Darth Carla’s self portrait…

Well, I couldn’t think what to call this post! And anyway, himself managed to clean the ancient old “pen and ink” (read: “biro”) picture up very nicely indeed.  Now all he has to do is upload it somewhere so that I can put in a link to it – or whatever! 🙂

I’m toying with the idea of starting a secondary blog, telling of the arrival of Darth Carla, how she had almost caught up with her dastardly twin brother Darth Vader, in order to bring him to Truth! Justice! and The Darth Carla Way! when her luxury space capsule was accidentally joggled by a sperm whale flipping his tail and deciding what to call it as he fell happily and unconcernedly towards the fabled planet Magrathea where he would meet an unfortunate and untimely end – and all that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias, as it fell, was, “Oh no, not again! Anyway, the luxury space capsule was joggled, Darth Carla chipped one of her beautifully manicured fingernails on the tractor beam console and said mildly: “Oh bother, now look what you’ve made me do!” to no-one in particular.

If anyone is interested in the story, leave me a comment to that effect! 🙂

My eldest married daughter was supposed to be coming over today, but rang this morning to say that her equal but more masculine half was home sick, so she thought she’d better stay home and look after him… So I’ve had to miss out on an afternoon of watching “Person of Interest”, as well as the company of my lovely daughter. 😦

So I decided to spend the time rearranging the Shard of Wolfsbane – well, my characters on it, anyway, and spent the day “neatening them up”, and re-organising the Guild Bank – no, I’m sorry WordPress, I am going to spell “organise” the Australian way! Like it, or lump it! 🙂

And that was pretty much how my day went…  Oh, the weigh-in this morning? I did manage to go down just a teeny bit – to 126.3kg, so I was quite well pleased… I just wish I could hurry up and break the 126kg barrier! :/

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