Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.29

Murder most foul!

Two innocent men were shot dead last night – but there will be no justice for them, and no punishment for their murderers! What happened to Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan was premeditated murder. Ten years ago those two young men made a stupid mistake – they attempted to smuggle drugs in Indonesia. The Australian Federal Police turned those two boys in to the Indonesian Police and that sealed their fate. I hope those Australians can sleep at night – Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan’s blood is on their hands, just as much as it is on the hands of that “joke” of a human being, Joko Widodo! I hope the firing squad can sleep at night – shooting those two men to death, after they’d spent ten long years in prison, after they’d expressed remorse, been totally rehabilitated, and completely turned their lives around! Make no mistake – it wasn’t “the death penalty” which Indonesia espouses, it wasn’t “punishment” for a crime committed a very long time ago, and it wasn’t as a “deterrent” to other would-be drug smugglers – if it was, then they should have been put to death at the time – 10 years ago, not now! No! It was “murder most foul”! Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan did not deserve to die, and they will not be forgotten! May their souls find the peace and mercy in death that they deserved, but were denied in life! There isn’t anything that anyone can do now – recalling the Australian Ambassador is, I think, the correct first political step to take. I do understand that politically and diplomatically there isn’t very much more that Australia can do – however, for my own tiny insignificant drop in the world-sized bucket, I will never visit their country, I will never knowingly buy anything manufactured or grown in Indonesia – and if I ever travel overseas again, and I will not land there for a stopover or to catch a connecting flight. I don’t think I want to be anywhere near such a savage, backwards and corrupt place. Peace!

Here I am, late again! :/ but at least I have a reason, not an excuse, this time! My favourite eldest daughter was over this afternoon and we spent an enjoyable afternoon watching four episodes of “Person of Interest” – where ‘the war of the machines’ is hotting up! 🙂

Last night I was just soooo frustrated with the lack of information provided about the “actual” dimensions of the header, so I did something that I haven’t done (haven’t had to do!) for nearly fifteen years. I counted each of the 200 pixels I was “told” that I had – one. pixel. at. a. time. One tiny dot on the screen at a time. And counting each one. It’s excruciatingly tiresome and tedious, but necessary, sometimes – and this was one of those “sometimes” – I simply had to know how much space I had to work with – I was sick and tired of guessing, and getting it wrong! So using the header dimensions given by Word Press, I created a “ruler”along the height of the header, with numbered markings every 10 pixels. From 1 to ten downwards from the top, and from 1 to 10 coming up from the bottom, and an awful lot of blank space in between. I uploaded the ruler as a “new header” because I wanted to see where the markings were cut off. My mistake – both top and bottom numbers were cut off well before they even appeared on the screen – only the un-numbered 10 pixel markers were visible. I increased the numbers to 20, top and bottom, and tried again. This time the numbers did appear on the screen, just before the “17” marker, top and bottom, so at last I had the actual, proper, dimensions of the header! 2000 pixels x 177 pixels – an extremely narrow “ribbon” of header to try and work with! To give you some idea, the text I’m currently using in the header comes to within 1.5mm of the topmost edge, and 1.5mm of the bottom edge of the header.

This morning, as you can see, I worked on my “canvas background” idea – it seems to be doing the trick – are you able to detect any “seams” between the header and the body?! 🙂 I know, it’s terribly “bland” at the moment, but I’m experimenting with patterns and colours. I’ve created a gray, “frosted glass” one that doesn’t show seams, and that being the case, I should be able to use any colour, or combination of colours. However I have to be careful with the colours I use so that text will still be legible on it – though I’m led to believe that if the background colour gets too dark, the text will change to white (or whatever colour I choose, once I work out how to do that! 😉 ) More news as it comes to hand! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Much more promising – I think that maybe my body is getting scared that the day of the dreaded Fluid Retaining Pill is rushing towards it like an “Anti-Tsunami”, and thinking that it had better shed a bit of weight while it still can! I was down to 93.5kg today – two points down on yesterday’s 93.7kg. Hopefully it’ll be down again tomorrow! (but I wouldn’t count on it!)

———————————-=+  *Dinner Break*  +=———————————-

So, I didn’t get any Rifting in at all today – well, I mean I sorted out my Minions and stuff, but no proper questing, or anything… and I didn’t get my nails painted, either – Lee was over and we were too busy watching “Person of Interest” (a really great show – highly recommended! 🙂 ) I don’t think I’ll get much Rifting in, or my nails done tomorrow, either – because himself has made appointments for both of us to see the Optometrist around midday – his glasses are broken, anyway, and it’s getting to the stage where trying to see the screen properly means that I have to sit about a foot away from it :/ So that was my day today, and also what my day will probably be like tomorrow – chopped up into little pieces, with not much time to do anything terribly worthwhile. Lee’s weight loss program is going well, but I worry that she’s not eating enough variety – she had an Optifast bar for breakfast this morning, because she was in a hurry to get to uni, and she had another Optifast bar for lunch today – goodness knows what she had for dinner – hopefully not another bar! I know she doesn’t much like the soups (I do, especially with a little bit of semi-dried chili added to the tomato and the vegetable soups, and some semi-dried basil to the chicken one!) and I’m pretty sure she’s not getting enough fibre – there I go – typical mother, worrying that her favourite eldest child is not getting the right nourishment! She’s a grown woman, Winter, leave her be! 🙂 (“Yeah, but she takes after you, Winter, and you know what a scatterbrain you are!” replies my conscience… 😉 ) Ah well – and that’s where I think I shall call it a night – but tune in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest! Will Julian and I need new glasses? More importantly, will he get his broken glasses fixed properly, instead of just stuck together with a paper clip and some blu tack? (Ah good! my cup of tea has just arrived – it’s a new one, called “Monk’s Pear”, and it smells and tastes wonderful!) Will I actually get any Rifting in, or will I spend most of my time concocting weird and wonderful, patterned and textured backgrounds for this blog? What will my weight do? Will it go up, or down… or stay boringly the same? These questions, and more, will be answered right here, this time tomorrow night – so don’t miss out! Until then, though, please remember to bee good, don’t drink from the Chalice with the Palace*, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*The Chalice with the Palace is the one that has the poison – the Vessel with the Pestle has the brew that is true!” [but they keep getting them mixed up!] – from an hilarious old Danny Kaye movie called “The Court Jester” – if you ever get the chance, do watch it! 🙂