About this site…

Once upon a time, this blog was intended to be a repository for my thoughts, observations, humorous and/or whimsical musings, insights, feelings about “things” in general, and occasional bursts of annoyance, or “moral outrage”… 🙂 I’m quite sure that most of you have, at some time or another, come across one of these outbursts of mine…  I do try not to do it too often, but sometimes it just sort of… “slips out”, and before I know it, I’ve filled up more than 800 words on whatever it is that I feel so strongly about.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

However, as the little girl grew up, she went through various “stages”. First, she wanted people to know how she felt about things, whether good or bad… and then she went through another stage, where she felt that “why would anyone be interested in what she thought or felt!” (she has a bit of a self-esteem problem sometimes) Naturally, the blog trickled to a full stop, almost before it had begun.

And then she found out that she needed to have some serious surgery that no doctor would perform, because she was very obese, and she probably wouldn’t have survived the surgery. At first, she ranted and raved about it – if the doctors had performed this surgery when she first asked – nay, begged, to have it done, before she put on all the weight, she wouldn’t be in this pickle now! It just wasn’t fair! But (grudgingly) she decided that she’d lose weight. No-one believed her, let alone all her doctors… but she was going to show them! Then her doctor yelled at her. Yes, yelled! At the end of his yelling, he said that the only thing he cared about, was that she cared…. and suddenly she realised that she didn’t care what happened to her, not really, and that maybe she should…? She went into full power mode – she was going to do this, no matter what! And she still is…

She decided to “revive” her blog – to document her weight loss, to show others (anyone, really) that it could be done – and without weight loss surgery! But as she wrote in her blog every night, she realised that there was no way she could write approximately 1000 words every night on her weight loss experience alone – and the blog turned into a sort of a “mini-diary”, where she recounted her day’s activities – which in turn became a means by which she could communicate with a dear friend.

That’s what this blog has finally evolved into – a diary letter, for a friend, and for anyone else interested in her activities. No doubt it hasn’t quite finished evolving, but that’s what it is at the moment 🙂

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

In August 2014, I started out at 134.something kilos. I went on the Optifast diet – yes, it’s a meal replacement diet, but if you’re doing the “Intense” part of the diet (which I am) you go into “ketosis*” I see my doctor regularly, and so far, I’ve managed to lose 43.3kg My goal weight is 70kg, so I still have a long way to go… but I will get there! I think I’m about the only person I know who can out stubborn a cat! 😉

welcome to my mind….

*Very low-calorie diets are designed to bring on a mild form of ketosis, which means your body shifts from using primarily carbohydrates to fats as an energy source. Ketones are by-products that are created when your body has to switch to fats as an energy source. It means your store of glycogen or carbohydrates has been depleted.


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