Step by step – Little by little…

Sometimes it feels like the world is rushing past you at a million miles a second – is it really time for the Royal Melbourne Show again?! Yet at the same time, things seem to happen at an ancient, arthritic and decrepit snail’s pace…. *sigh*

Weigh in this morning was a trifle disappointing at 127.6kg – only .1kg less than yesterday. Hmmmm… maybe I should take two celery elephant pills a day? Who am I kidding?  It’s hard enough to choke one down each morning, let alone two…  I’m seriously considering taking a slightly lower dose in a slightly smaller [and proper] capsule form. Why is it that vitamin manufacturers seem to think that because it’s a vitamin, or an herbal preparation, that human throats are able to grow and stretch to twice their normal capacity? I kid you not – these celery pills are about two centimeters long, a centimeter wide, half a centimeter thick, and sort of chalky on the outside, with no nice, smooth, “normal” capsule covering. Every morning it gets harder and harder to get it down without gagging and throwing up (reprise: *sigh*) I’ll have a look online and see what’s available in celery pills or capsules… I’d have a look in Chemist shops to see what’s available except that their attitude is somewhat akin to the airlines’ motto of: “bums on seats, so make the seats smaller to get more bums on!”, only in the case of Chemist shops it’s “More junk in the aisles! Most will “walk”, but some will sell, so… more junk in the aisles!”, making it impossible to negotiate one’s way around their premises in an electric wheelchair – it’s hard enough on foot!  And they wonder why more people are buying online!? *shrug* Their loss, not mine…

🙂 And you wondered where all my grizzling and discontent had gone! It’s still here, see? 😉

Let’s hope I have some better news about my weight loss to tell you about tomorrow night, or I’ll have to grizzle again! 😉

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