Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.12

Firstly, allow me to wish a very hearty Many Happy Returns, and Big Birthday Cheers to Terry, my favourite youngest daughter’s husband! I hope he had a great day, even if he did have to go to work! 🙂

I worked on my graphics today, sorting out all of the fonts I downloaded the other day – some of them are excellent, some of them, not so excellent – but one in particular caught my eye, and I think I’ve managed to make a very nice Bookmarks Wallpaper with it. It’s called “Vulcan Script” (from the Vulcans of Star Trek fame) It’s a lot different from anything I’ve done before, and more or less reflects my still very somber mood. I’ve not put a screenshot up, because it’s not completely finished yet – I was just lining up all the elements and getting everything positioned correctly when my favourite eldest daughter arrived – so I got all of that done, and left it. I still have to work out and set up the colours for the text, hyperlinks, visited hyperlinks, and active hyperlinks, before it’ll be ready to display. I’ll put up some pictures then. The amusing thing about this one is the Vulcan Script (you do realise that it’s not real Vulcan Script, don’t you?) I used my initials to make the side panels – facing the right way on the left hand side, and reversed on the right hand side (mainly just for symmetry) See if you can work out what they are – I’ll bet each of you fifty dollars that you can’t guess or work out what they are without downloading the font and working it out from looking at that! You get three tries! 🙂

So Lee came over today, and brought me one of her Optifast Caramel Milkshakes to try – she likes them you see, and I had it for lunch… It was nice enough, I suppose, though it did leave a sort of a funny aftertaste which I didn’t really like… If we have any of the milkshakes we bought to try, I’ll donate them all to my daughter, I think – I don’t like drinking big quantities of liquid – I hardly even drink water – I really only drink enough to swallow pills with… which is probably not as much water as I should be drinking, but if I’m not thirsty, drinking water just makes me feel bloated. I drink three cups of tea a day (breakfast, lunch, and evening), and about the same amount of coffee (at morning tea time, afternoon tea time, and around “supper” time) And that’s about all the fluid I consume in a day… Anyway, having the milkshake (made with water, not milk!) for lunch made me feel as though I hadn’t eaten anything at all (which technically speaking, I hadn’t! I had consumed fluid, but I hadn’t eaten anything) and I felt quite… discombobulated – which means exactly what it sounds like it means! I missed chewing on my bars – I missed the texture of the bar and the taste of the bar… so I won’t be alternating my bars and my milkshakes any time soon.

We watched the last episode of season 4 of “Person of Interest” – a really-truly cliff hanger, if ever there was one! Right back near the very beginning of the series, in an act of self-preservation, “Our” (good) machine “escaped” from its mainframe confines and… vanished. No-one was able to locate it. We find out today (or in this last episode for the season) that it “escaped” into the national electrical grid – spread out throughout the entire north American continent. I think I recall telling you last time we watched it that it had given itself away to the bad, wicked, and evil machine, “Samaritan”, in order to save one of “our” heroes, and “Samaritan” had instigated electrical power surges and outages, starting from the West Coast, and sweeping across the country until “Our” machine was wedged up in a small area near Manhattan. Our three (no, sorry, four!) heroes are trying to save it – they’re attempting to download its core code to a briefcase stuffed full of solid state drives (I think!) Scary stuff, as they still have to get safely out of the building which is surrounded by “Samaritan” operatives, with their precious briefcase! So now we sit and we wait, and we bite our nails down to the quick that there will actually be a season 5, and that no-one else that we like will die! (Elias, one of the crime bosses, who was really very likable and played quite an important minor role, got bumped off in this episode 😦 ) Then we watched “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” until we ran out of episodes, and then we watched “Agent Carter” – another series from the Marvel stables. It’s set in the 1940’s and is an off-shoot from the “Captain America” movies, and looks like it could turn into quite a fun series to watch – nothing deep and meaningful in this show – just a lot of fun 🙂

Then Julian took Lee home, and I went for my evening Stair Walk (I really don’t know why I bother!) came back in, and started writing this (reprise: I really don’t know why I bother!)

Weigh-in this morning. I went up another point, to 92.4kg. I really don’t want to talk about it – and there’s nothing more to say, anyway.

And that’s about it, really – tomorrow I want to finish off my Bookmarks Wallpaper thingy – as I said, it’s quite black… and apart from finishing that, and a bit of Rift, that’s about all that’s happening tomorrow. I think. I have a visit to the Hairdresser on Thursday, where I’ll probably end up with more water down my back. Every hairdresser I’ve ever been to has basins which love spilling water down my back – and the same thing happens to Julian, too! I had a theory that it’s because I’m too short – when I sit in the chair my neck doesn’t reach the basin “curve” (or whatever) properly (which also means that the back of my head doesn’t get rinsed off properly, and I get a rash there from the shampoo they use!) Now, proving my theory wrong, is the fact that (a) Whereas I used to be tall (5’7″) I’m now short (unfortunately) and I also have a very short torso (or high waist – always have had) This means that the distance between my neck and my “derrière” is very short. Ahhh… Must go – dinner time! Back soon with the rest of why my theory is wrong!

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

 Here I am – back a bit later than usual – we had “things to discuss” 🙂 So… my marvelous theory wot doesn’t work… where was I? short torso… high waist…. don’t reach the basin… yeah. So maybe this is why I get water down my back. But (bJulian has the same problem if he has his hair washed at the hairdresser… and his build is completely opposite to mine! He has a very long torso – and really quite short legs – so the much longer distance between his neck and his backside should pose no problem for his neck fitting comfortably into the “curve” of the basin, right? So why do we both end up with wet backs? Of course, all the hairdressers we’ve ever been to could have all had faulty basins… but I doubt it. One or two, maybe, but all of them? Nah…. So, there’s something for you all to ponder, on those long, cold nights of winter that are fast approaching! Anyway, I have Minions to sort out, and you no doubt have better things to do than listen to me waffle on about why we get wet backs when we go to the hairdresser. Do drop back again tomorrow night though – there’ll be lots more news, hopefully a couple of screenshots of my new Bookmark Wallpaper, and lots more waffle to entertain you all. I’ve pretty much given up on my weight – it’ll do what it wants to do, regardless of what I do. But until then – please bee good, make sure you wear your warmest gloves tomorrow morning, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.12

  1. To avoid kore water running your back, try this:
    – try not to lift your head when the back is beibg rinsed but
    turn your head to the left as far as you can, when your right nape/neck hairline is being rinse, and vice versa


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