By the skin of my teeth…

Well, we had a very pleasant day in Telara, smiting nasties, getting some OK loot and quest rewards, although if you want really good gear, sell everything you can, kill as many nasties as you can, and amass a bit of platinum… then buy your gear (armor and weapon(s)) from the auction house. At exorbitant prices, of course… so just because it looks good, and is exactly what you (think you) want and or need, think carefully… is it a piece of equipment or gear that comes up fairly often on the auction house? If “yes”, then don’t buy it – wait a day or two – either another one, or something very similar, will come up at a cheaper price – or else the person asking the ridiculously high price will find that the damn thing isn’t selling and subsequently lower the price… a bit…  If the answer is “no”, it’s a fairly rare item, and is really, really good, cry a lot, beggar yourself, and pay the asking price. 😦

We both went up a couple of levels, and I think we only died once or twice… The trouble with levelling as a team, though, is the fact that I’ve amassed more “loyalty” points than himself, because I spend more actual $$ on “credits” with which to buy… oh, I don’t know… dimension items, costumes (pretty pretty!) etc. etc. And, of course, the more “loyalty” you’ve managed to accrue, the faster you level… so I tend to level faster than he does, which means that I either have to turn my experience counter “off”, which means that I don’t level at all, or he has to use an experience “potion” which makes him gain experience at a faster level than I do with my “loyalty” bonus.  Unfortunately, one or the other of us seems to always be as much as half a level behind the other, and so either of us is always secretly a trifle resentful… *sigh*  Oh well…

Anyway, as I said, we both had a good time and are looking forward to next Sunday’s Telaran “bash” 😉

Weigh-in this morning was good… I managed, by the skin of my teeth, to squeeze in under the 126kg barrier at 125.9kg! Phew!  Just made it! Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to make it a more permanent loss – all too easy at 125.9 to creep up a bit to back over the 126kg mark… That would be too tragic! 😦

Anyway, more from me tomorrow with the latest news… 🙂

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