And now for something entirely different!

Not really, I was only kidding! 🙂  Just more of the same old, same old… 🙂

Just before I tell you about this morning’s weigh-in, let me tell you another boring but weird fact about myself. I have this very strange right ear. It gets cold. It gets really cold, for no apparent reason; cold to the point where I get an earache. Go figure. The rest of me isn’t cold – in fact, it can be the middle of summer and blistering hot… except for my right ear which gets cold.  It’s become worse as I get older, too. I hear perfectly well with it, it doesn’t get numb or tingly, it just. gets. cold. I usually wrap a scarf over my head, or wear a pair of fluffy earmuffs (can you imagine how odd that looks, in the middle of summer? You’re wearing a skimpy top, and light clothes…. and a pair of fluffy earmuffs…  *rolls eyes* :/

And now that I’ve bored you all with that somewhat irrelevant fact, I can tell you about my weigh-in this morning 🙂 Hallelujah, and praise the gremlins!  I went down! 😀 127.1kg!  Who knows? Tomorrow I might have broken through the 127kg barrier!  One can only cross one’s fingers, eyes and nostrils, touch wood, and wish upon a star…

Oh, interesting side note about my celery elephant pills.  Even breaking them in half I nearly choke to death on them, so I persuaded himself to take me shopping today at Knox City because their Terry White Chemist is one of the only ones that I can (a) get into, and (b) navigate what most Chemist Shops laughingly call “aisles”.  They also seem to have a larger range of everything from vitamins to band-aids (it’s a very big shop!) Anyway, I wanted to see what they had in the range of celery capsules and the like… They actually had two different brands – the Blackmoores that I choke on, and Thompsons celery capsules – real capsules, too! About two thirds the size of the Blackmoores ones.  However, the Blackmoores elephant pills are 3000mg, the Thompsons ones are only 2000mg. Then we went to a sort of a health care/herbal remedy type store and they had another sort, called Micro Genics. They’re 4000mg! So… dilemma!  Which one to take?  The 2000mg ones?  Should I take two? Or only one? Should I take the 4000mg ones?  I can’t cut them in half, they’re proper capsules…  In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter much as long as (a) I take them consistently, and (b) I notify Dorevetch Warfarin department of the change next time I have my blood test (October 9th)

So that’s about it tonight from me – cross your fingers for me! 🙂  Will let you know how I go tomorrow! 🙂