Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.22

Well, they say that a change is as good as a holiday – but which holiday? Mmmm? 🙂 Anyway, consider yourselves all refreshed, and rested, and ready to get back to work (or school, or whatever it was that you needed a holiday from!) from this (probably not totally unexpected) sudden “holiday” of a change. Yes, it is a different Theme, and yes, it is one of Word Press’s “Free” ones, so… expect the unexpected, and be prepared for even more changes if it all falls apart at the seams, the way all their other “Free” Themes have done – consistently!

Last night I told you all about our adventures at the photo shoot – and I think I might have mentioned that I was a little “tired” by the end of the day? Tired, be damned! I was exhausted… zonked out… aching all over from the tumble I took (no bones broken or sprained, and very surprisingly, considering I’m on Warfarin, no bruises!) and almost weeping with tiredness, I took myself off to get ready for bed – I’d suddenly remembered I had to take all that makeup off. When the lovely makeup girl – I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name – was applying all the powder and paint, it didn’t seem as though she was applying a lot (maybe because we were busy chatting – I dunno) I do know that she managed to get it in my (freshly washed) hair, and on my earrings, when she was putting the makeup on my ears (yes folks, your ears get made up too! I suppose to keep the facial colouring even all over – who knows?) She certainly seemed to know her stuff though, because I actually looked brilliant in the photos (and it takes a lot to get me to say something like that!) But anyway, there I was, drooping with tiredness, thinking “I’ll just get rid of this makeup, and then I’ll go to bed…” So I sat there in front of the mirror, with a packet of facial wipes/makeup remover, and… used about half of the 2″ high packet of wipes, and there was still stuff left on my face, especially around my eyes! It was a real eye-opener for me! I used to be pretty big on makeup, and especially eye makeup, when I was “younger” – I’d go along to my favourite cousin’s Studio and chat to the models, picking up lots of ideas and “tricks of the trade” regarding makeup, hair, facing the camera, and presentation stuff. Anyway, face wipe after face wipe came away liberally coated with a lightish ochre “goo” – If I hadn’t been so tired, I’d have been stunned! There was so much of the stuff! (no wonder I looked good in the photos – I don’t think there could have been much “me” left under all that goo to do otherwise!) I didn’t need face wipes, I needed a trowel! In the end,I thought “bugger it!”, and staggered off to bed, not caring if I left makeup streaks on the pillowcases on not (I must have been able to get the worst of the makeup off after all, because I didn’t mess the pillowcases) But who would have thought there’s be so much makeup! I had a bit of a look through her stuff, too – I tell you what, the Napoleon Perdis shop over the road will be getting a visit from me tomorrow! 🙂 She had some of their lipsticks, and a really good light brown eyebrow pencil, which I want to see if I can get hold of too… Yes, I’m still into makeup, but as I get older, it’s getting harder and harder not to end up looking like “mutton dressed up as lamb”, if you know what I mean… :/

This morning I just Rifted… I took Chryzanthemum, who is still in Iron Pine Peak (which I have decided to make my most hated zone in Telara, demoting Stillmoor to my second most hated zone!) I hate the constant snow falling! It almost makes you dizzy, trying to find your wretched cursor in all the snow flurries! Still, I’ve progressed a long way (I’m close to the end of Iron Pine Peaks, truth be told!) I managed to get ‘Zanthe up from level 31 to level 35 this morning, all without resorting to experience enhancing potions, too! (because I can’t afford them – I’ve bought, and used, far too many Credits this month, already! 😦 ) Poor ‘Zanthe 🙂 I left her standing on the side of a mountain in the middle of a snow storm, when I went for my lunch time Stair Walk. I’ll have to go and rescue her soon… I was going to go back after lunch, but I wanted to see what I could do with this Theme… and I’m afraid I got a little carried away 😉 It’s now a quarter to five, and if I want to get this blog finished and online before my evening Stair Walk, I’m afraid little ‘Zanthe will have to stand and shiver for a bit longer! :/

Weigh-in this morning. I’m really cross, you know? After all that pounding up and down stairs, and getting up from the floor under my own steam, and everything else that happened yesterday, you’d have thought that I’d have lost weight, wouldn’t you! But no!… my body has to be different, doesn’t it! (can you hear that funny sound, like two rocks rubbing against eachother? Don’t worry, we’re not about to have an earthquake – that’s just my teeth grinding in annoyance!) My weight didn’t go down, and it didn’t go up… it stayed the ruddy same! 94.1kg… again! Grrrr! What do I have to do to get the weight moving steadily downwards?! (don’t answer that – it was a rhetorical question!) I am so not pleased! 😦

I think I’d better get ‘Zanthe off the mountain tonight – I have a feeling we won’t be home much tomorrow – hopefully we’ll be out looking at rugs, and I have to go and talk to the people over the road at Oscar Oscar about doing my hair (I hope they’re as good as I’ve been told that they are!) and I want to go and have a look in Napoleon Perdis. Julian’s Kindle died last night, after five years of faithful service, so a funeral service (of sorts) will need to be held (we could wrap it up in a nice piece of cloth, or paper, and bury it in the garden either over at Glen Waverley, or in Moorabbin/Hampton East/whatever they’re calling it this week, and Julian could say a few words? 😉 ) So he went racing over the road today to get a new Kindle (how can one live without them? 🙂 ) and he also got a snazzy new cover for it… My Kindle cover is as old as the hills, and terribly dilapidated, so I want a nice new cover for mine, too! He said he nearly got me one while he was getting his – so I’ll go and see what colours they come in… 🙂 Oh, good news for anyone reading this who happens to be a fan of Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six! The band sort of split up last year to try things on their own – but I think they must have missed eachother too much, cos they’re re-forming the band! They say they’ll have a new Studio Album out by the end of the year with both old and new numbers on it – I think “Matilda and the Screw” was one of the ones mentioned – I wonder if it’s the same “Matilda” who got carted off to prison for murdering her husband in the “Get Religion” Album? After all, her last words were “This world ain’t seen or heard the last of little old me” – I hope it is! (I liked Matilda! 🙂 ) And now, finally, I think that that’s probably about it from me for tonight – more news and tidbits tomorrow, or as they come to hand (I still have no idea where we’re going to go to look at rugs! – I guess that’s what Google’s for! 😉 ) so until then, bee good, save your wails to save the whales, and just do it! and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂