A *teeny* bit better… perhaps…

Well, here I am again, after a fairly busy day (mumbles: levelling up yet another new character on Rift…), and so forth.. 😉 Oh well, it’s better than sitting and vegetating in front of the TV… isn’t it? 😉

Himself was very busy too – doing a massive shop!  The fridge and the larder were, almost literally, bare! Now, we get to eat again! 😀 Well, he does, and the cat does, but I still get the same old, same old… it’s very tedious, and very boring. Vegetable soup for dinner last night, Tomato soup the night before that. Tonight was Chicken soup, and tomorrow it’ll be back to Tomato soup again. Still, it’s not forever, and at least it’s working. It’s also teaching me that I don’t have to eat something, whether I’m hungry or not, just because it’s there. And I’m finding that I really don’t miss it all that much anyway. The funny thing is, while I sometimes think that I wouldn’t mind a chip (french fry type of chip), or maybe even a couple of them, the thought of sitting down and eating a bowl full of them almost makes me feel nauseous. 🙂 Weird, eh?  The same goes for a piece of chocolate cake – yeah, I’d love a taste, but I shudder inwardly at the thought of having to eat a whole slice! I wonder if it’s because my stomach has shrunk, or whether being away from things that I used to eat quite a bit of, has made me realise that I didn’t really want them or need to eat them in the first place. I dunno.. I am looking forward to getting rid of the weight I have to get rid of, and then starting to eat more normally again (only without the bad habits I had before), but I’m not pining for it, or counting the days, or whatever… it’s more of a “next year in Jerusalem” type of thing – if it never happens, I’ll be wistful, but not heartbroken, if you know what I mean. I hope you do, anyway, because I’m not sure that I do! 🙂

Anyway, weigh-in this morning was j-u-s-t slightly better than it was yesterday, at 125.8kg (thank ghod that the scales only go to one decimal place! 🙂 ) And that’s about it from me for this evening.  More tomorrow night…

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