that you sign up with them, (i.e. not with Word Press) they provide the blog template, but you have to run your blog on their terms, and on one of their servers. In other words, you’re tied to their apron strings – like Apple users are to Apple products! and what’s more, you may lose control of your own content. But I’m only guessing. What I don’t like is the fact that I was not able to easily find any information about these concerns on their website(s) – such a complete lack of really important information always makes me very wary indeed! However, there may yet be another solution to my theme and/or template graphical problems available 😉 but I’ll tell you more when I find out more myself 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. You know? I think I’ll blame the cold, and the fact that I was shivering so much – it must have made me weigh more, or something! Thank goodness today is the 10th of the month! I can stop taking those [*heavily censored*] fluid retaining tablets at last! I was not a happy little Vegemite this morning, no sirree! 😦 I went up one point to 92.2kg! I’m sooo cross about it! And I did extra walking around yesterday, too! *pout* What’s a girl gotta do to lose weight these days, anyway! 😦 S’not fair! (reprise *pout*)

Because I knew I’d be busy with this blog tonight, I set Foxtel up to record “Compass” tonight – it sounds quite interesting. Compass is a faith and religion half hour program on Sunday nights (ABC1) presented by Geraldine Doogue – sometimes we watch it, sometimes we don’t – it depends on what they’re discussing. Some of the shows are very good indeed, and offer a lot of information on religious and/or ethical subjects that you might be curious about, but not curious enough to go and do the research and digging off your own bat. Sometimes we might need a little push in the right direction… There’s a new set of half hour documentaries starting tonight, based on “Whatever happened to….” (various things) F’rinstance, tonight’s show is called “Whatever happened to Sunday School” – it sounds intriguing, and I’m quite interested – I was occasionally packed off to Sunday School, sometimes by my well-meaning parents, and occasionally at my own insistence – as were Lisa and Kate, by me 🙂

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

I think I went once or twice to just about all the Sunday Schools – Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian – even Roman Catholic, especially when I was living in Italy. I even went to the local Hebrew Shul with a Jewish girlfriend a few times – although I was not allowed to attend the part where the kids were taught Hebrew. But I was always interested in what all of these “early religious training” places had to say, and teach (as you can probably gather, I was a somewhat “different” child!) Whatever – I’m interested to see what Compass has to say on the subject, and knowing our viewing habits, it’s always a good idea to have a few half hour shows tucked away for when we want to finish up the evening a bit earlier than usual (like tonight, when I haven’t finished writing my blog!) If tonight’s Compass is any good, I’ll tell you about it later – if you’re lucky. And if you’re even luckier, I’ll watch it, form an opinion, fully intend to mention it, but forget all about it when something else grabs my attention! 😉 So there it is! Another day, another exciting episode of “Life Chez Nous”! Never doubt that yet another equally exciting, thrilling, and nail-biting episode will be waiting here for you, tomorrow night! 🙂 Did my weight go up more, or did it go down a bit – and we won’t even mention the possibility of it staying the same, will we! I’m really sorry to disappoint you all, but I won’t be able to do my nails tomorrow – the ruddy “textured” wall in the stair well tore off another nail this morning – right down at the quick! Through my glove, even!! But there’ll be lots of other things for me to tell you all about! (isn’t there always? 😉 ) So until then, bee good, change out of those wet clothes immediately! and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂