Busy day…

Today was quite a busy one for both of us. While I Rift-ed, himself washed all those little ornaments we found in the boxes (they were quite disgustingly filthy) and brought them in here to me. “Where do you want them?” says he. As I was in the middle of a battle royale and about to be killed (several times over), I think I muttered something to the effect of “…#$@!&%#…“. Not very helpful of me, I know, but I was hard pressed… When the fight was over and I’d escaped with my life (for once), I found a safe place to hide and left the game…

Three shelves of my bookcase were cleared, several very large Lever Arch folders were moved to a more convenient shelf, and the newly cleaned ornaments moved into the newly vacated spaces. They look very nice there, too… but it took the best part of half a day to get it all organised.  The hanging/hang-able ornaments we left until after dinner, and now they, too, have been hung on the bookshelf wall, next to my calender, where they look really pretty! 🙂 How much does anyone want to bet me that the next few boxes we sort through will also have ornaments in them, and we’ll have to re-arrange everything all over again? :/

Tomorrow is our Telara day; himself even did the laundry today, so that he wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow! 🙂 Now, that’s what I call “organisation”! 😀 However I don’t expect that anything much apart from killing Telaran nasties will eventuate, so things around here should be reasonably quiet…

I almost, but not quite, broke the 126kg barrier this morning, weighing in at 126.1kg :/ Maybe tomorrow? Keep all your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me! 🙂

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