Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.29

*There is a short update on the “As Seen On…” page – this time from Goodreads – one of their Quotes of the Day…

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Where did the week go?! Well, it was Warfarin blood test time again today, so we went off early, before breakfast, to get it over and done with. The results came back this afternoon, and Julian and I have been speculating as to whether it’s my weight loss that is affecting the amount of Warfarin I need to take – I’ve just been Googling it, and apparently weight loss can indeed affect your Warfarin levels, but then, so can just about anything and everything else, from stress levels, to the ruddy weather! Anyway, the upshot of it all is, they’ve upped my Warfarin dosage again. I don’t mind – I’d much rather take higher doses of rat poison for the rest of my life, than have another episode of multiple blood clots! So, there we go. After we got home, we had our breakfast and a cup of coffee – and then our cleaning lady arrived. I puttered around with graphics while she was here – and got absolutely nowhere! All of my inspiration and imagination seems to have got up and went, as I’m totally devoid of ideas at the moment! So I mooched disconsolately back to Rift. Whilst tidying up my desk last night, I came across one of my old notebooks that I keep on my desk, in which to jot down things that I don’t want to lose (which I invariably do if I write them on a piece of paper!) The page at which the notebook happened to be opened at, held a name that had obviously taken my fancy at the time that I jotted it down, but which I had failed to make use of. It was quite a pretty name, too! “Incantessa” – and (I thought) one that sounded quite suitable for a Mage… I bet you can’t guess what I did when I saw that name! 🙂 Well, of course you can – you should all know me well enough by now – I went straight off to see if I could get it, which I did… on Greybriar 🙂 So now I have yet another character to get up to level 15 so that I can move her onto Hailol, and I have to decide on another character on Hailol to shard-shuffle off to make room for her! Oh, decisions, decisions! It’ll probably have to be Ishbel, because I can’t have two characters whose names start with the same letter. Well, I can, but… it’s complicated… It’s easier for mailing things if there’s only one character per alphabetical letter, as the in-game mailer fills in the name automatically from the first letter that you type. F’rinstance, if I type “W” into the “To” field, it automatically fills in the name “Winterthyme”, and if I type in an “H”, it automatically fills in the name “Hialeah” – and so forth! So I try to make it a rule that all my characters have names that start with different letters – therefore, I can’t have bother Ishbel and Incantessa, see? (*innocent smile*)

After lunch, we started trying to organise some other houses to go and look at… and I do so wish that the different Realtors could overcome their competitiveness enough to be able to come together to work out mutually convenient times of the day for Inspections! As it stands at the moment, about three of them have Inspections from between 11.00am, and 11.45am, which would be fine, if they were mostly all in the same area – but one is in Doncaster, one is in Camberwell, and the third is in Malvern! And out of the list that we made of “interesting sounding places”, one, in Kew, has been suddenly withdrawn from sale, with no explanation given, and another one, after talking with the Agent, seems to have priced itself out of our range, then a third one (the one with a lift in it!) turns out to be, quite literally, just around the corner from where we are here! It’s behind a fairly large Catholic Primary school though, and it abuts a park – Julian is concerned that with (possible) zoning changes, the properties around there could be snaffled up and “developed” as part of the Donca$ter Hill High Ri$e Apartment $cheme – but as we’d be in a house, not an apartment, I can’t see it affecting us greatly. It’s lower on the slope (hill side), so we wouldn’t have a view  – or not as much of a view – to worry about losing, and I really doubt that developers would want to buy land in front of us and put up a multi storey High Rise – it’s starting to get too far down the hill to be profitable, without huge changes to the building height restrictions – and I doubt that even this Council could be “offered incentives” to raise them enough. No, I think we’d be safe enough down there. The plan is, and always has been, to “Surfer’s Paradise” Doncaster Hill – the Council made their plans available while Mum still lived here, nearly ten years ago. Carmen, bless her heart, also sent us the plans for two houses due to be built in the area very soon. We’ll talk to her about these two houses tomorrow, but one of them, the first one, has what I believe is an ideal floor plan. If we bought “off the plan”, so to speak, we could not only avoid Stamp Duty, but we could have the bathrooms built pretty much however we wanted (we’d have to pay any extra costs, of course) so we wouldn’t have to muck around changing something already established. We could also specify what sort of floor coverings we’d prefer – once again, we’d have to pay any extra costs – but it would certainly be cheaper than buying a house, moving in, and then having to renovate certain areas! It’s well worth more than a second thought! 😉 I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow night…

Weigh-in this morning. I only have another two days before I start taking those wretched fluid loving pills again! It seems like only yesterday that I finished the last lot! *sigh* so I’m enjoying the tiny downward dribbles while I can. Down another one point this morning, from 89.6kg to 89.5kg. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning…

So tomorrow looks like being a big day! The place with the lift – it’s a little strange, really – the house itself is high on the sloping block, with a two car garage underneath. Now, from the garage, you can either exit into the garden and climb a lot of what look like fairly steep steps up to the front door, or you can catch the little, one-person lift – from the garage to what appears to be the back of the main bedroom! Mind you, I wasn’t able to enlarge the floor plan, so I might have got the part about it being in the main bedroom all wrong! I certainly hope so! Anyway, it’ll be very interesting to see these places – including the site for these as yet unbuilt places. I doubt that I’ll get enough time tomorrow to do more than organise my Minions in Rift, and I’m extremely annoyed at having lost all my artistic inspiration! Hopefully I’ll find it hiding underneath a pile of dirty laundry or something, soon… I’m starting to get bored… “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is on again tonight, on ABC1 at 8.32pm, but there’s little else worth watching – we’ll probably watch an episode of “Elementary” after the news, and then switch over for MFMM afterwards. Well, there’s not much more to tell you about tonight – however I think that tomorrow’s entry will probably be extra long 🙂 Poor Julian’s hating all this running around looking at houses – I’m finding it quite exciting! When we’re looking at houses, he won’t open cupboards to see how big they are, or turn on taps to see what the water pressure is like – I keep telling him that we should! We owe it to ourselves to do so! We’re not there just to walk around pretty rooms that have been cleaned and neatened up to impress, we’re there to see if the house is functional enough for us to live in ourselves! *sigh* So, one way or another, there’ll be heaps to fill you all in on tomorrow night – house-wise, weight-wise, and who-knows-what-else-wise! But until then, bee good, remember that the road to success is always under construction, but above all… please… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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