Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.02

So we did go shopping this morning, after all – well, we went to the Doctor’s first, as I had to pick up a new script, but then we went on to The Glen… first to Autograph, to get some much needed underclothing, and then on to My Size to see what they had in the way of slacks, with pockets in them. And miracle of miracles, they did have some – finally! Perhaps all the grizzling I always did whenever I went into a My Size store finally got through to the buyers – the fact that people actually wanted to buy slacks which had pockets in them! Oh, like wow! What a novel idea! Pockets? in a pair of pants?! Outrageous! – but where else is a girl to put her tissue, either used, or unused, hmmm? I bought two pairs – so that now, when I do my Stair Walks, I won’t have to carry a ruddy bag around with me, just to carry my keys… and a tissue (because I have hay fever at the moment and my nose refuses to leave the apartment unless I’m carrying a tissue for it!) I had two moments of déjà vu today, too… can you guess where? 🙂 One in Autograph, and after that, one in My Size – the two ladies in both stores oooh’d and ahhh’d over my hair colour, and wasn’t it gorgeous! (*rolls eyes*) I mean, I love my hair being this colour – I think it’s fantastic, and all… but hasn’t anyone ever seen bright red streaks in someone’s hair before, or something?! It’s extremely gratifying, and all that, and I’m really, really grateful that my friend did such a fantastic colouring job – but just between you, me, and the gatepost, it’s starting to get just a teeny bit embarrassing, especially when they ask me “Where did you have it done?” I just mumble that a friend did it, and quickly change the subject before they can ask me who, and could I get them to colour their hair too (which someone did ask me, once!) I wonder if it’s because I’m, er…. “not young”… and people are just taken aback to see someone… my age… with such a bright colour in their hair, which actually suits them, and looks good! I dunno… anyway, I also got another two tops at My Size, and a wrap (read: “long shawl”) in a deep red and black paisley design. I shall make use of that tonight 🙂 It does get a bit chilly, sitting and watching television in the evenings! 😉

After all that, we came home – it was starting to get late-ish, so once again, I came up in the lift first, ditched my detested shoes, grabbed my door propping book, the keys, and my fingerless glove, and headed off for my before lunchtime Stair Walk. Then I played a bit of Rift, experimented with some more designs and patterns for blog backgrounds and headers, and generally stuffed around. By the time I bethought myself to go and start culling some of the other shards, it was almost time for my evening Stair Walk, so I thought I’d better make a start on this evening’s entry here, and which, as you can see, I’m now doing. Oh, and I had a nice, long chat with my favourite youngest daughter, Kate, this afternoon – all is well over at their place – the dog, and the three cats, and the rabbits (which I’ve lost count of!) are all well. She’s started going to Pilates classes, which she’s been enjoying. She was in a swimming accident when she was in Primary School, and her back has never been right since – she’s been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, and orthopaedic specialists, all to no avail. Sometimes her back gets so sore that all she can do is lie flat on the floor, poor kid! 😦 Anyway, she says that these exercise classes seem to be helping, but she’s signed up for the classes, rather than just do the exercises at home, because (and she takes after me in this regard!) left to her own devices, she’ll never “get around to” doing the exercises if she doesn’t have someone standing over her, supervising her work. (That’s why I stopped going to Bounce – going there once a fortnight wasn’t doing me any good because I never followed up on the exercises at home! I’m just too bone lazy… )

Tomorrow, of course, is Sunday, so I expect that we’ll be galloping around Dusken, killing this, that, and the other, plus skinning whatever’s skinnable, mining ores, walking on the grass, and picking the wildflowers, for most of the day 🙂 so I probably won’t be able to get back to my “culling” project until Monday… (all my rings are falling off! Back to the jewellers, I suppose – to get them all made smaller… again…) Speaking of jewellers, and getting rings made smaller, my mother was very fond of gold – she preferred it to silver. Personally, I like the look of silver more than gold, but as it happens, nearly all of my “serious” jewellery is gold. Mum used to have all sorts of silver jewellery gold dipped, because she thought it “looked nicer” – one piece in particular, a large silver medallion that I wore almost constantly, she had gold dipped while I was away somewhere – when I came back I was furious! Well, it was her medallion, and I suppose (says she, very grudgingly) Mum had the right to have it gold dipped if she wanted to – but she never wore it, and I did, and I was really not happy! (bear with me, I am getting to the point of this story, truly!) so I spent literally hours, polishing off all the gold dipping. It never looked quite the same, but at least I could wear it in comfortable silver again. Now the thing is, as I said, most of my “serious” jewellery these days is gold – so I’ve been wondering if I should have at least some of my better silver pieces, that I usually wear with my gold rings …. gold dipped. I can’t make up my mind… any (polite) suggestions?

Weigh-in this morning. Another surprise awaited me on the scales this morning! A nice one, for a change, this time! 93.1kg – three points down on yesterday’s 93.4kg! I was very pleased, and very surprised… and very suspicious! Sizable drops like that are usually followed by correspondingly large bounce-backs! :/ We shall see what we shall see, tomorrow morning….

+——————————–+ Dinner Break +——————————–+

Back again 🙂 I had to dart off for my evening Stair Walk (I’m getting quite good at “darting” these days – I can even almost out-walk Julian as far as the lift well! (in bare feet, that is – put shoes on me and I can only stagger! 😉 )) and when I got back dinner was almost ready, so… Anyway, I’m back now 🙂 Where was I? Oh yes… seeing what we shall see tomorrow, weight-wise. I think I’ve found a new pattern that might possibly turn out to be seamless – I shall do more experimenting… er…. maybe Monday? or if my favourite eldest daughter is coming over, then it’ll have to wait until Tuesday. But that’s about all the news I have for you at the moment – please tell me if backgrounds aren’t working out, and I’ll do my best to correct things – no point in reading a blog if you can’t read the text on the background, and no point in writing a blog if people can’t read it (I seem to get a fair amount of key bounce with this keyboard – you know, when you get two of the letter you just typed, even though you only typed it the once? Weird…) So call in again tomorrow night, and find out what we got up to in Dusken – how many times we managed to get ourselves killed, and how many levels we went up – you’ll probably also be all agog to see what happened with my weight, and whether or not it went back up again (let’s fervently hope not!) I’m wearing my nice new black and red paisley wrap/shawl/thingy, and as I hoped, it is lovely and warm 🙂 I’ll try out my new slacks tomorrow, but I’m not going to ask Julian “does my bum look big in this”, because he’d probably just say “Yes!” (even if it didn’t, though it probably will!) so I won’t bother 😉 So until tomorrow night, please try to bee good, don’t trip over the hamster, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂