A bit fed up….

Yeah, a bit fed up…. the problem I had the other night with everything disappearing except for the background colour of the Theme I was using.  It seems the only way I can get the blog back is to…. change Themes!  The whole blog, and all my posts apparently appear perfectly to everyone else except me.  Why me?!!  It’s not fair, I tell you!  The first Theme I used was Brother (or something), the second one was similar, called Kelly… This one is completely different and is called The Twenty Ten Theme… maybe I’ll have better luck with this one (but I doubt it!)  If it keeps on happening I shall have to leave WordPress and blog elsewhere, which will be a shame, as I like this set-up and besides, I just paid the $99.00 Upgrade fee!  However, if the worst comes to the worst, and I do move this blog, I shall leave a final message here telling anyone interested where I’ve moved to.

I’m also a bit down today because my weight went back up again to 129.9kg – what I was the day before yesterday… maybe tomorrow I’ll go back down again… very disappointing though – I don’t mind going up maybe a little, but to lose two whole days worth of weight loss?  😦

Oh well, we shall see what we see tomorrow.  I have to re-do my weekly menu plan, too, because now that I’ve become a bit more used to things, I’m thinking of switching things around a little, just for a bit of variety.  F’rinstance, I can have diet jelly any time and as much as I want… it’s kilojoules/calories free. I can have 1 small apple, or 1/2 a cup of grapes, or three prunes (etc., etc.) all of which have a specific, if somewhat approximate, kilojoule/calorie count, and therefore have to be added into the day’s allowable kilojoules/calories (around 3747 kilojoules/896 calories per day for me)

The evening after the night before…

Well, here I am again, after something made a right mess-up of my post last night – I dunno, I wrote it, I edited and spell checked it, I saved a draft copy, and I hit the “Publish” button…  And everything disappeared!  😦  Everything!  😦  Totally!  😦  Gone!  😦  Couldn’t find the Dashboard to see what, if anything, I’d done wrong; trying to get here from the “My Blogs” page didn’t work – all that was left of this entire site was the background colour of my Theme!  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again tonight.  I eventually got it back by changing my Theme, would you believe… work that one out!  As I was still logged in, I was able to access the Theme page from WordPress central (for want of a better term!)  As it later turned out, it seems I was writing at the same time that WordPress was doing a software update of some sort.  If I’d known at the time, I wouldn’t have had such a fit of the vapours, and just been a trifle more patient, instead of this:

In trying to get things back to normal, we (my technically minded husband and totally non-technically minded self), somehow we managed to screw things up this end and my Windowblinds skin went haywire too, *sigh* and totally screwed up my setup.  I had to change that skin/theme, too! (and the one I had been using, perfectly happily, for the last week and a half still doesn’t behave properly, so until I can figure out what went wrong with it (some of the text is the wrong size) I can’t use it any more  😦 )  And the icing on the cake (and what had started the whole sad train of events off in the first place!) was that I couldn’t even log into Rift to collect my nightly Patron package or check my auctions!  I was one very disgruntled and unhappy little Vegemite!  I was ready to swear off all things even vaguely computerish for life – but if I did that, how would I be able to choose and get my kindle ebooks from Amazon?!

So I decided to put up with it all until they invented a new way of selecting new ebooks from Amazon.

Anyway, back to the whole reason for these posts of mine – my weight!  Weigh-in this morning found me a little lighter at 129.5kg.  Who knows what the morrow may bring? Hopefully a lower weight…