Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.08

Another reasonably busy day in Telara this morning. I did get Satai up to level 40 (with a little help from some experience boosting potions – just to hurry the job along a bit 😉 ) because I was in a bit of a rush – I’m determined to get all those Dimension boxes and items finally sorted out, you see. Oh, the apartment Window Washers were here this morning – just as well it wasn’t as wet as it was yesterday! They only do the outside of the windows – they rappel down the outside of the building, washing the windows as they go (they can have that job on their own! I hate heights!) but to do that they have to get onto the roof. I suppose I never gave a thought as to how, or which way they’d get up onto the roof (probably because I never think of the window washers at all, unless himself tells me that “the window washers will be here”, and I make a mental note to myself not to exit the bathroom before I get dressed!) so I suppose that I can be forgiven for being a trifle startled to see strange men with ropes on the fire escape stairs, half way up to the next floor, when I was on my way to my pre-breakfast Stair Walk. I propped open the fire escape door with my book, as usual, and looked up at the men (who hadn’t even noticed me! Hmph!) but I thought – ‘they don’t know I’m here – I hope they don’t see the book propping the door open and decide that it poses a security risk and remove it!’ (highly unlikely! If they hadn’t noticed me, I think they’d be very unlikely to notice a small book propping the door open!) But just to be on the safe side, I called out to them ‘Excuse me! Please don’t move the book holding the door open – I’m exercising on the stairs and if you take it away, I won’t be able to get back inside!” They both jumped (they really hadn’t noticed that I was there!) one of them grunted some sort of confirmatory noise at me, and they got back to their rope sorting, while I, very self-consciously, started down the stairs, counting a lot more quietly than usual, as I went…. I count aloud as I go down (and up) the stairs, first in Italian, then French, and lastly English… because (a) it echos a lot in the stair well, and people are much more likely to realise that someone’s on the stairs, and might need the door-propping-open-book left where it is, and (b) it helps me keep track of which floor I’m on, as none of the floors (both stair and lift side!) display a floor number! The apartment doors have numbers on them, and the first number stands for the floor number, f’rinstance, 502, our apartment, is apartment 2 on the fifth floor, and so on. (I’ve just been for my afternoon Stair Walk – the window washers must still be here, because the stair well lights were on [they’re those “push the button to turn the light on” type – they don’t stay on for long] and there was equipment and ropes sitting on the next landing up…) So I Rifted until I got Satai up to level 40, then took her home and dusted her down. Then I went looking for someone with as few things in their bank as possible – Rubyfox drew the short straw, so she’s “it” – the Dimension Damoiselle – from now on, all things pertaining to Dimensions go to her! (Julian, take note, if you’re ever playing in Hailol!) I’ve started taking the boxes out of the Guild Bank for her to unpack… so far I’ve opened up over twenty boxes, and nothing as yet has been duplicated! These are all smaller and less valuable boxes, and each one held, on average, nine items! (can you see what I’m starting to get worried about?) I’ve had one of Julian’s characters “ferry” over a Dimension key from Laethys for me – the key is for a Dimension called “Anywhere”, and it’s the largest Dimension there is. It’s basically just an enormous flat, sandy plain. No hills, no grass, no trees, no nothing – so you can turn it into any sort of landscape you want. Elizandra, one of my girls on Laethys, can make keys for that Dimension (and in fact can make keys to any Dimension!) and I’m really thinking that I should have brought more than just one key to Anywhere across – I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to need as many as I can get! Well, Rubyfox is also a Dreamweaver – they make Dimension items, and…. keys! I shall just have to level her up until she can make Anywhere keys! :/ I know I should keep on unpacking the boxes, and am really curious to know what’s inside the bigger, more valuable boxes… but… knowing me, I’ll probably just grab the next one on the list to level 40, and go back to leveling everyone up 🙂 *sigh*

Weigh-in this morning. A trifle better… though not as good as I would have liked… I went down 2 points to 96.0kg, which was good, but it’s getting to the stage where I’m almost too frightened to get on the scales in the morning, for fear of going up. Yes, I know it’s stupid, and yes I know that weight can fluctuate wildly, and that as long as the general trend is downwards, it doesn’t matter a hill of beans if I go up a little, or a lot. Intellectually, I know all that… but it’s a different matter when one’s standing on the scales and one sees an increase in yesterday’s readings, one’s first impulse is to burst into blubbery tears of disappointment and chagrin! Ah well, let’s see what tomorrow’s weigh-in brings! Hand me my Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, Beulah! 🙂

So that’s where I’m at today – I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow – actually, I do know one thing that’s happening tomorrow! Something I forgot to do today! Ring and book the Podiatrist for sometime next Monday or Tuesday, for Lee and me! I’m quite cross with myself – I meant to ring today… but I clean forgot. However, what to do tomorrow? Rift? (as in leveling the next victim to 40?) Dimensioning? (unpacking more boxes?) Graphic-ing? (experimenting with other colours for the blog) I had a look at my nails this morning, to see if they were long enough to paint yet. They’re not. That stupid thumb nail that kept snagging on everything, is not growing (fast enough), and still snags occasionally on sheer fabric, no matter how much I file it down! My poor neglected bottle of Chrome Violet nail polish continues to sit on the bathroom bench, gazing at me reproachfully with no eyes… Of course, with my nails filed down so severely, typing is a lot quicker and easier! So what you lose on the roundabouts, you gain on the swings? Summat like that, anyhoo! 🙂 Oh, here’s another ‘brain teaser’ for you: “Brothers and sisters have I none! Yet this man’s father is my father’s son!” – who is the speaker talking about? 🙂 And on that note, I shall bid you all to once again drop in tomorrow night and see what’s happening chez nous – will my weight be up, down, or stay boringly the same? Will I have Rifted, or Dimensioned? Have I remembered to book an appointment with the Podiatrist, for Lee and me? And did I abandon all things Telaran, and do some graphic work instead? Find out tomorrow night, right here in this blog! (I can guarantee that you won’t find these things out any cheaper anywhere else! 😉 ) So until then, bee good, stop eating that candy, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂