Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.26

I had a horrible dream last night… when I woke up, I told Julian about it. I dreamed that I had put on three kilos overnight, and that I was 93. something kilos! After I’d told him about the dream, I asked him “It’s not possible for me to put on 3 kilos overnight, is it?” and he said (not terribly convincingly) “No, of course not…” and I’ll tell you the rest later…

Well, he left early to pick up my favourite eldest daughter, and I started doing some graphic work. I don’t really think I like this green background (I dunno, I don’t think I “do” green very well…) so I’m working on another one. I got as far as creating a new background, and re-doing the frame around the header (after a few false starts) and then I realised that I needed some more flower-type brushes, so of course, I went looking for them. I found quite a few on Deviant Art, but I didn’t have time to download very many of them before Lee arrived. Julian had just dropped her off here as he had to shoot off to the Physiotherapist (for his ankle) …I just went to have a quick look at the brushes I downloaded earlier. I’m afraid I can’t use them – it looks like they weren’t created properly in the first place – there’s so much junk and “mess” (read “introduced noise”) around each one of them that I’d have to spend, quite literally, hours cleaning them up, pixel by pixel. I may yet do so – with some of them, anyway – but most of them are just too intricate, and not knowing the details of the images they were made from, I simply wouldn’t know what was supposed to be there, and what wasn’t. What a shame! And what a waste of time – both my time, and that of the person who made them! Ah well, I suppose that’s graphics for you! :/

So Julian went to the Physio this morning. Apparently it’s not a “wear” or “stress” injury, but is more often caused by cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels damaging the tendon. Since he’s lost so much weight, those two conditions are no longer a problem, but the damage has been done, the tendon is quite badly torn, and must now be treated. Today he learned that he has leg muscles that he never knew he had, and I reckon, from what he was telling me, that he’ll probably be quite stiff and sore tomorrow! He has to halve his morning walk, and make up the rest of his walking time doing special exercises which the Physio has written up for him, and next Tuesday, after he sees the Physio in the morning, he’ll see a Podiatrist about having an “orthotic” made up, to take the strain off his instep (I think!) In the interim, she’s strapped it up for him, and she says it’ll take about eight to nine months to recover! [sarcasm mode: /On] Lucky we’re not doing much these days! [sarcasm mode: /Off] And so the hunt for a house continues… (amongst other things, like repairing tendons!)

I got my glasses back today, and I’m so glad to finally have them again! The new pair I’ve been wearing (the ones they forgot to put the tinting on) were giving me one hell of a nickle rash behind my left ear! They have a fancy little metal “cut-out” embedded in the part of the arms that rests just behind your ear, and really, I would have thought (silly me for thinking, eh?!) that a pair of glasses frames, as expen$ive as they were, would have had “allergy free” metal in the places that were going to be making contact with bare skin. But no, they contain nickle, to which I am very allergic, and now I have a nasty, weeping rash behind my left ear (and it itches like blazes!) I also have my computer glasses back, and this time, I can see the keyboard! (Yayyy!) Unfortunately, my walk around ones, my red ones, of which I am so fond, have a chip out of one of the lenses, so they’ll have to re-make both lenses in order for the tinting to match properly. The Optometrist managed to break a chip out of one of the lenses when he was putting them in the frames… *rolls eyes* But at least I can wear them until the new lenses arrive, then just go down and they’ll swap them over while we wait.

Weigh-in this morning. I told you about my dream at the beginning of the blog… and I did say yesterday that the one little point I went up was just a “practice jump”, didn’t I? Well, that dream of mine wasn’t completely accurate, but it was close enough to be totally uncanny! I’ve gone back up to 90.3kg (see? There’s the “90”, and there’s the “3”!) and that’s one point up from where I was on Saturday, which you have to admit sounds a lot better than saying “I went up four points overnight!” 😦 I feel like Jabba the Hutt(ess)! 😦 I hope I never have a dream like that again – ever! 😦

This afternoon Lee and I watched four episodes of “Orphan Black” – gosh, it’s a good show – a trifle confusing, at times, but it’s really well done. I’m so glad it’s playing again! We also watched the trailer for a new “super hero” series, “Supergirl“, starting sometime this year – it looks pretty good, too 🙂 All these series to watch, so little time! :/ I haven’t even caught up with all the episodes of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” that I recorded! At least there’s nothing decent on TV tonight, so we can watch an episode of “Elementary” (another totally excellent show!) and burn off another one of our pre-recorded shows that are taking up so much room on the Foxtel unit!

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – hopefully it’ll be a fairly quiet day! The new header and background that I’m working on is yellow, but I’m trying to tone it down so that it’s not too bright.  I do wish they’d invent a new colour – I don’t “do” green terribly well, and while I do like red, it’s not really the colour for a blog background or header… there’s blue… purple… pinks and oranges… in all their various shades – but just for a change, I’d really like to steer clear of blues, and purples and mauves… so what else is there? Brown? Mushroom? Dinner calls – back later! 🙂

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

It is now later… where was I? Oh yes, different colours. What about poppy? That’s not really “red”, it’s more of a deep orange… or the “orange” of a ginger cat, like my precious Gingee. I might actually try that tomorrow… it just might work… 🙂 Anyway, we’ve watched our nightly episode of “Elementary”, and we burned off one of our light and frivolous “Mysteries at the Museum”, and the evening is drawing to a close. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to try out my “Gingee” idea tomorrow – green just doesn’t work. Why not call back tomorrow and see if I’ve got rid of the green? You’ll also find out if the sudden weight gain was just a once-off, or if I’m still languishing within the 90kg zone, and whether Julian is paying the price for all the pretzels the Physio bent his leg into today. He’s supposed to do his exercises before he goes on his morning walk (but at the moment he’s hobbling around like I do, when I’m forced to wear shoes!) He’s also not supposed to go around barefooted in the house – I’d like to see anyone try to make me wear shoes around the house – the only time I’ll wear shoes is when I’m forced to, because I’m going out! (actually, come to think of it, the guy who made my shoes told me the same thing – that I shouldn’t go barefooted all the time – and I think I told him something equally as rude and obnoxious! 😉 ) And on that note, I shall leave you all with the admonishment to bee good, remember that one of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what people say you cannot do… but above all… please stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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