Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.23

Ah, yes… another interesting day. Another day which started out with me fully intending to out and “do things”, like…  look for a lounge room rug… call in and talk to the people at Oscar Oscar about getting my hair done… poking my nose in at Napoleon Perdis to see if they had anything new and exciting in the way of makeup… chuffing off to Autograph to get myself a couple of new pieces of underwear, as what I currently have is slightly on the “large” side… and, getting myself a new Kindle case. But as you’ll have guessed by now, I did none of those things, for which I am, very deservedly, thoroughly disgusted with myself. I got out of bed this morning, fully intending on going out today. I had my weigh-in, I got myself all ready to go out. I went for my before-breakfast Stair Walk, came back inside, had breakfast, and sat down to sort out my Minions… and all of a sudden, I didn’t want to go out and do any of the things I’d planned to do, after all! (Minions can do that to you, you know! Nasty things, Minions – very distracting!) So I thought confidently to myself: “we’ll go out after lunch!”. Then I played a bit of Rift with Chryzanthemum, and finished off Iron Pine Peaks – only to end up with no more quests, and the only breadcrumb I had was to do that long and terribly tedious one about a Dwarven Artifact that had been found near Meridian. So I (reluctantly!) started that one (and as you’ll probably have gathered, it’s not one of my favourite quest chains!) where at least I’m finally out of the [mumble] snow flakes! I worked on that for a bit, then decided that I wanted to do a bit more work on my Desktop wallpaper project – I’d been neglecting it far too much lately – so I went and had another look at what I’d done so far… quite pretty, actually… there wasn’t all much more to do before I could use it. I decided to test it as it was, to see if there were any placement issues – occasionally the graphical elements are either too high for the screen, or too low, or need to be shifted, just a bit, to the left or the right. Anyway, I turned what I’d done so far into .jpg format and tried it out as a normal desktop wallpaper. Hey! It wasn’t bad at all! I scrunched up my eyes and squinted at the screen… the right hand swirly graphic did need to be moved a bit more to the right (squinting at the screen helps you see this!) ….mmmm… half an inch? About that, anyway. I tried moving it 20 pixels. Not far enough… 30 pixels turned out to be just a bit too much, so I ended up compromising, and moving it 25 pixels. It looked good. I finally got it looking good enough to replace the Desktop wallpaper that I’d thought was too stiff and formal – I opened up the HTML file, and… swapped file names (after making sure that my new file was in the correct folder!) (these computer glasses of mine are hopeless! I can’t read the [*censored*] screen!) And… guess what happened?! Nothing! Oh, the old file vanished alright, and I was left with the background colour of the old wallpaper, which was a sort of dark, brownish-gray. The text was there too, but no image! All I’d done was change a simple file name – it should have worked! Julian and I both wracked our collective brains trying to figure out what had gone wrong, to no avail. The final deployment of my new Desktop wallpaper, which should have taken about fifteen minutes from beginning to end, including the final tweaking to get the images and text “just so“, ended up taking a couple of hours! In the end, it turned out that it was something to do with the file name. We changed the file name, and all of a sudden, hey presto, and all that, it worked perfectly…. but by then it was far too late to go out. I must ask Julian if there’s somewhere, or some-how, I can put up pictures of things to show you – I’m sure there must be, as other people show images and photos in (on?) their blogs, all the time! I’d love to show you what my new desktop looks like now, perhaps some of our photos wot we had taken on Tuesday, when they’re ready, and the occasional Rift screenshot now and then… 🙂

Anyway, seeing as it was far too late to go out anywhere today (what a shame! 😉 ) Julian decided to install some proper speakers for me, so that I could listen to music, and hear the dulcet tones of my girls giving their battle cries in? on? the Rift entry screen 😉 By the time he’d done that, my desk had suddenly become extremely overcrowded and messy – Things Had To Be Moved! Well, I’ve tidied things up as best I can – I’m still not sure of what the final layout surrounding me is going to be like, but… I just don’t have enough room! I need a fizzy drink! No! No-one needs fizzy drinks, it’s just malicious rumours, and evil marketing! However, what I do need is a half acre block of land sized desk, and a golf buggy to drive around it! (I wish! 🙂 )

Weigh-in this morning. Again, marginally better – all this see-sawing up, down, and the same, is starting to make me feel sea sick, and I don’t get sea sick! I went down one point, to 94.0kg – the thing is, what will it be tomorrow? Probably up two points! 😦 I just wish I could settle down to a nice, slow and steady downward slope, for a change! (I’m just looking at the time – I have about half an hour until it’s time for my afternoon “walkies” – I wonder… will I have time to finish this and get it edited, proofread, and Published inside half an hour? I wish I could type faster…)

So, hopefully, (and knowing us, quite a bit of luck!) tomorrow will be our Big Day Out shopping, seeing that we didn’t go today, and Saturday is a Public Holiday. Tonight I’ll attempt to look for some decent rug shops that aren’t the other side of the black stump, that we might be able to go and look at, and I’ll flip a coin as to whether we end up at The Glen or The Pines, for Autograph’s underwear department. Before Doncaster Shoppingtown was renovated and prettied up (ages ago I can’t even remember what year it was – 2004? Pre 2004? Dunno…) there was both a My Size and an Autograph there, but they opened elsewhere during the upheaval of the renovations, and never came back – probably because the rental on the shops was so horrendous, and because of the opening times that Centre Management insisted on (if the Centre was open, all shops had to be open too, regardless of what holiday it might have been) Shoppingtown lost a lot of excellent shops due to those two policies… Anyway, so tomorrow we’ll be off… er…. Maybe 🙂 So… there’s really not much more to tell you all at this point, so I might take my leave of you, and hope to see you all back here again tomorrow night, when I shall once again regale you with our Day’s Doin’s 🙂 However, until then, bee good, don’t eat that before dinner, you’ll spoil your appetite! and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂