Enter rude words here…

[Please insert rude words here] I’m feeling a bit put out this evening – I went up a bit this morning to 126.6kg 😦 Perhaps I should take two of those 4000mg celery capsules… and drink less water, less tea, and less coffee (no sugar, low fat milk) :/ Oh well, let’s hope for a better result tomorrow morning…

Himself was right – we did start early on the boxes in the hall this morning… unfortunately there wasn’t all that much of interest in them this time – lots of ancient and yellowed pillow cases, which did go right in the “rubbish” box, lots and lots of himself’s work documents and papers from about ten or more years ago which will need to be shredded (ooo-er!  Lots of Top Secret stuff there!) 😉 A couple of books… and two surprises from my dim, dark past 🙂 An gen-U-ine silk Happy Coat, heavily embroidered, and a scarlet and bright yellow silk sash.  These, needless to say, did not go in the “rubbish” box – they will go off to the dry cleaners to be cleaned and prepared for vacuum storage – somewhere safe.  I remember my Nonno (my father’s father) bringing them back for me from a trip to the Orient – I would have been all of about five years old at the time, and quite thrilled with them – except for one thing.  I wasn’t allowed to play with them in case I damaged them! There was also a straw “coolie” hat, which I was allowed to play with, and maybe they were right in not letting me near the Happy Coat and sash… the straw hat lasted about a week and a half before it… umm… disintergrated, basically. And there was an old hand knitted jumper of Julian’s that will also go off to be cleaned and repaired.  One of the cats caught a claw in the neck and all the knitting there has unraveled… a bit…  I think it can be repaired, anyway.

There actually weren’t as many boxes as we’d thought there were and we were finished by lunchtime.  After lunch, himself taped up the rubbish boxes and loaded them into the car for a one way trip to the tip. After that, he went back to the storage bin for more boxes. We’re hoping to get onto those tomorrow, but it depends on what time my exercise “class” is – we forgot to write it down last time I was there so I’ll have to ring them first thing in the morning and find out. I’ve actually been very good with my exercises this week and have been (mostly) doing them every day… or so…  There’s only one I can’t do because I have nowhere to attach the elastic thingy to. Julian said we could use the door handles on the balcony doors, but I don’t feel comfortable using them.  I mean, I know I’ve lost a fair bit of weight already (nearly eight kilos), and the doors are steel, but I’d be pulling pretty hard on them and I just don’t feel comfortable doing that – what if I broke the doors, and Flipper got out on the balcony and wanted to chase a bird over the balcony railing?  We’re five floors up…. (so that conveniently gets me out of doing that particular exercise! *smug look*) 😉

Anyway, that’s about all from me this evening – more tomorrow night – hopefully with better news about my next weigh-in tomorrow morning! 🙂

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