Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.11

Today’s a sort of “Red Letter Day” for me, I suppose – I deleted my Facebook account. And, I might add, it’s not the first time I’ve deleted a Facebook account. Many years ago, when Facebook was young and charming, I refused to join it. I thought it was a gross waste of time, it upset a whole lot of people who probably didn’t deserve to be upset, and in short, I avoided it like the plague. First Julian got himself a Facebook account. Then Lisa, quickly followed by Kate, got accounts. I still refused. I refused for years!  Slowly and steadily, however, even I got sucked in, and I got myself a Facebook account. It was actually pretty boring – I’m not what you’d call a “social butterfly” – the number of friends I have you could count on the fingers of one hand, even if you’d lost a few of them to frostbite! I only logged on now and then anyway – about once a month, if that. Later on, new rules, restrictions, and privacy constraints – which I neither liked nor needed – came into being, and I closed my account in disgust. A couple? Several? years later, I created the “Clara Bennetts” account – and once again, I only logged on maybe once a month – if that. It was basically just to keep up with the kids, though that wasn’t strictly necessary anyway, as (a) we’re a very close-knit family and pretty much stay in constant touch with eachother, and (b) Julian still has his account, and if there’s anything I should know, or photos or links that I might be interested in, he’ll tell me, and I’ll scoot my chair across the room and read over his shoulder. This time though, I doubt very much that I’ll ever get another Facebook account. It does have its good points – I found my fantastic hairdresser, whom I can’t recommend highly enough (you know, he can perform miracles! he can even get my hair to look human!) – thank you Josh! 🙂 I’ve found fascinating sites, and got myself very interested in pigeon genetics, amongst other things, and had many, many wonderful and interesting chats there, which I already miss more than I can possibly say. But as far as I’m concerned, the bad parts outweigh the good parts, and from now on I think I’ll stick to the phone, and/or email, if I want to catch up with someone. I think I’ll change the Facebook link on my Bookmarks page to Brusheezy, which is a really great site for all Photoshop resources – they have really, really good quality Freebies, as well as their Premium section, which, while not “free”, isn’t all that expensive, either. I use it quite a lot (I was there today, for instance, looking for free patterns to use to make Styles with – Styles, I might add, that I used to create that new header you see at the top of the page! 🙂 )

This morning though, I did a fair bit of Rifting – I decided not to advance Asima to level 40 just yet – at the moment I’m working on the new girl, Chrysanthemum – I think I’ll take her to level 40 first… I don’t really know how, or why it happens – but some characters you just seem to have a better connection with than others – which is nonsensical – because they’re all me! How can I like some better than others? I mean, it’s one thing if I have trouble playing a male character – I am, after all, a female – but the other girls? I have the strangest feeling that even with her sitting at level 20, I’m probably going to decide to “re-roll” Asima – and I just don’t know why! (time for my evening Stair Walk – I spent too much time trying to get that wretched header right! grrr! – Back later…) (Back again – I really ought to remember to time myself – Himself says I take “about five to six minutes”…) Now, where was I? Oh I remember, talking about liking some characters more than others… Tomorrow, of course, is Sunday, and himself and I will be rollicking and rolling around Telara – Ember Isle, I think? (unless we decide to run some more Dungeons and/or Instances, like we did last time? Hmmm? *sly look*) However, as soon as we get our breadcrumb to Brevane or Dusken, I suggest we head for there. There is method in my madness suggesting that we vacate Ember Isle fairly quickly – I’m thinking of our Foraging, Butchering, and Mining. Ember Isle is largely still “Telaran” topography – pretty much following on from Shimmersand. Brevane and Dusken, however, have a completely new set of mines, animals, and herbage to play with. Once we get our Skill levels high enough to utilise on the new landmasses, I think we ought to go for it. Last time, if I’m not mistaken, we stuck to mostly Brevane, because it had a better “ambiance”, but from looking at Jademoss’s maps, I don’t think we finished it – were we too gung-ho to get to the Water Plane, or something? And I know it’s not as “pretty”, but should we do Dusken this time around? Food for thought… 🙂 This time round though, I want to finish off, and completely map out, both Dusken and Brevane!

Weigh-in this morning was only marginally better than yesterday – down another one point, to 95.7kg. Oh well, only another couple of days, and hopefully those fluid retainers will be completely out of my system (I wonder how long a half-life they have?) I’m starting to get antsy again – I’m taking too long to lose each kilo… Perhaps I will put in that extra Stair Walk on my way back down to the Den after all…. As I always say: “Whatever it takes!”

So… tomorrow we’ll be Rifting, for most of the day – but I can’t tell you anything about that until tomorrow night though 🙂 😉 Oh, and I forgot to tell you! I didn’t go shopping today because first we have to Google some rug shops, and find out exactly where they are…  (yes, I know they’re a dime a dozen – all over the place – but if I don’t look them up first, we’ll end up driving around for hours and not find a single one! Isn’t that the way it usually goes? 😉 ) Secondly, we don’t have to go shopping for a coffee table, after all! Julian still had a photo of the coffee table that went with the entertainment unit and side tables that we got, not that long ago… At the time, he thought that the coffee table was a bit too big, but on second consideration, I decided that it wasn’t too big at all! It was just about the size I’d had in mind.. and so he went in and ordered one this morning. It’ll be delivered on Thursday morning. It’s not on casters, but it’s got good, solid legs that we should be able to bung some on easily enough… I’m rather glad that I didn’t have to go out shopping today – I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I hope I’m not coming down with something – me not wanting to go out shopping borders on pure science fiction! And that’s about it from me for tonight – dew drop inn again tomorrow night to hear about all our adventures – both in, and out of, Telara! 🙂 How many times will we have died? (lots! If we leave Ember Isle and go on to Brevane or Dusken!) Will my weight have gone up or down? Or will it be boringly the same? Will I have researched any rug shops? (probably not! 🙂 ) The answers to all those questions, plus answers to lots of other much more trivial, but none-the-less intriguing questions, will be waiting for you all – right here, on the same (but possibly differently coloured!) blog channel! So until then, once more I shall bid you to bee good, take a walk on the wild side, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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