Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.21

Well, back to a “normal” start again – in other words, later than I wanted to start. But I’ve just come back from the hairdresser, and I just had to go and look up the place they were waffling on about there… I’d shown Brooks the Bored Panda page with the pretty pastel hair pictures that I’d liked so much, so she came back with a place in the UK which sells those sorts of wigs, for around £20 – it’s called Geisha Wigs. There was really only one there that I was interested in, but it was out of stock, and I’d have to wait… I’m still deciding if I’m interested enough to actually order one or not… I wonder if anyone sells those pretty wigs here in Melbourne? I must ask my favourite eldest daughter – she posted a photo of herself on Facebook several months ago, wearing a long blue wig – which didn’t really suit her, but it was a very pretty colour… If I remember, I’ll ask her where she got it. Anyway, Brooks has done a good job again, and I had a lovely back and neck “Daniel” massage (he has nice strong hands) – and a lot of water down my back… again. I’m becoming more and more convinced that I need to sit on a cushion or something, because when I lean back, the “neck” part of the basin comes to about half way up the back of my head. The only way I can sort-of get my neck into that -er… dip? lip? edge of the basin, is if I shove my feet hard against the floor and push myself up and backwards – which ends up giving me cramps in my leg muscles, and sore shoulders, after only a short while. Maybe I should just bite the bullet, bring a change of clothing with me, buy some bathers to wear next time, and change into the dry clothing when they’ve finished washing my hair! *sigh*

We’ve had a busy-ish sort of day, actually – well, perhaps not so much “busy”, as “bitty”. We had the female Real Estate Agent over this morning – her name’s Carmen, and she was very enthusiastic 🙂 She’s got the job of selling the Penthouse upstairs – the one I want to go and have a look at – and she had lots of ideas for us, one of which was turfing us out as soon as possible, putting all our stuff in storage, and “re-decorating” this place with rented furniture so as to sell it quickly, and at the best possible price (well, she didn’t exactly use those words, but in essence, that was what she was proposing!) She actually has a house coming up for sale in Templestowe – it’ll be open for inspection for the first time this Saturday, so we’ll go along to have a look. She showed it to us online, and apart from the fact that it has a swimming pool, which we’re not particularly interested in (I can’t swim! I only dog-paddle, and float) the size, and the floor plan look very promising. Now, at this stage, I must point out to you all that we’re not thinking of selling up and moving out ASAP – far from it – we’re trying to decide whether to stay here or move. The reasons we’re even thinking about it are various. First: Doncaster Hill is rapidly becoming built up with High Rise apartments, most of them too small to swing a frog in, let alone the proverbial cat. The property market is going to fall apart, as supply rapidly exceeds demand, and it’ll be next to impossible to sell an older place like ours. Secondly: If we do decide to stay here, it would most likely be for at least another ten years, and we’d probably gut the place again and re-do it all, from floor to ceiling (and this place is a real headache to re-decorate – there’s no ceiling or floor “crawl space”, or easy way of running electrical wiring or cables from room to room) By that time, it’ll be a thirty year old building in the middle of a slew of newer apartments, and even if we’re lucky enough not to get “built out” (higher buildings blocking our city views) it’s not going to be easy to sell. Thirdly: we’re a trifle concerned about the Pub next door. No-one quite knows what’s going to happen with that. They could knock it down and build a High Rise Hotel tower there, or they could sell it to a developer for a huge sum – it’s an enormous piece of land – totally wasted with the Pub that’s currently there. This would also affect the viability and the resale value of this place. And finally, we’re getting sick and tired of not being able to do whatever we want to to this place because of Body Corporate rules and regulations. Put in tinted double glazing? Not unless the Body Corporate says you can! Wall in that part of the window in our lounge room that drives me batty because we have to keep the curtain closed all the time? Not unless the Body Corporate gives us permission! I’d love to install a type of cat module on the balcony, so that cats could go out and sit in the sun and sniff the fresh air – but Body Corporate rules state that you can’t put permanent fixtures on the balcony (you’re not even allowed to dry any washing out there!) we had enough of a hassle just putting the air conditioning units on a tiny little out-of-the-way section of the balcony! So – we may own the apartment, but the Body Corporate dictates the rules of what you can, and can’t do with it – and we want to be our own bosses! So the long and short of it is – we want to look at all our options – see what’s available out there, and whether we’d be better off moving, or staying. The next Real Estate Agent is coming next Thursday morning. I wonder what sort of a tale he’ll have to tell us! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. It’s tomorrow that I’m going to go up… I weighed in at 90.5kg this morning. I’m dreading tomorrow… :/

So, yeah – a bit of a messed up morning, but I managed to get a fair bit of Rifting in before we had to waltz off to the hairdresser – and the time I probably should have spent playing with my new brushes, I spent trying to tidy up my desktop a bit… “I’ll never be able to find anything again!” will be my new catchcry – because I went and did what I was talking about last night – I made several new folders, gave them all pretty, but totally unrelated icons to what was going to be inside them, and just chucked all the flotsam and jetsam into what I thought (at the time!) were going to be the appropriate places. They won’t be, of course, and I’ll no doubt become irate and wrathful when I can’t find my list of “Special” trophy monsters to kill in Scarwood Reach, or whatever it is that I’m looking for – but at least the desktop is tidy… er…looks tidier than it did…

I galloped off for my evening Stair Walk as soon as I came through the front door – I happily and gratefully flung off my torture devices (read: shoes) tossed them in the shoe basket, and scampered off to the fire escape with my keys, my glove, and my door propping book. I thought it best to get it over and done with, rather than get half way through writing this and have to leave the rest of it until after dinner. So, here it is, 6.20pm and I’ve almost finished 🙂 I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – I think himself will be sifting through the property listings to see if there’s anything else we can go and look at on Saturday, when we go off to see this place in Templestowe – and I’ll probably laze around doing nothing terribly constructive, as usual… However by this time tomorrow I should have a bit more news for you all, even if it’s only how my weight decided to behave when I clambered onto the scales in the morning. As I said earlier – it’ll be tomorrow that I bounce back up again… I’m sure of it, this time! I’m starting to get more enthusiastic about Dimension building again, too – I went and looked at a few other Dimensions last night, and I must say that the general standard has improved! A lot! I shall have to pull my socks up, if I’m to stay in the game – unfortunately, all of my “good” Dimensions are on Laethys. I shall definitely have to start doing some building on Hailol, toot sweet, as the French say! So stay tuned to this blog! The Game Is Afoot! 😉 So until this time tomorrow night, please, bee good – and if you can’t bee good, bee better! remember! if you see a white horse, make a wish and cross your fingers – and do not uncross your fingers until you see a black dog, or your wish will go badly wrong! But above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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