Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.14

I just got back from the Hairdresser – I wonder where they picked up the idea of giving a neck and head massage prior to treatment from? 🙂 Well, whatever or wherever – it was a brilliant idea, and the person who decided to make it part of the “Oscar Oscar Experience” deserves a medal! (they have good coffee, too! 😉 ) I still got a bit of water down my back though! It’s a little hard to just turn your head to the side, when the person washing your hair grabs hold of the back of your head, and gently, but very firmly, pulls it up! :/ It wasn’t to rinse me off, though, it was to massage some sort of soothing scalp goop into my head – part two of the first neck and shoulder massage – or so I was told. There was water involved though, and as I said, a little bit managed to trickle its way down my back. Ah well, both parts of the massage were nice 🙂

Unable to wait until the “prototype or experimental” blog is set up on the alternate server (Julian’s waiting for information on how to [insert complex, unintelligible (to me!) technical jargon here] (it sounded like: something, something “data base”, something something “Word Press”, if you really want to know!)) Anyway, being the impatient little sod that I am, I thought I’d fiddle around with the current menu a bit… It doesn’t really help that I don’t understand, and don’t have even a smidgen of a clue what I’m doing! I finally – by trial, a lot of rude words, and error, managed to get it to work. I think. I added another two items to the menu that you can see under the header. I added “HOME”, and “Reading”. I found something out while I was doing it, too! There appears to be no way back from any of the menu items! This is a bit… er…. confusing? The only way to get back to these blog posts – that I can see – is to either “back arrow” to where you started, or to close the page and re-open it. Does that sound right to you? It doesn’t to me! And I don’t read enough blogs to know whether everyone else’s blogs behave the same way – I used to read Lisa’s, when she was still writing it – but she stopped writing that years ago – and I haven’t found one worth reading since! (because I haven’t been looking! 😛 ) From what little I can gather, “Pages” are what’s in the menu, and “posts” are what I write here. The “Pages” in the menu each have a very short, and sometimes a little oddball, “holding” paragraph, mainly to remind me of what I was originally going to put in there, but never got a round tuit. What confuses me though, is that when I open up one of the “Pages”, I’m given an editing screen exactly identical to the one I’m writing this on! I suppose I really should go and open up one of those pages and write something, just to see what happens – but I think it’ll either just append itself onto the end of what I’ve already written, or overwrite it – depending on where I start writing… I wish there was someone who could explain the way it all works – I did ask Lisa once – she’s a writer, she was a blog writer, and she knows about these sorts of things (well, she knows more than I don’t!) but she’s an even worse teacher than I am! (if that’s even possible!) So, anyway – I finally managed to make the two new menu items display for me – hopefully they’ll display for all of you, too – even though there’s nothing of any interest there – “HOME” is just a “holding” blurb, and “Reading” is just what I’m currently reading. I plan on listing my current book(s), and then posting a short but pithy revue on it/them when I’ve finished (reading… it…them…) I might try posting something in one of those Pages… tomorrow! (if I remember! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. Down another 2 points to 91.6kg. I’ll bounce back again tomorrow, I suppose.

Our cleaning lady comes tomorrow – and not before time, too! We are positively wading through rafts of Flipper fur, and other pieces of grot and grunge. She only comes once every fortnight, and if for some reason she can’t come on “her” Friday (like last Friday week!) then she can’t come on the following Friday either, because it would be the middle of “her” fortnight for cleaning for us. It’s complicated! 😉 So it’ll have been a month since she last cleaned here (well, vacuumed, mopped, and sort-of dusted, anyway) We could, and do, clean the place ourselves, when we really have to (like the imminent arrival of visitors!) – but I hate nagging (and in fact I won’t nag!) and Julian’s always busy. Besides, he does everything, including all the washing and cooking – and I feel like a criminal if I turn around and say “Thank you for washing my “smalls” – now would you sweep and mop my bathroom for me, please?” I mean, that’s why we have a cleaning lady, right?! So that he doesn’t have to! Only… sometimes she doesn’t…. We’re also hoping to get a bit of Rifting in tomorrow – I said to Julian “but… E.’s coming tomorrow…”, to which he replied “That’s alright, we can play while she’s working,” I just stared at him for a second or two, and went back to what I was doing, telepathically sending him a “yeah, except when she wants to sit and chat… or have a smoke…or gossip… :/

So, hopefully we’ll have a clean house again by this time tomorrow, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get a bit of Rifting in. Julian has to go and pick up his new reading glasses tomorrow, and I should be taking my new computer glasses back to get the lenses changed. Remember I said I could see the screen perfectly, but not the keyboard? When I rang up to tell them, they said “Oh, but they’re only single vision glasses – did you want bi-focals?” I growled back “I need to be able to see the screen and the keyboard! I don’t touch-type, and I do a fair bit of transcription, so I need to be able to see both!” *sigh* Couldn’t they tell from my old prescription (which they looked at!) that they weren’t meant to be single vision? Or if they weren’t sure, why didn’t they ask? We should have gone in today, but it was raining, and parking is hard at the Medical Centre. If it’s raining again tomorrow – we can cross our fingers that an underground car space will be available, or leave it until Saturday. Or Monday. Or one day when it’s not raining. It’s not pleasant getting the wheelchair out of the car and re-assembled in the rain – and although I can walk the distance unaided (it’s not all that far) I’m not all that fast, and I’d be drenched before I got half way to the door – not a good look when you’ve just been to the Hairdresser! 🙂 And that’s about all that I know of that’s happening tomorrow – but drop in again tomorrow night and catch up on the news – did E. turn up to do the cleaning this time? Were we able to get some Rifting in? And did we manage to pick up – and drop off – our respective optical appliances? aids? (glasses!) Will my weight suddenly soar back up all those points lost, to over the 92.0kg mark again, or will it have dropped even further? Find out tomorrow night! 😉 But until then, please bee good, don’t try to melt the ice off your windscreen with warm water, use cold water, or you’ll crack the windscreen! But above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.14

  1. In Malaysia, we hairdressers provide head, neck, facial, shoulders, back, arms, hand and fingers massage to clients prior or after or during a hairdressing service. Sometimes a good combination of them, but usually just head, facial and neck and shoulders. We don’t charge extra for that, but do expect some tips from the clients. 🙂


  2. Wow! I think I might immigrate! That’s fantastic! I’d pay extra for that sort of service, or tip pretty well! 🙂 When you eventually get your salon, will you offer that service too? 🙂


  3. Hmmm… don’t think I’m likely to go to Singapore or Taiwan, but I wouldn’t mind going to Hong Kong again (I was there when I was about 20 – a sort-of a longish time ago 😉 ) I wonder if the shopping is still as good? Mother used to make the pilgrimage once a year…


  4. Would you actually train them, or have them trained? Last week I asked young Daniel (I think that’s his name) where he learnt, because he was quite good – and he said that he pretty much made it up as he went along – Brooks gave me a massage on Thursday, and it was completely different – I think it’s because her hands aren’t as strong… Would you charge extra for it, or offer it as part of the service/experience? (shoot! I’m asking questions again! Sorry! 🙂 )


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