Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.20

Well, this is another fine pickle I’ve gotten myself into! Not only have I got The Great Dreaded and Humiliating Photo Shoot tomorrow, I’ve also managed to talk myself into making up a weekly Optifast Meal Menu Plan for my favourite eldest daughter. And it has to be finished and emailed off to her tonight, otherwise she says she doesn’t know what she’s going to eat tomorrow! Me and my big mouth! 😉 Ah well – she’s a good girl, and new to this Optifast diet-thingy – I guess I can make her up a weeks worth of meals and then she can mix ‘n match from there. It’s just a matter of adding up calorie values, and converting them to kilojoules. If anything is going to throw my calculations out of whack it’ll be the fact that breakfasts have to be quick and easy, because she has to race off early to uni, and ditto with her lunches, because lunch time is when she’s usually in transit. Hmmm… An Optifast milkshake for breakfast. Package up 14 almonds for morning tea. An Optifast bar for lunch, one medium-sized carrot (raw) for afternoon tea, then one of the Optifast soups for dinner. She can make up some diet jellies for “dessert” after dinner, and because she’s not having the fiber from breakfast cereal, she can have three prunes sometime during the day as well. The trouble is, the carrot is on the Optifast “Free” list, so it doesn’t have a designated calorie value – I’m going to have to work that one out by Julian (he’s a very good calculator, don’tcha know! 😉 ) The dinner soups can be alternated with one of the Lean Cuisines listed on the Optifast site, and I might be able to talk her into eating breakfast cereal on weekends, when she doesn’t have to race off to catch the bus. So, there I am – finished all that – now I just have to make it look all neat and tidy in a Word table, add the calorie and kilojoule value to each component, and add the whole lot up at the end. Now all I have to worry about is that wretched photo shoot tomorrow. We’re supposed to be there between three and three thirty, but they said we could go in earlier, at one thirty, instead – that way we’d be able to see the photos tomorrow, instead of having to go all the way up to Ringwood again, later in the week. I keep telling myself “This time tomorrow evening will come!”, but it’s not calming me down any more than it did when I used to say it on my way to the dentist! I wish I could go to bed tonight and not wake up until Wednesday morning! But I’ll have to get up early tomorrow, cos I’ve got to fit my Stair Walk in before I wash my hair and get ready, and then find the time to fit in another Stair Walk before we actually leave. I dunno when we’re going to have lunch – I think I’ll just put an Optifast bar in my handbag, and eat it there… I’ll tell Julian to make himself a sandwich that he can take with him, tomorrow morning.

I wish it was Wednesday…

My favourite eldest daughter and I watched three or four new episodes of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” after lunch – apparently there are still a few problems getting episodes of “Person of Interest”, and “The 100” – and now “Orphan Black” is back, so we have to start looking for episodes of that, as well! Good fun 🙂 I mean, it’s all so far-fetched – you really do have to suspend common sense and physics for the duration – but hey! Surely nobody really thinks that things like that could happen, do they? It’s a bit of fun escapism – which does the soul good, every now and then 🙂 When himself left to drive Lee home, I went with them as far as the lift, and then headed off to the fire escape for my evening Stair Walk – it really does save me a lot of time if I get this blog started early! Besides, I’ve just bought myself a new Big Fish Solitaire game, “The Far Kingdoms: Age of Solitaire”, for the vast and exorbitant sum of $7.30! It’s a bit corny, but the solitaire game itself it fairly good – if you’re the type who gets bored easily, and you need something to take your mind off things for a while, it’s worth a “free – try before you buy” look at for thirty minutes.

Weigh-in this morning. Was pretty good, for a change! I went down 3 points to 94.2kg – which means, I suppose, that unless I manage to worry another couple of points off, thanks to the [censored] photo shoot tomorrow, I’ll probably be back at 94.5kg in the morning! I hope not, but one never knows one’s luck in this body… :/

So, there it is – not a terribly exciting day – as it turns out, I didn’t go out looking for tops to wear, I looked in the My Size and the Autograph online catalogues, and wrote the style number and size down for Julian and Lee to pick up (well, when else was I going to get a chance to collect from, and re-set my Minions today?! 😉 ) I got two – one purple (my favourite colour! 🙂 ) with a black swirly rose design on it, and black sort-of patch pockets (it’s really rather “dressy”!), and another one, in purple (well – it’s really more of a “magenta) black, and gray horizontal stripes, and buttons from the neck down to just below the bust line – I think it’s what they’re calling “smart casual” these days. And, I completely forgot that I also have a beautiful long-sleeved black velvet top – which is very much “party” wear – so I’ll take that with me too! (mind you, I haven’t tried the two new ones on yet, but they’re size “S” (small!) the same as the black velvet one, and I know that that one fits me, so these should too… they’re all made by the same company, anyway!) I think three different tops and two different pairs of slacks should be sufficient for any photo shoot! (Oh! I wish it was this time tomorrow night!) Anyway, as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I’ve done my Stair Walk, I’ll tantalize you all first, by telling you all sorts of other trivial news, like what my weight was in the morning, and lots of other stuff like that. Then (and only then!) will I tell you all about the photo shoot, what the photos are like, and if they look any good (but I doubt it! I do not photograph well – I always look as though I’m about to burst into tears or something! :/ ) Anyone want a copy, if they do (by some miracle, or Photoshop magic) turn out alright? No? 🙂 I thought not! I don’t blame you – I don’t want them either – I’m only doing this for Julian! 🙂 So until this time tomorrow night – please try to contain your impatience, and remember to… bee good, don’t eat too many carrots – they turn your skin a funny orange colour, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂