Long, slow slog…

It’s going to be a long, slow slog – I “found” another Shard (Realm, server, whatever) that I’d “forgotten” about in Rift, and realised that not only did it have about seven or eight characters that I’d started and then shelved, for whatever reason, but it also had a Guild (called “Grumpy Old Farts” (‘cos that’s what we are!)), and two Guild Bank vaults stuffed full of goodies and nearly 400 Platinum!  Umm… Instead of the usual Gold, Silver and Copper of some of the other games , Rift has Platinum, Gold and Silver, and 400 Platinum can buy you quite a lot of desirable items, such as better armor, etc.  So, as I was saying, I re-found it again today, and got quite a surprise as to how… well off… the characters were, and decided to… resurrect it. We (I) haven’t quite decided if we’ll (I’ll) use it as a mine, or actually work the characters.  You can transfer characters between Realms for free, but only once every seven days, and they can only carry a certain amount of money with them.  You can stuff their pockets and their private bank vaults full of material things, but money is, I think, limited to how “old” (what level) your character is, so…. I can either ferry things across to our secondary Realm, Greybriar, on a weekly basis, or I can bring characters across from Greybriar to the more affluent Realm of Wolfsbane.  Still thinking of the logistics… :/ In the meantime, all those nice little girls have to be tidied up, their bank vaults sorted, decisions made as to whether I want to keep them as they are, delete them and donate the money from all their worldly goods to some other deserving character, or as I mentioned, use them as “mules” to carry things to Greybriar.  Decisions, decisions, decisions…  and that’s why I said it was going to be a long, slow slog. Sometimes I wonder why I bother – why I continue to play this game… then I give up wondering about it and go and roll yet another character! 😀

So, enough of the Gaming side of things. I’m told that tomorrow I’m going to be a very busy girl… unpacking more of the boxes waiting for us in the hall… Crikey!  They were only packed up in 2007!  Couldn’t they wait another seven years? (Apparently not – the cost of keeping them in storage has just gone up (again!), so this time I think we’d better get serious about unpacking them all!)  Actually, It’s quite exciting – one has no idea whatsoever as to what’s in the boxes; they all have cryptic descriptions, like “Contents of Winter’s desk”, and the box is bigger than your average Tea Chest! Or “Bedroom ornaments”… holding, of all things, boxes of CDs and tapes that we thought had been lost because we hadn’t seen them for… oh, about seven years? (blush)!  The trouble is, himself wants me to be “ruthless”, and to some extent, I am… usually… but it really, really goes against my grain to throw away (as in ‘down to the tip’ throw away) perfectly good, useful and in good condition (alright, maybe in need of a good clean… but hey!  They’ve been packed away in a dusty box in a dusty storage bin for seven years, and dirt washes off… doesn’t it?), so we’re occasionally at loggerheads…  But anyway, it is exciting discovering old treasures (looks meaningfully at himself!), so I’m quite looking forward to it. 🙂

And now to the good news! 🙂  My weigh-in this morning was most pleasing! 126.5kg! 🙂 I think these new celery capsules are working! 😉 Hopefully tomorrow morning it’ll be even less! 😀

Oh, and I’ll let you all know if I come across anything really nice and/or interesting in the boxes, too! 😉

One thought on “Long, slow slog…

  1. I think I have a mule or two who can help fetch and carry between the realms/shards. There is a nice opportunity for intra-shard arbitrage, too, from what you were saying earlier!

    Yes, dear. We’ve several more boxes to go through tomorrow, and plenty more besides. I might plan a trip to the tip over the next few days, too.


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