Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.17

Here I am – starting late, this time! The kids have just left, and I’ve just come back from a speed record-breaking Stair Walk (and I’m not even puffing!) We slept in a bit this morning, as we usually do on a Sunday (we give ourselves about an extra half hour or so) and even though Julian had to get a few things over the road for this afternoon, we still managed to get in a goodly amount of Rifting before the kids arrived at 3.30pm. We’ve finished off the third section of Dusken, called Morban (or “Morbid Morban”, as I’ve been calling it, because it’s so dark and gloomy!) and have entered the last area, called “Steppes of Infinity”. I must say, we seem to have pretty much raced through Dusken – I thought it would have taken us much longer – especially as we really only play once a week, on Sundays. But no, we’ve almost finished it! I give us another two – three? weeks before we move on to the Plane of Water (which is not only big, it’s confusing, as well!) Ah well… and then it’ll be time to start another two babies off on their long trek to level 65! 😉

(Sorry – a small bit of back-story is needed here!)(Oh, alright then, a big bit of back story! :/ ) Many, many years ago, when I was about 13 or 14 (I must have been that old, because we were still in our first house, and I remember sitting at the funny old bench table typing this book…) and for reasons that I can’t remember now, I sat down at Mum’s old typewriter and started typing out recipes from Mum’s hand written recipe book. The typewriter was old, and a bit wonky, and the ribbon was worn in a lot of places, so the typing wasn’t always as legible as it should have been. But I sat there typing, and I typed up 126 of our favourite recipes, both sweet and savoury. It took me quite a long time, but at last it was done, and it was MY recipe book! MINE! I also typed up some of my favourite poetry in the back of it, so that was another reason it was very special to me. It was typed on loose-leaf paper – I think it’s called quarto size – it’s not as long as foolscap, anyway, and has only two holes punched in the middle of one side (which I meticulously reinforced with round canvas ring surround thingies, front and back, so that the paper wouldn’t tear off the rings) The paper, the reinforcers, the cardboard covers (with the school badge emblazoned on it!), and the oversized rings, were all purchased from the school stock room. And so as to distinguish it from a school book, I covered the heavy cardboard covers (especially the side with the school badge!) with er… typical 1960’s wrapping paper, of weird flowers and leaves in lime green, cyan, dark green…and purple… and together with the rather oversized loose leaf rings, it was extremely… noticeable? Identifiable? In other words, ya couldn’t miss it a mile off! After I grew up and got married I used it constantly. It was never far away from the kitchen, where it soon became grease spotted, stained, and dog-eared. It was my recipe book! Only twice has it ever been out of my reach… (end of the somewhat long-winded back story!)

It was lost once when we moved here, towards the middle of 2007 – and I fretted and stewed about it until it was found… a couple of years later. I determined that I would re-do the book, using new-fashioned technology this time! I would find myself some really, really good recipe writing software, and self-publish it, with a print run of about 80 to start off with. But I couldn’t find any recipe writing software that I really liked – none of them were good enough, or flexible enough, and they all wanted to include useless things (to me!) like number of serves (who cares!) nutritional information (what!? why?!) and stuff like that. In the end I designed my own, and started transcribing. I think I got twelve (out of 126!) done. I had the printer paper and covers bought, and (as Julian uses them quite a bit for manuals and things) we had a small spiral binder contraption.

And then I lost the book! Again! We looked everywhere for it! We turned the house upside down! We looked in boxes that hadn’t been touched since we moved here. We looked in cupboards and drawers, under chair cushions and beds. It was gone. Just. Plain. Gone. I grizzled about it, on and off, for about a year. I still kept opening cupboards and looking, again, to see if it might have, suddenly and miraculously, reappeared where it hadn’t been the week before. Ah! I see you’ve noticed that I’ve been using the past tense? Yes. I finally have “my preciousssss” back 🙂 Julian found it this afternoon. You’ll never guess where it was! (hangs head in shame) I sit in a corner desk. To my left, is a wide-drawer chest that sits under the desk. To my right, and slightly behind me, is a matching, narrower (but with deeper drawers) chest. Inside the second drawer of the smaller chest is a small pile of books; on top of the books is a wide, open-topped shoe box, which largely blocks the books underneath from view. It seems that Julian just happened to be sitting at the right angle to see under the box and the books, and he spotted the two loose leaf rings. It had been there, right next to me, all this time! But I’d looked in there! No, I hadn’t removed the box, but I’d been pretty thorough, otherwise… or thought I had, anyway… (and I really must remember to ask Julian why he had that drawer open in the first place! 😉 ) Still, I’m very happy – that which was lost is now found – and God’s in his heaven, and all’s right with the world (for now, anyway! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. I went back down one point, to 91.5kg. I’ll probably sit on that for the next three days… or go back up again. I’ve noticed, that as soon as I hit the “??.4kg” mark, I either go up, or stay the same, for at least a couple of days… :/

So that was my day that was… My precious recipe book is found (I think I’ll sleep with it under my pillow from now on!), the kids came over and we had a great afternoon – Kate and Terry gave me a bottle of my favourite perfume (Cinnabar, by Estée Lauder) for Mother’s Day, and Lee and Neale gave me a properly finished, well presented, spiral bound, “edition” of one of her uni assignments (a screen play/script) which she gave me about a week ago for my opinion. I told her that it was good, as far as it went, but that she hadn’t finished it off properly. I’d told her (only half jokingly) that I wanted to see the properly finished version, please! 🙂 So she’s finished it for my eyes only, but she’s going to hand in the first (and in my opinion, unfinished) version for assessment – leaving the reader/viewer/listener on a real cliff hanger! Anyway, we all had such a good time today that we’ve decided to make it a monthly affair – even though getting us all together when none of us have anything else on is going to be… interesting, to say the least! 😉

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Well, I didn’t really think I was going to get this finished before dinner, after starting so late – but I got most of it done 🙂 I finished reading that screen play of Lee’s tonight while the (muted) sport was on the news… hmmm… interesting ending! Predictable? maybe a little… (but only because I know my daughter so well 🙂 ) I know she’s done better, but it’ll do 🙂 It’ll do 🙂 She’ll be over again tomorrow – she’s supposed to come over on Tuesdays now, but on Wednesday one of the class’s group assignments is due in – it’s a TV news/morning show “interview” type-segment, and as she’s the Producer, she expects everything to be fairly chaotic by Tuesday. Even today she had to field several phone calls from the rest of the cast and crew about it – apparently one of the interviewers has come down with Shingles, so there’s been a bit of a flurry about that – he thinks he’ll be alright to do the show, but Lee has her doubts (as do I! Shingles, while not exactly life threatening, is neither pleasant, nor painless!) but, as they say in the theatre, the show must go on! So that’s about it from me for tonight 🙂 I’ll be back again this time tomorrow night to tell you all what Lee (who has lost 8.7kg, in about a month!!) and I watched, now that there’s no more “Person of Interest” left to get excited about. I’m going to try to get some more graphic work done before she gets here in the morning, and maybe, with any luck, there’ll be a new header or background. But until then, please bee good, don’t overfill your hot-water bottle tonight, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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