Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.10

Well, here I am, finally – it’s almost a quarter past four, and I should be starting to think about doing my evening walk… I’m exhausted though! Remember I said I had another 38 Dimension boxes to unpack and sort, last night? Well, another two arrived with the Minions this morning! So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all day – unpacking [*mumble*] boxes, and trying to squish everything into a bank that has three bag spots left, and which I can’t use. “Why can’t you use them?” I hear you ask. I’m glad you asked! 🙂 It’s simple, really – I can’t afford to unlock the bag spots! The next one is going to cost 43 platinum, and their price increases exponentially… I can’t get the money out of the Guild Bank, either, as I’ve been steadily draining it to find money to buy room for all these Dimension items… Oh dear… I can “shuffle” the Minion Adventure Cards (pick a card – any card – and it’ll tell you what sort of Adventure your Minion(s) will be sent off on, and what sort of goodies he or she is likely to come back with) and so attempt to by-pass the Dimension yielding Adventure Cards, but that, too, costs either platinum or Credits. And I reckon that if I buy any more Credits this month without just cause, our poor, long-suffering Julian will experience much grief and upset over our (real time) bank account, and the money therein bleeding out (not into the grouting, thank heavens! 😉 ) rather rapidly! Poor Rubyfox, our lovely Dimension Damoiselle, has been left with only one empty bag for her shopping expeditions! :/ 😉  In my lunchtime break I got himself to induct the young lady that I had shuffled over to Hailol last night, into the Guild. I was going to bring money over with her, along with her very own water breathing necklace, and the second key to the “Anywhere” Dimension – alas, I had set my heart on bringing her, but she’s only level 22 – and as you can only travel with three times your level in platinum, she was only able to bring sixty six bars of platinum with her 😦 It’ll have to do, and she’ll have to share the water breathing necklace as well! Poor Chrysanthemum! Never mind, she’ll be able to get by… Of course, having decided to bring Chrysanthemum over, I then had two girls with names beginning with “C” – Crystalsong and Chrysanthemum. I couldn’t have that, so Crystalsong is now called Blueonyx. You know, I didn’t know that you can actually get Blue Onyx? I thought it was pretty much a black stone – but you can, and it’s really lovely – apparently it’s one of Leo’s birthstones (July 23 – August 22), and is in high demand (!?!) for resolving confusions, enhancing self-mastery, guidance, absorbing energy, protection from negative forces, and letting go of old beliefs (and I didn’t even know that blue onyx existed before today! Shame on me! I know just about all the other birthstones and their properties…) So there you go – I have a Rift character named after what I thought was a “pretend” stone.

I also worked on my graphics today – putting together/experimenting with new shapes and colours – elements for a different header. It’s not even nearly finished yet – I’ve only just created the Autumn symbol icon – the main frame in the centre is going to be a problem though because the frame doesn’t stretch evenly, so I’m having to improvise by cutting the frame in half, dragging half the frame further out, and then copying a small section of the top leaves, and sticking it on to… where it was copied from. Copying the copy, reversing it, and sticking it on to the other half of the frame – if I copy and paste enough leafy “sprigs” to each side, they’ll meet up in the middle, and I’ll have a long enough frame that isn’t stretched out of proportion. But it’s a headache to do – getting in all close and personal-like, finding the right place to copy a piece of frame so that it’ll look seamless when attached to the piece it’s been copied from – it’s like having to do all “the little fiddly bits around the fjords” (with apologies to Slartibartfast – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) So it’s going to take a while…

Weigh-in this morning was a little more encouraging – thank heavens I took the last of those wretched pills this morning (until next time! *gloom*) – however, I went down to 95.8kg, and I was moderately pleased 🙂 I’ll probably see-saw around a bit until all the fluid retainers are out of my system, but hopefully I’ll start losing a bit more now…

The situation that was causing me so much angst last night has been resolved, I think (hope?) – not as I would have liked, however it was my own impatience and paranoia that made the bed, and now I have to lie in it. Hopefully all is not totally lost, and that time will erode away the sharpest edges of the pain I caused to both of us. ‘Nuff said – we move on.

I think we’re going rug and/or coffee table hunting tomorrow – which’ll be good. I have no idea where to go for rugs – anyone got any suggestions? (polite ones only, please!) I suppose I should start Googling, but I’d rather get this finished… As for coffee tables, I don’t think that the sort I want exists! It should be fairly large… and squarish, rather than rectangular. It has to be on casters, and have (sensible sized) drawers on two sides, almost down to the floor (so there are no coffee table legs visible around the table) and magazine or book “alcoves” on the other two sides…. Oh, and it should be made in something similar to Tasmanian Oak. I have yet to find one, despite a fair amount of searching. I don’t like the ridiculously popular “Retro” look (I grew up with it when it was being called “Modern”, not “Retro”, and I didn’t like it then!), or the scruffy and dilapidated “Distressed” look – “distressed, because it’s on its way to the tip” would be a better description for it! So, we’ll “pound the pavement” (or Google, whichever comes first! 😉 ) and see what we can find. So drop by again tomorrow night, and find out if we saw any suitable rugs – and if we bought one. I doubt very much that we’ll find the coffee table that I want (as I said before – I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist, except in my imagination!) but if we do find it, you’ll be the first to know! 🙂 You’ll also find out what my weight decides to do tomorrow morning – one thing I can tell you for sure, though, is that it’ll either be up, or down, or boringly the same. And that’s about it from me for tonight – so until tomorrow night, bee good, don’t forget to water the house plants, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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