If you’re wondering about the title to this post, it’s because I can very seldom think of anything interesting or pertinent to put there… of course, sometimes I can, but not always.  So I have decided that when I can’t think of a suitable heading, I shall simply look around my desk and call the title whatever my eyes land on first.  I have a small, smooth, flat-ish river rock, sitting in a glass pear shaped used-to-be ashtray… on it is engraved and painted the word “Serenity”. It’s what I saw first, hence the title “Serenity”, capisce? 🙂 Tomorrow, it might be “Amethyst egg”, or “Toy hamster”, or “Millefiori paperweight” – or it might even be something interesting and pertinent – who knows? 🙂

I only went down a teeny bit this morning :/ 127.7kg 😦 Let’s hope I do better tomorrow… this is taking too long… I mean, I wanna see results in me, like looking a little thinner!  Yes, I know all my slacks are too big for me now, and that I have to un-pick the stitching in the waste bands to tighten the elastic therein, (and yes, that was a deliberate misspelling of “waste” band – it’s because it goes around a “waste” land!)* But I want to look in the mirror and see a thinner me! Ah well – maybe next week…. 🙂

Why can’t you change the size of parts of the text in these blogs? It’s most annoying not being able to… :/

And that’s about it from me for tonight – more news as it comes to hand tomorrow night.. 🙂

*Aside: I even had to buy some more underwear – the ones I have at the moment not only cover my nether bits, but they come up and cover my boobs as well! *giggle*.