Well, I have to tell you that I’m no big fan of 05.30am starts! 😦 I think we’ll be having an early-ish night again tonight… (*yawn*)

It was a very quiet day here – I Rifted until himself rang me to tell me he’d arrived in Adelaide, then I migrated to the lounge room where I caught up on a lot of pre-recorded TV programs (well, if you really must know, it was Survivor Cagayan, Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty!) I managed to get through all but three of them, so I still have them hanging over my head to look at and delete, before himself decides they’ve been there long enough, and they “disappear”. :/

The silly old cat, Flipper (she’s 20 years old and has never been known for her intellectual prowess!) slept most of the day here in the Den, but woke around four-ish this afternoon and suddenly realised, to her horror, that Daddy wasn’t around! She came marching (and stamping her feet!) out to the lounge room, squawking at the top of her voice: ‘Where’s Daddy?!  What have you done with him? Where is he? Why isn’t he here to pat me?!’ It was almost as though she was accusing me of hiding him in a cupboard somewhere! 🙂 She settled down eventually, though she kept casting dirty looks at me until she forgot what she was doing and went to sleep in her basket on the couch instead…

Himself arrived home around about six thirty, and now things are practically back to normal (except that we both resemble zombies!)

Well, I was right about the early morning weigh-in messing up my weight… it read out at 125.8kg, the same as the day before yesterday, and certainly more than yesterday… so although I have entered it in my weight loss graph, I count it as “incorrect”, and refuse to acknowledge it as a true record of my weight this morning! [nods firmly] Hopefully tomorrow will be a more…. accurate… reading, and I’ll be down again (or I’ll cry!)

Well… g’night, more tomorrow…. (*yawn*) 🙂

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