A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down…

“Stressful Day? What you need is a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down!” 🙂 I wonder if anyone still remembers that old ad that was shown, and heard on the radio, almost constantly, many, many years ago 🙂 “Bex” was supposedly a headache powder, but was pretty much “Mother’s little helper”. It consisted of aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine, was highly addictive, and probably responsible for destroying more kidneys than it cured headaches.

Why do I bring this up? I hear you mutter under your collective breaths… Well, as I think I mentioned yestereve, our cleaning lady was coming today. She did.  She came, she cleaned (sort of), she went… and I spent the evening tidying up the things she messed up or left in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong!  She’s a wonderful person, and kind, and generous, and we love her. But it’s just that…. let me put it this way. Once upon a time, I too used to do house cleaning for fun and profit!  Yes!  This lazy, good for nothing, lay about excuse for a woman used to go cleaning other people’s houses with a girl friend.  We got $20 an hour each – she did the “wet areas” (bathrooms, kitchen and laundry), and I did the general dusting, polishing, and vacuuming. I took my work reasonably seriously… I dusted from the top down before vacuuming, and I polished last, as my mother had taught me. And as I went from shelf to mantlepiece to bookcases, I’d pick up each ornament and/or doo-dad, dust underneath it, give it a quick swipe with a duster, and put it down again in the same spot.  This is something that our cleaning lady has yet to master.

Well, I have the cup of tea (thanks love!), and I’ll lie down when I go to bed… Shame you can’t get Bex any more though…. :/

So, enough for the grizzling for tonight… or maybe not… Weigh-in this morning saw me back to what I was the day before yesterday, 127.6kg. In other words, I went up point one of a kg and then down point 1 of a kg, like this:  /\

Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow! 🙂

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