Deliberately early…

So here I am, deliberately early tonight… (nods virtuously) just picked up my daily “gift” on Rift, checked my auctions and re-auctioned (all) the expired ones, and logged off.  Really, it’s too late to start long quest chains after about ten o’clock… I was pleased today though because I managed to get my “youngest” Mage from level 23 to level 32 in the one session… 🙂

I’m also very pleased today because my weight this morning had gone down to 127.8kg!  It’s getting to the stage (about once a week) when it does go back up again, so I await tomorrow’s weigh-in with battered breath and a fair amount of trepidation… even though I am taking those gigantic celery elephant pills… :/

What I am not pleased with is my youngest daughter’s back problems… I know all about back pain and it’s not good – at least I don’t go into spasms to the extent that I can’t get about at all! 😦   Get better quickly kiddo!  That’s an order! 🙂

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow…. 🙂

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