Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.24

I’m getting better! 🙂 I walked out the front door for my evening Stair Walk at precisely 5.00pm, and sat down at my desk again at 5.05pm. Five minutes – to walk to the fire escape, down 64 stairs, stop, put on my glove, walk back up the 64 stairs, and back to the apartment – plus putting the keys , the book, my glove and my scarf away, and getting back to my desk. This time last year I’m not sure I could have even done two floors, let alone four… or is it five? I’ve been trying to count it on my fingers, but I keep getting confused between the 1st floor, and the ground floor. Whatever! There are 16 steps between floors, and I walk from the fifth floor to the first floor, which is the “ground floor” for Williamsons Road – the road that runs in front of our building. But! There is a second “ground floor” below that, which opens onto the road that runs behind our building, as well (hmph!) so… I dare you to tell me you’re not confused! I live here, and I’m confused! Tomorrow, I’m going to count the stairs, and take my phone with me, so that I can take a photo of the landing where I stop, and start going up again! 😛

We spent the day in Dusken, and while we haven’t completely finished the area, it is all mapped out (apart from two very small squares in the middle of this last bit) and we seem to have run out of quests… Julian thinks it’s because we haven’t reached level 60 yet, as there’s a guy standing around where we turned in our last quest, and he has a greyed out exclamation mark over his head. I tried to tell Julian that it’s a PVP* exclamation mark, so we wouldn’t be taking it anyway (PVP quest exclamation marks are a slightly different shape to the normal “quest” exclamation marks) but he seems to think that as soon as we hit level 60, it’ll become available to us. And it well might become available – but it won’t be one we’ll be wanting to pick up! I think we should travel back the way we came, as there are probably quests that we’ve forgotten about (or just didn’t see!) further back down the trail, that we weren’t able to pick up before – but probably can now that we’re both level 59… but he wanted to go over to the other “island”, Brevane, and see if we could find some quests over there. So we did that, and we’ve picked up a couple of quests there, and of course there are all the alternative “carnage” quests to do, that we didn’t get on Dusken (different flora and fauna!) So we’ll see what happens next week – though I’d still like to go back to the Necropolis, and start working forward from there, to see what we can find… I died twice today – Julian didn’t die, but came very close to it. We’d been sent off after a particularly tough Boss (actually, we might have come to the end of Dusken! He was certainly tough enough to have been the end Boss!) He was only a level 60 Elite – I sound so blasé, don’t I! 🙂 “only a level 60 Elite”! Well, we’d been knocking over level 60 Elites for most of the day – no problemo – so when we saw that he was a level 60 Elite, it was just a matter of “ho-hum, another level 60 Elite – *yawn*” – only he wasn’t! he was really nasty! There was some sort of pillar, or post, in the middle of the area we were in, and when he ran back to it he was able to use an extremely powerful attack that pretty much knocked your socks off – not to mention your head! As I said – I died twice – Julian got slivered twice (healing afterwards cost me 59 gold!) Still, we got him in the end.. and when we turned that quest in – there weren’t any more! Not even a breadcrumb quest to the Plane of Water! That’s why I want to go back and look…

I forgot to tell you the other night – I heard back from the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages about my change of name application. The fact that my driver’s licence was in my assumed name, all those years ago, means that they do want a credit report for it. I’m a bit put out about it, because there won’t be one! Back in those days, neither my partner or myself had a credit card, or had ever applied for credit! I know we had a Bank Card when I was with my first husband (who left me with $5000 worth of debts to pay off!) but between then, and when Julian and I got together, I was too gun-shy (credit card shy?) to even contemplate applying for credit of any kind! Oh well, Julian seems to think that as long as we make the effort it’ll be alright, even if it comes up with a “No Credit history found”. We’ll get onto that tomorrow…

Weigh-in this morning. I have to make up a new graph sheet – this morning was the last day on the current page. This time, I think I’ll start the weight off a little higher than I was this morning, just in case I do a really big bounce back, tomorrow or the day after… and I think I’ll start the dates along the bottom of the page from yesterday… because I weighed in at 89.8kg this morning – a very big drop of four points! It must have been that very steep driveway that I had to inch my way down, and scramble my way back up! I said to Julian this morning when I got off the scales for the second time (we always weigh me twice – just in case the scales change their mind!) “We have to buy that house! It was the driveway wot took the weight off! It’s far better than the stairs! I want to move in tomorrow!” 😀

So it looks as though tomorrow is going to be fairly busy! We have the Credit Report thingy to organise, Rift-wise I have to make (craft) some flooring for a Dimension I want to build – and I was absolutely stunned to find that, with all the oodles of Dimension items that I have, I have no flooring! No paving tiles! Well, I have about half a dozen – but I need more than a stack! (99 items = 1 stack) So I shall have to make some. I know the “recipe” for them, and I have – or can buy from the Auction House, the materials for them. Winterthyme is going to be quite busy… Graphic-wise, I have a lot of experimentation to do with headers and backgrounds, and I have to – I must – work out why some of the templates are magnifying the header graphics so much! It’s driving me batty! Grrrr!

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Back again – there was a small segment on the news tonight about a really rare sparrow! An albino sparrow – with not even any very faint wing bars! Apparently they’re so rare that “they” think that there’s only ever one alive at a time, in the whole world – and it was absolutely beautiful, too! They said (on the news) that because of the lack of pigmentation in its wings, they’re not as strong as a normal sparrow’s, and that it can’t fly as well or as far because of this, so they won’t say exactly where it lives (just the general area, which I fergit now – sorry!) in case anyone tries to “interfere” with the gorgeous little bird. But anyway, it was really sweet, and I hope predator birds don’t find the thought of a white sparrow for breakfast too tempting! :/ And with that little “bon mot”, and before this gets far too long again, I suppose I should really wind this up – but drop by again tomorrow night and see what tales I have to tell! 🙂 Will my weight have bounced back up? It did fall a l-o-n-g way this morning! Will I have made enough paving tiles upon which to build my dream Dimension house? And will I have – finally – found an answer to my template header problems! (probably not, is the answer to that one!) Find out tomorrow night! 😉 Until then, though, bee good, don’t be critical of other people’s tastes, but above all – please, stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*PVP = Player Versus Player – you fight other players, rather than just the game generated monsters and nasty people

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