This is getting boring…

[Best Alfred Hitchcock impersonation] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s story is perhaps a trifle sad. Our aging and overweight protagonist is having a few problems with her scales; they’re not telling her what she wants to hear, and she’s searching for a sledge hammer… [/Best Alfred Hitchcock impersonation]

No, indeed, those scales must be faulty – or need new batteries! They seem to think that I weigh exactly the same as I weighed yesterday, 126.5kg 😦 Why?! I’m not doing anything different, or sneaking forbidden treats! Have I plateaued out so quickly? Am I bashing my head against a brick wall? Fighting a losing battle? Was I getting over confident, that I could indeed lose the weight I need to lose in a hurry without losing 2/3 of my stomach (permanently!), or having a plastic band put around it, forcing me to eat half a cup of food three times a day, chewing each tiny mouthful until it becomes liquid, and then waiting a timed minute before repeating the process, until the half cup of food is finished? Quite frankly, I think I would rather die, than live the rest of my life like that; I firmly believe that quality of life is more important than quantity of life.

I’m getting depressed…

Well, we got stuck into the remaining boxes today – remaining in the hallway, that is, not remaining in the storage bin. There’s still plenty of those left! 🙂 One box was little ornaments – cats, mostly, and a dear little pink elephant. Another box held books, the “condolences” book from The REAL CONNECTION/death… by chocolate BBS when we closed it down in 2002 with one last “Gathering” as a wake… and a real treat! A portrait of Darth Carla, done by herself (signed, even!) 🙂 It’s on a scrappy and yellowed piece of old note paper which has scribbled notes on the back of it, but if we can scan it and clean it up a bit, I’ll try and post it here so that you can see what she looks like 😉 I think it’s quite a good likeness… 😉 (she was quite a bit thinner then!) The rest of the boxes (there weren’t as many as we thought there were!) contained ancient towels and linens that I think must have come out of the ark, and an old teddy bear, dressed in a hand made and embroidered singlet of my father’s when he was a baby… He’s such a darling old bear, he’s almost totally bald, so he needs the singlet to keep him warm, and though he still has his eyes, his eyesight is rather poor, so he wears a pair of father’s old gold rimmed bifocals. He’s now back in his favourite seat in the lounge room, looking towards the hall… Needless to say though, most of the towels and linens went into the “not keep” box. Time for himself to go off and get another load of boxes, methinks!  Who knows what lies waiting to be discovered! 🙂

And that’s about it from me tonight – more hopefully not such miserable news about my weight tomorrow night….

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