Almost there…

I’m almost past the 129kg marker!  This morning weighed in at 129.1kg!!!  …If there are any gods out there reading this, please don’t let me slip back up again, especially through no fault of my own!

I had my Warfarin blood test this morning – they test you to see what your clotting (Prothrombin) factor is (it’s called your “INR” – International Normalized Ratio, for some reason!).  Anyhoo, the higher the number, the thinner your blood is. (which is good, in my case). 1 (one) is the clotting factor for a normal person.  As I’ve had two episodes of multiple pulmonary embolisms (multiple blood clots in both lungs) in the last seven years I need to keep my blood thin so that it (hopefully) doesn’t happen again – I don’t think I’d survive another episode… At the moment my INR is 2.1 and that seems to be about right for me, and is remaining stable as long as I take my rat poison.  I told them (Dorevitch Pathology Warfarin Department who are monitoring me) that I’ve started taking celery seed “capsules” because I suffer from fluid retention, but they must have thought it was OK because they didn’t tell me not to, and I don’t have to have another blood test until October.

Why can’t you have celery seed, I hear someone mutter… Well, it’s because it has quite a high level of vitamin K in it, and too much vitamin K can disrupt the action of the Warfarin.  There’s a whole list of vegetables that I have to steer away from – mostly leafy greens – though as long as you either have it/them regularly, and not in heaped platefuls, it’s generally alright… though if you’re going to be making a habit of it you should tell your monitors in case they have to adjust your Warfarin dose.

So now that I’ve told you everything you wanted to know about Warfarin, but were too afraid to ask, I shall leave you until tomorrow night… Hopefully with good news… 🙂