Much more betterer….

Well, today went much more betterer…if I didn’t quite get my dream 128.5kg, I got a lot closer than I thought I would…  129.2kg!   And that’s probably only because I missed out on my (314kj) morning tea yesterday because I was at the hairdresser!  So I’ll most likely be back up again tomorrow 😦

Speaking of which (the 314kj morning tea, that is), while I can’t tell you exactly what my diet/weekly menu is (it’s one of those “don’t try this at home” things – it’s probably quite unhealthy for the man or woman on the street, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I have a lot of people hovering over me to make sure I don’t come to any harm)  So… I can tell you that I average about 3753kj/897cal per day.  I get a really nice breakfast (Uncle Toby’s Vita Brits with extra bran, half a sliced banana, and 200ml of skim milk), I get morning and afternoon tea, I get a nice lunch, soup for dinner, and a dessert of diet jelly and my choice of 314kj of certain fruits.  Yes it’s bland… yes, it’s boring… but it’s not forever, so I can put up with it for as long as it takes….

As well as show those really wonderful and well meaning – but occasionally terribly thick doctors – that I can bloody well do it on my own! 😛

More tomorrow… hopefully with more good news….  🙂

Misery, they name be Winter…

Well, I’m not really miserable… dejected, maybe… disgruntled? most certainly.  I neither went up nor down this morning – steady as she goes on 129.7kg.  I did buy some celery capsules though, and willy or nilly will start taking them tomorrow… I have my next Warfarin blood test on Thursday and it’ll be written on my form that I’m taking the celery and no doubt the good people at the Dorevitch Warfarin department will adjust my rat poison dosage accordingly.

I hope, anyway… but if I bleed to death at least you’ll know why. :/

Oh, went to the hairdresser today – I badly needed a cut and re-colour, and as usual, they did a sterling job.  It looks a lot more natural than the last re-colour I had done about six months (or more) ago elsewhere, so I do have something to be pleased about.  Now, if only I could go down to, say… 128.5kg, I’d be ecstatic – not gunna happen of course, but one can dream… 🙂