And now for something entirely different!

Not really, I was only kidding! 🙂  Just more of the same old, same old… 🙂

Just before I tell you about this morning’s weigh-in, let me tell you another boring but weird fact about myself. I have this very strange right ear. It gets cold. It gets really cold, for no apparent reason; cold to the point where I get an earache. Go figure. The rest of me isn’t cold – in fact, it can be the middle of summer and blistering hot… except for my right ear which gets cold.  It’s become worse as I get older, too. I hear perfectly well with it, it doesn’t get numb or tingly, it just. gets. cold. I usually wrap a scarf over my head, or wear a pair of fluffy earmuffs (can you imagine how odd that looks, in the middle of summer? You’re wearing a skimpy top, and light clothes…. and a pair of fluffy earmuffs…  *rolls eyes* :/

And now that I’ve bored you all with that somewhat irrelevant fact, I can tell you about my weigh-in this morning 🙂 Hallelujah, and praise the gremlins!  I went down! 😀 127.1kg!  Who knows? Tomorrow I might have broken through the 127kg barrier!  One can only cross one’s fingers, eyes and nostrils, touch wood, and wish upon a star…

Oh, interesting side note about my celery elephant pills.  Even breaking them in half I nearly choke to death on them, so I persuaded himself to take me shopping today at Knox City because their Terry White Chemist is one of the only ones that I can (a) get into, and (b) navigate what most Chemist Shops laughingly call “aisles”.  They also seem to have a larger range of everything from vitamins to band-aids (it’s a very big shop!) Anyway, I wanted to see what they had in the range of celery capsules and the like… They actually had two different brands – the Blackmoores that I choke on, and Thompsons celery capsules – real capsules, too! About two thirds the size of the Blackmoores ones.  However, the Blackmoores elephant pills are 3000mg, the Thompsons ones are only 2000mg. Then we went to a sort of a health care/herbal remedy type store and they had another sort, called Micro Genics. They’re 4000mg! So… dilemma!  Which one to take?  The 2000mg ones?  Should I take two? Or only one? Should I take the 4000mg ones?  I can’t cut them in half, they’re proper capsules…  In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter much as long as (a) I take them consistently, and (b) I notify Dorevetch Warfarin department of the change next time I have my blood test (October 9th)

So that’s about it tonight from me – cross your fingers for me! 🙂  Will let you know how I go tomorrow! 🙂

One thought on “And now for something entirely different!

  1. That stuff about the chemist – not being able to move around in shops – that really gets on my goat, too. Even to us able-bodied folks, the narrow aisles at the”myChemist” shops over the road are ridiculous. I’ve never worked out why there are two MyChemists at shoppingtown. The shopping centre would be much better served by two distinct chains – or at least ONE MyChemist, in a much larger, roomier store.


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