Early start…

Himself is flying off to Adelaide to see his mother tomorrow – just for the day – but it’s wheels up at 08.05am, so it’s out of bed for us at 05.30am 😦 Do not want! 😦 Still, he doesn’t see her often (though he talks to her every night), so I can’t complain 🙂 Well, I can, and I shall, complain, bitterly, about being dragged out of bed so early! *pout* (why isn’t there a smiley to indicate a pout?!) This means that my weigh-in will probably be quite inaccurate – I usually weigh myself about 07.45am – tomorrow I’ll be weighing myself around 05.45am, so who knows what sort of a mess that’ll make of things…

I can’t decide what to do tomorrow – should I clear up some space on the Foxtel IQ box hard drive and catch up on some pre-recorded TV programs that he doesn’t like much, or should I just Rift on, regardless? Go back to bed and have a good sleep in? Write the first episode of The Adventures of Darth Carla? (I got the “About Darth Carla” screed done this afternoon – Yay me! 🙂 ) Knowing me, I’ll probably dither until it’s too late to do anything useful and I shall have to do as I promised and delete (gulp!) all those programs that I should have watched ages ago, but never got a Round Tuit.

Anyway, we shall see what we shall see…

Weigh-in was much more betterer this morning 🙂 125.5kg, which was very pleasing indeed! I’ll let you all know which way the scales swing way too early tomorrow morning… I have a feeling that if it’s up, I’ll blame the early morning and discount it, and if it’s down I’ll be pleased and think that of course it’s accurate, and enter it in my graph! 🙂

Oh well, as I said, more later…

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