Winter’s log, earthdate 201504.24

I think we accomplished quite a lot today (for a change! 😉 ) Mornings, of course, are always a bit of a “set routine”… get up, shiver a lot, weigh-in, dress, Stair Walk, come back, check ye olde email, have a cup of tea whilst deciding if there’s anything interesting on TV that evening, and set up to record anything worthwhile, breakfast… pretty much “same old, same old”, until that point. However, we did manage to get out this morning – but we didn’t go rug shopping! I decided that it would probably be better to look online first, and then if we saw anything that looked suitable, we could go and eyeball the rug to see if it lived up to its online potential or not. Much more easier than driving around from pillar to post, and having to walk out disappointed, or with a tired and frustrated “Oh, that’ll do! Hopefully it’ll look alright on the night!”, as is so often the case when you only have a more-or-less vague idea of what it is you’re looking for (a case of the old “I don’t know exactly what I want, but I’ll know it as soon as I see it!” syndrome) Nor did we go underwear shopping for me – I’d rather do that next week, and maybe cart my eldest favourite daughter along with me, as I know she’ll need a few items too (it’s very strange, you know – she always seems to need a few items when she comes clothes shopping with me… very odd…*shakes head in perplexity*) 🙂 Somehow or other, though, we found ourselves in David Jones, looking at dressing gowns (of all things! 😉 ) – of which I do not possess one – so we rectified that small problem by buying me a lovely warm and fluffy dark blue one – maybe I won’t shiver so much now, when I get out of bed in the mornings! 😉 We also called in at Mecca Maxima, a new shop that has recently opened up its doors over the road there, and which I’ve been breaking my neck to get to ever since. I needn’t have – it was just another, slightly more up-market (and more up-price!) makeup outlet like Priceline. Very disappointing 😦 We also went to Mecca Cosmetica – yet another makeup outlet, only this one is a lot more classy (and once again, with prices that show it!) I did get a “souvenir” from each of the “Mecca’s” – a nice cherry red lipstick from the Maxima, and a rather nice eyebrow pencil from Cosmetica. I normally don’t do anything with my eyebrows, which are virtually non-existent (well, they’re very thin (probably from over-plucking during the ’60’s) and terribly pale – you have to look hard to see them, but as they’re usually hidden behind my glasses frames, I’ve never worried about them!) But when we were at the photo shoot, the makeup girl “gave” me eyebrows, with a hard-ish sort of light brown pencil. They didn’t look too bad, either, so I determined that I must immediately learn how to give myself eyebrows! Which (said in a sing-song voice) is why – I bought – the eye-brow pencil! They had a really nice one in David Jones, at their Channel kiosk/stall – it was a proper “pencil” pencil, and was probably a bit better than the one I ended up getting… They were both $48!  (I probably could have done better buying a box of crayons and using the brown one!) Oh, we also looked at Napoleon Perdis – where the staff were not only uninterested in helping us, but they were totally unhelpful when we did manage to catch their attention – so my reaction to that very uninterested and unhelpful place? “Nah! Give it a miss!” Last on my list of “Wot I Want To Do Over At Shoppingtown” was… go and talk to the people at Oscar Oscar, about my hair *gulp* I spoke to a middle-aged, gray-haired guy at the front desk (I didn’t catch his name – it’s really terribly difficult trying to hear people when they’re way taller than you are, and they’re talking to you from about two feet above your head – because you’re busy sitting in a wheelchair! We need taller wheelchairs!) Anyway, I told him that they’d been highly recommended to me as having the best colourists in the Centre, blah, blah, blah… and who was their best colourist and stylist? Apparently someone called “Brooke” – so I have four weekly appointments booked in with her, starting next Friday. I’ll see how I go over there, and if I think she’s any good… I hate having to go in and talk to people I don’t know like that, where I have to appear relaxed, and confident and poised, and all that sort of thing – when inside I’m absolutely quaking in terror! :/

So then we came home and had lunch – and a well-earned cup of coffee, and then I persuaded Julian to set me up a Flickr account where I can bung photos and stuff so that you can all see what I’m talking about instead of me floundering around trying to describe whatever-it-is (who knows! This might end up being a “graphic blog” – I could do my blog in cartoon format, with additional photos and pictures to add a bit more detail! 😉 ) Then, of course, I had to get him to show me how to take photos with my poor neglected and very seldom used phone, which he’s done (and I have made myself a pretty little cheat-sheet of step-by-step instructions which is clipped to my stand-up clipboard! 🙂 ) So here you go – a photo, taken by Julian, with my phone, of Flipper having a snack in the Den here (hopefully that worked!) And here is the Bookmarks Wallpaper thingy I’ve been working on… I took that photo… 🙂 (Crikey! I hope they worked!! If they did, I’ll probably post bits and pieces of… whatever… whenever… 🙂 )

Weigh-in this morning. Well, it wasn’t too painful 🙂 I went down two points to 93.8kg – but don’t worry, it’ll be up again tomorrow morning! That’s the way it nearly always works – I go down a few points, and get all happy about it, then the very next day it damn-well goes up again, just to upset me! *sigh* I know that I am getting there, and I’ve lost 40.9kg… but I still have another 23.8kg to go! :/ It’s like wading through a swimming pool full of molasses…

Yikes! It’s getting late! I still have to do my evening Stair Walk! So, as I started out saying, I think we accomplished quite a lot today – I even managed to get myself a new Kindle cover, in Fuchsia pink! (or a very light magenta – whichever, it’s pretty, and that’s the main thing!) It’s a very clever little cover, too! Simply opening the cover turns the Kindle on, and turns it off again when you close the cover! 🙂 I’ve got my Flickr thingy working (I hope!) and I’ve got a nice, warm dressing gown so that I don’t have to shiver so much in the mornings 🙂 I’ve gritted my teeth and made four hair appointments… and scratched the Napoleon Perdis and Mecca Maxima itches (which turned out to be but mozzie bites, after all! 😉 ) So there you go – there’s really not much more to tell you about today – though I’m sure there’ll be lots more news for you all tomorrow night, so tune in again, and don’t miss out on all the fun and exciting things that we’ve been up to! But until then, bee good 😉 don’t keep opening and closing the new Kindle cover, just so that you can watch it turn itself on and off again, and above all… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂