It’s late…

I feel like there should be a white rabbit running ahead of me muttering “I’m late… I’m late…”

Because I am (late) with this tonight – sorry, sorry, sorry…

There I was, feeling very smug because I was carefully watching the time so as not to get to bed late… and it wasn’t until I was on my way to the bathroom that himself helpfully asked: “Have you written your blog yet?”  Thank you dear… No, I hadn’t.  Back on went the lights, back on came the screen, and now I’m sitting here trying to type fast, and making so many typos which I have to backtrack to and correct, that I’m not saving any time at all!  Perhaps I’d better slow down a little…

So basically, the good news is… I went down to 128.0kg this morning! 😀 I even had to start a new page on my weight loss progress graph!! 😀 Looks like the celery elephant pills are doing their job… for now, anyway.  Who knows?  Tomorrow I might be back up again.  I hope not… :/

Will let you know tomorrow!  ‘Night all! 🙂

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