Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.19

Well, well, well! I’m actually starting early today! 🙂 The truth is, I’m bored sleepy! My eyes just want to close – I’m not at all tired, I’m just bored, and when I get as bored as this, I just want to close my eyes and sleep until I’m not bored any more. I made a new background and header this morning, as you can see – I didn’t try anything new or fancy with Word Press – I think I’ve gone about as far as I can with that at the moment, unfortunately. I’m not a programmer (I wish I was!) but even if I was a programmer, I very much doubt that Word Press would give me access to their software, let alone allow me to try to work out why the damn thing keeps changing the dimensions of things on me all the time! Like backgrounds! I tried a bit of twiddling (alright, “experimentation“, then!) with three different templates (blog themes) this morning, using exactly the same background tile with each of them. Each one altered the size of that graphic differently – it’s actually the same tile that you’re looking at now – one template even went so far as to change the colour, turning the soft blue tile into a muddy brown one! Ridiculous! So this morning I just wanted to make something pretty 🙂 Well, I think these graphics are pretty, anyway 🙂 After that, I Rifted for a bit, but got bored around lunch time – I thought “I’ll log back in again after lunch…”, but then decided that I couldn’t be bothered. Poor Addain has been left standing all alone, out on a hillside, right in the middle of Goblin territory! He’ll survive though – I just have to remember to be alert when I do log back in, or I’m likely to find myself infested with nasty little Goblins trying to chew off my fingers!

Last night I had to get himself to tape up my left foot – I’ve somehow managed to split the skin just under the ball of my foot. and it’s damn sore! Never fear, I can still do my Stair Walk – but only by putting my left food down so that the leading edge of the step is just behind where the split is. The moral of that story? Don’t get old! :/

This morning when I went for my Stair Walk (I’m always a lot slower on that first SW – you’d think that being fresher and more rested that I’d be faster, but I’m not!) I was almost not able to get back to our apartment! When I got to the top of the stairs and went to exit the stair well, I almost ran straight bang smack into the back of a delivery man! The people who live in the apartment directly opposite the fire escape were having an enormous new double door fridge delivered. The men had it beautifully lined up with the front door, but it wouldn’t fit through – they were standing there discussing what they were going to do when I stepped through the fire escape door – as I said, almost straight into the outside delivery man! I had to squish and squirm my way past him, as he was standing in the small amount of corridor ‘twixt the fire escape door and the hall way – there was really no-where for either of us to go, and he couldn’t get out of the way because he was holding up one end of a very large fridge! However, when I went for my lunchtime Stair Walk, they were gone, so I can only presume they found a way of getting the behemoth fridge into the apartment, after all 🙂

It looks like there’s going to be an interesting show on the History Channel tonight, “The Last Days of Anne Boleyn” – the second wife of Henry VIII, who as you probably all know, was beheaded for treason, amongst other accusations. The Tudor period is one of my favourite historical eras – why, I don’t know – it was terribly brutal! Anyway, this docu-drama tonight will be commented on by several well-known historians, including Hilary Mantel, David Starkey, Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir. I’m especially interested in what Philippa Gregory has to say – she’s a very well known historical novelist who has written quite a few historical books, including “The Other Boleyn Girl”, about Anne Boleyn’s older sister, and which was turned into a movie in 2008. She’s an extremely talented writer who researches her work meticulously – plus I think I must have read just about every book she’s ever written! So, yeah, I’m very interested in this show at 8.30 tonight – but being on the History Channel, we’ll record it and watch it later, so that we can edit out the ads! 😉

I’ve “booked” Julian for tomorrow – I want him to sit down with me and sanity-check me through all the trillions of forms I have to fill out for changing my name. Actually, not so much change my name, but rather add to it. I’ll still keep my original name if I really have to, even though it’s horrible, and I’ve always hated it – but I’ll be officially adding “Winter” to it, so I’ll be “Winter [original first name] [original middle name] Perry” – if you say that fast, it sounds like “Winterberry” *giggle* But there are squillions of forms and questions I’m supposed to fill in and answer, and I’m not sure if I have to fill in one part of it as I was known by another name, once, many years ago… If I do say “yes” to that question, it’ll open up a really messy can of worms, as there are absolutely no physical (read: paper work/paper trail) records that the kids and I did use that name! If I say “no” to the question, and they find out that I did use another name, I’ll probably end up having my name change request rejected. I always prefer to err on the side of honesty – but I fear that in this particular case it might be more trouble (with a capital “T” five miles high, made in titanium, and painted in shiny black gloss enamel!) than it’s worth… Why did I do it? At the time, I was with a man who said that if he was going to be looking after us, he wanted the children and I to use his surname – which was fair enough, I suppose – we were together for more than seven years (until I started my Bulletin Board and met Julian) Never mind – all water under the bridge now – we’ll work out how to fill the wretched form in – I think I’m just niggling because I’d rather not keep any of my original name… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Down another two points, to 90.8kg So it looks very much like I’ll be back up again tomorrow… *sigh*

So that brings me almost to the end of another day of fun and adventure – and who knows what tomorrow will bring – apart from a massive headache-inducing name change form to fill in, that is. I suspect that tomorrow will largely be a mirror image of today, in most respects. He’ll secrete himself in the office, and I’ll ensconce myself in here – probably Rifting, but more likely graphic-ing. What I should probably do is get back into Dimension building again. I have so many bits and pieces that I’ve just dumped into one of the “Anywhere” Dimensions for storage! And Dimension keys – once worth a small fortune on the Auction House, but now largely unsalable, thanks to Minions bringing them home like unwanted junk! I have enough Dimension keys to open up several High Rise resorts! But whatever I do tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll be newsworthy 😉  Oh, and I’ll let you know how we went, filling in that form, and also whether my weight did bounce back up again (if it doesn’t tomorrow, it will the day after!) So drop back again tomorrow night to see what’s been happening chez nous – but until then, bee good, remember that even a sheet of paper has two sides, and above all… pleasestay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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