Oh well…

Well, I’m not quite as put out as I was yesterday – this morning I weighed in at 126.5kg, the same as I was the day before yesterday… but at least I didn’t go up again. If I had, I think my tears of annoyance and frustration would be shorting out the keyboard… 😉

We didn’t get to unpack any boxes today – I rang my gym place this morning to see when I was supposed to be there, and guess what!  It was at high noon… very neatly cutting the day in half… By the time we got home again after stopping off at the Vet to get some more pussy biscuits (kibble, really) for Flipper – it’s just around the corner from Bounce – dropped off some dry cleaning, and had lunch (an Optifast Cappuccino Bar for me – himself had a sandwich), it was really too late to start on the boxes… and besides, I had to work bloody hard today – I had to do my exercises at double time, and the stretch in my elastic thingy was made stiffer? harder?  I dunno, anyway, I had to work pretty hard… I reckon I’ll have a few sore muscles tomorrow… They’re still easy enough for lazy me to persevere with though 🙂

We’re still wondering what to do with the two Realms on Rift.  Should we move characters around? Consolidate the two Guild Banks? My… what important and life changing problems to overcome we have! :/ Anyone would think we didn’t have a life! 🙂 However, it’ll be back to the boxes in earnest tomorrow morning, so I guess these world shattering problems will have to wait a few more days.

Not really much more to add tonight – hopefully my weight will start going down again tomorrow (unless all the work I did today has turned the fat into muscle instead of just eliminating it!) Hmmmm… so, what’s the difference between a rock and the ocean?

Weight and sea… 😉

One thought on “Oh well…

  1. You forgot to mention the madness that was the Shoppingtown carpark. Some bright spark had decided that the time to work on the speedhumps at the exits was during the day, in the middle of school holidays. Absolute pandemonium resulted, with the entire ground floor of the carpark gridlocked. We were only dropping off some drycleaning, but even that little exercise took over half-an-hour. We made good our escape by driving to the roof of the carpark, and taking an alternative exit ramp from there. If we hadn’t we’d probably still be there….


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