Still good…

Moved on down to 128.6kg this morning…  would you believe that that’s what I weighed when himself and I went to Las Vegas in 2004 for a computer seminar!?  Wow! 🙂

So I’m feeling quite happy tonight – the celery elephant pills (they’re gigantic!) seem to be working – my feet aren’t getting quite as swollen, anyway, except sometimes – mainly in the evenings, which is strange, cos that’s when I sit with my feet up – when we’re watching TV.  You’d think that it would be during the day when I’m sitting at the computer for hours at a time that they’d be swollen…  But then, I’m a topsy-turvey sort of person – I always seem react (medically) the opposite to the way other people seem to react.  Give me a tranquilizer, and I get all hyper… Give me an upper, and I promptly go to sleep…  weird! (well, I do have a reputation to maintain, after all!) 😉

Julian’s brother, his wife, and youngest son came over for a short “goodbye” visit this afternoon.  They’ve been on a six week holiday from Israel, where they live, and are flying home on Monday, though I think they’re planning on moving back to Australia permanently in a year or two.  It was good to see them again – it’s been a long time between visits! 🙂

And so that’s about it from me – more again tomorrow night…. 🙂

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