Winter’s log, earthdate 201505.08

I’ve finished! I’ve finished! I’ve finally finished all that Rift messing about! Six shards! It seems like it’s taken for ever and ever! I was getting so tired (not to mention bored!) that my eyes kept crossing, and then closing… and I’d wake myself up with a shake and a startle, heave a great sigh, and keep on working. Those Guild Bank Vaults are a real must have, though! I was nearly going bonkers trying to find places to put items – no-one had any money with which to buy bags, I’d really hit my limit buying Credits to finance more personal bank vaults… oh, it was a damn long hard slog! But it’s over! Finished! 🙂 (Winter does a little virtual dance around the room) Yay me! 🙂 And you know what? In all that messy work this morning, I still found time to go and look for my Guild Wars 2 receipt, the game’s serial number, and my account – so it does exist, and I’ll look into it properly after I’ve calmed down after that massive Rift sorting out/culling/re-setting up, and spent a couple of days fiddling around with my graphics 🙂 I think I remember why both Lisa and I left Guild Wars 2 – although it can be played solo, it’s not really designed to be played that way – it’s much more of a social, interactive type of game. Unfortunately, my favourite eldest daughter takes after me in that regard – she’s almost as anti-social as I am! (and I’m better than Julian is, so you can see why we’re not terribly socially active!) We don’t have many friends, but those we do have, we count as dear as family. I might ask – er – Daniel? next week if Guild Wars 2 is still like that or not… Sometimes I wish “they’d” (you know, the ubiquitous “They” that seem to be in charge of, and at the root of, just about everything?! “They say”, “They think”, “They don’t” etc. etc.) come up with a new MMO – like Rift, only easier to follow, understand, and play, and with far better character creation abilities (which was one thing that GW2 did have over Rift – and WoW, for that matter!)

You remember I said we’d had a Real Estate person here the other day? Well, he sent us, snail mail (! “Yes, Virginia, Snail Mail does still exist at the bottom of your garden!” 😉 ) some printed matter of places we might be interested in having a look at – just to see what’s available these days – we haven’t been involved in the property market for over 12 years – I guess it’ll be much the same – only the prices will be different, I suspect! 🙂 Five sheets with both descriptions, photos, and a floor plan, and a separate sheet with 13 other new listings. None of the ones with the floor plans attached were what I would call “comparable” to this place – all of them would turn into massive “Warland Road” jobs (Warland Road was the place I inherited from a family friend, and which we gutted and re-furbished for Kate and Terry to live in) In the past, we’ve found that you start off saying “Yes, well I want all the carpet out, and tiles put down, and the bathrooms will have to be re-done with no bath, a but a much larger shower with a bench seat in it, and….” But the “and…. and…. and’s” grow into a list about a block long… and once you start pulling things apart to do them differently, you start finding… little problems, like “Good grief! Look at that! That pane of glass in the window is actually holding up the roof! We’re going to have to get a supporting beam in there, somehow!” (which was exactly what happened in Warland Road!) Renovations and refurbishments are never easy, straight-forward, or quick, no matter what you see on “The Block”, “Grand Designs”, or any other “Home Improvement” shows! :/ It’s a headache, an enormous pain in the hip pocket nerve, and they drag on for ages. Quite frankly, it’d probably be better to build from scratch – that way there are no nasty little surprises, you know exactly what you’re going to get from the word “go”, and you know (if you’re project managing it yourself!) that it’s been done properly, from the ground up. No more roofs resting on a window pane for us, thank you very much! Of course, building from scratch brings its own problems, including the “where do you want to build” one. Where indeed! I can’t even decide which suburb we should be looking in for an existing house! Ringwood? Glen Iris? Balwyn North? Mitcham? Basically, we’re looking for a three (or four) bedroom place, with two bathrooms. Why three or four bedrooms, when there’s only the two of us? Well, we need a “spare room”, just in case someone decides to come and stay, and we need a “computer room” or “den”, and we need an office/library/somewhere where Julian can work in peace and quiet – that’s already three bedroom-sized rooms, let alone the “master bedroom” with an ensuite… Oh, and we have to have loads and loads of storage space, for all our junk (some of which is still in storage from our last move in 2007!) So, if any of you know of a suitable property, please let us know, OK? 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. It found me. Tracked me down, and pounced, scratching and clawing at me with all its claws and teeth! The Big Bounce Back attacked just after dawn, while I was clambering onto the scales, still half muzzy with sleep. Well, I wasn’t surprised – I’d been expecting it – and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I went up two points, from 92.2kg to 92.4kg :/ But as I said, it could have been worse. In September last year I went up four points (and came down three the next day) October last year I went up three points (and came down more than half a kilo the next day!) Three points in December (and down two the next day) Four points up in February this year (but only one point down the next day! That was an abysmally slow month!) Seven points up in April – last month – and only two down the next day (I think I cried a lot over that one!) Of course, we don’t know how much I’ll go up again (or, hopefully, down!) tomorrow… I suppose we can only weight and see… 🙂

So, there is was – “moi day”, by Winter Thyme 😉 We’re looking forward to tonight  – “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is starting again on ABC1 – it’s a fun little show – full of froth and bubble, nothing too deep and meaningful – an enjoyable and entertaining hour – if you haven’t watched it before, I can highly recommend it! 🙂 Tomorrow I should be able to get back to normal (or what passes laughingly for “normal” around here) activities. Autograph is having a 40% off sale – and I do need some sort of cardigan, or jacket… but perhaps I’d better wait and see if the BBB is going to stack a few more points onto my rapidly shrinking frame? Dunno… I’ll see how I feel after I weigh myself tomorrow morning 😉 I should be able to get a preliminary paneled tile ready for experimentation tomorrow – if it’s any good, I might even put it up tomorrow night for you approval – we’ll see what happens – I might not get a round tuit, especially if I do decide to go jacket hunting (after all, 40% off is not to be sneezed at!) and I got a $50.00 voucher from My Size in the mail today, too! ….for having spent so much money there! Ya gotta laugh! I spend the money there, and they give me some fiscal “encouragement” to continue spending more! So whatever happens, gentle readers, you can be very sure that there’ll be lots of news, happenings, visitations, and other things for me to tell you about tomorrow night! But until then, please remember to bee good, don’t forget to brush your teeth, but above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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