As I suspected…

Ah well, it’s as I expected… my weight went up a bit this morning… from 127.6kg to 127.7kg 😦 For some weird reason I seem to go up a bit about once a week (more or less) – maybe my body gets bored with only going down?  Well, let me tell you, body, I’m not the slightest bit bored with my weight going down! So stop doing this to me, alright?! (grrrr!)

Not much else has been happening – Julian and I have been playing a bit of “Tex Murphy, Tesla Effect” – probably the swan song of the Tex Murphy adventures, which is a bit sad as they’re good games.  We actually finished it this afternoon and as you can choose whether you play nice, or whether you play nasty, we’ve decided to play it again as a bad/nasty Tex, just to see what happens in the end.

Our cleaning lady will be in tomorrow, thank heavens – we’re starting to get lumps of cat hair drifting along the passage way… You think you get it all, but no…. it sneaks in off your clothing and out of Flipper’s bedding, and off the carpet, and what you thought was part of a grey-ish blue flower in the rug pattern turns out to be a whorl of Flipper fur instead! :/

Anyway, that’s about it from me for tonight – more tomorrow night – hopefully with good news regarding my weight loss…  I think I’ll cry if it goes up again  😦

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